juxtaposition at its finest

Is this what Rockwell had in mind?

Norman Rockwell – Freedom from Wont


gratitude today
for all our abundances
tomorrow we shop

Does anyone else find it completely fascinating that a nation celebrates and gives thanks for all that they have one day, and then spends the next day pushing, shoving, enduring mall rage and possibly injury, all in the name of buying more stuff?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and Happy Black Friday shopping to those who indulge.

Today’s post is part of a WordPress writing challenge: 5 Haikus in 5 days. Click here to learn more. For the first entry, click here. My second Haiku is here. And my third is here.

As always, get moving!

xoxo nancy


Source: someecards.com

44 thoughts on “juxtaposition at its finest

  1. I had no idea what Black Friday was until I googled it just now!

    Needless to say it isn’t really a ‘day’ in the UK…it is just …well..Friday at the end of November.

    I love the word Juxtaposition!

    • For me it’s the irony that today is the day everyone here in the US is declaring how grateful they are for how much they have. Tomorrow they run out to but more – fighting and clawing at anyone who gets in their way. It’s the strangest thing.

      Side note: I had to go out last night to pick up some toiletries, and I swear to you that people were already camping out so that they will be first in line when the store opens tomorrow morning.

  2. I’ve never quite understood it either, but I think maybe it’s because I was raised without Christmas, so there was never the Christmas shopping rush. We just enjoyed our Thanksgiving then had a nice quiet long weekend to eat leftovers.

    I only did Black Friday once, and it was a dream. We bought my son’s bedroom furniture at IKEA one year on sale. Nobody was there, it was actually less crowded than on a regular Saturday. I guess they were all at the malls and electronics stores. We got a significant discount (bunkbeds, desk, chair, and dresser) and we ended up on the local tv news!

    • And I should add, it’s not just an American thing. Canadians will wake up in the wee hours to drive across the border and partake in the madness. In fact, my own family thinks I’ve lost my mind due to the fact that I’m here, in Vegas, and yet won’t be going near a mall tomorrow.

      There’s nothing I need so bad that I’m willing to line up, fight crowds and sort thru piles of chaotic junk for. 🙂

      Your trip to ikea sounds perfect. Score!

  3. Nancy,
    I do find a lot of irony in Thanksgiving and the start of the “consumer season”. I worked in an auto parts store in college and always worked the day after Thanksgiving and it was insane. That was 34 years ago before “Black Friday” was played up in the press. Nothing is worth venturing out for tomorrow. BTW – Thanks for the help on learning about Haiku. Something new to work on in the garage.

  4. Honestly, the U.S. version of the holiday has become completely and utterly bastardized into just another excuse to hold a sale. Turkey Day is now just a prelude to the “real” event – Black Friday… and queueing up at Walmart at 5 am to save $4 on a toaster… it’s mental.

    • Fully retarded.

      We got an email from sis-in-law yesterday begging us to find a K-Mart immediately because it has stock of a Despicable Me Fart Gun (yes, this is real), and everyone else is sold out. So, being the good aunt and uncle we are, we drove to K-Mart last night. A woman was camped out in her lawn chair, draped in a blanket and reading a book. That was 7pm on Wednesday. She will be there until Midnight Thurs nite/Fri morning. WTF?? K-Mart??? Yesteray’s trip there was seriously my first time in a K-Mart in over 10 years. I just don’t get it.

      • That’s just…. so sad. Camping out at K-Mart? They’re still even in business? Why? But oh yeah, that Fart Gun – it is pretty funny in the movie – which having young kids, I’ve seen about 300 times. You’re a good auntie 🙂

      • The only thing sadder than BEING in K-Mart was seeing the complete and utter unhappiness of those WORKING at K-Mart. They didn’t even feign happiness. Or even neutrality. Bleak despair was all I saw in the eyes of the clerk.

        p.s. I just saw your new home page. I LIKE IT! How on earth did you make that happen? So so easy to scroll through for posts of interest, etc. Tell me your secret?

      • Dead eyed K-Mart employees – hard to imagine eh? 🙂

        Yeah, I’ve been struggling to find a template I was really happy with – but I think this is it. It’s “Suburbia” – just picked it up int he change template area. Allows you to feature a few posts if you want, endlessly scroll through summaries of the rest and easily put in a logo header dealio. Highly recommend it.

  5. Long long ago I lived in San Jose and I remember the sale after thanksgiving the year that I was out there – I couldn’t even park at the mall!! Love the meme 🙂

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