get moving y’all


Here are some of the workouts I do in rotation. Most are fully adaptable to either gym or home. No excuses!

Just click on the sub pages for each of Cardio or Strength and you’ll see a variety of workouts!

Get Moving!

xoxo nancy

6 thoughts on “get moving y’all

  1. How many calories do each of the above workouts burn? Also what is your calorie goal for food per day?

    • Hi Sophia,
      I use a BodyMedia armband to track calorie burn all day long (as long as you’re weating it, that is!). It tracks calories based on biometrics. So, often times, even if I’m on a treadmill or elliptical and input my weight, age and gender, I will get a different amount of calories burned from the machine, versus what my armband tells me. (The machine typically says you burn more.) I don’t normally make note of exactly how many calories each exercise results in; that said, when I posted about my “Very Good Saturday” — and the personal bests I achieved that week — I believe the 2 hours on the elliptical burned 1,100 calories. As far as how many calories I consume; for the first two weeks I had the armband, I religiously input everything that went into my mouth — and I got an average across the 2 weeks of approx 1,900 cal/day. Hence my daily goal of a 2,400 cal burn per day— thereby leaving a 500 cal deficit. Over the course of 7 days, that’s a 3,500 cal deficit. Meaning, if I attained that calorie intake/burn every day for a week, I should lose a pound a week. (3,500 calories = 1 lb). Since I’m not losing a pound every week, one of two things is happening: 1) I’m not burning enough; or 2) I’m eating more than 1,900. I’m not sweating the small stuff — so I’m not super duper concerned about the weekly weight loss (knowing the following week it might be 2 lbs, or whatever). I don’t count calories, so it really is a judgment call. If I’m going to have dessert, I’ll do an extra 5k run or another hour on the elliptical, etc. Makes sense?

  2. You. Rock. Not even on my most energetic days could I do even one of these workouts. I run. Well…I’ve started running again (last did a 10K in April 2013). And I sweep and mop my hardwood floors like a beast (great for arms and core). But you are a hoss, dear lady. I bow down to your awesome sweaty-ness. Rock on!!!

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