learning to love exercise: not urban legend, it happened to me

The one where this life-long excuse-maker realizes it takes work and commitment to make a lasting change. And I learn to love the process, in the process. Fancy that.


breaking a trail to prom

I just want to look nice in a prom dress, she said quietly. Her words squeezed my heart tightly. No. I won’t cry. I will help her. Gatherings with my side of the family often end in deep conversations about health, weight loss, and exercise. All the women in my family inherited the curse of the apple body type. Not a…

should I stay or should I go?

Life is all about choices. We face countless decisions every day. Some of them are trivial. At a wedding reception: will it be chicken or fish; red or white? At the gym: will you take a group class or do your own thing? Others may have a bit more consequence. In a rush hour traffic jam: do you stay…