turning 50 on the other side of the planet

The one where I journey to the other side of the planet, scale glaciers and then get pampered.


should I stay or should I go?

Life is all about choices. We face countless decisions every day. Some of them are trivial. At a wedding reception: will it be chicken or fish; red or white? At the gym: will you take a group class or do your own thing? Others may have a bit more consequence. In a rush hour traffic jam: do you stay…

bright angel trail: grand canyon rim to river

Last week I promised a video blog post. I suspected that I wouldn’t be able to capture the essence of the hike, neither the physical challenge, nor the mental one,  through written word alone. Like childbirth, our brains banish out the worst bits. We forget. It’s the only reason we willingly choose to do it again, right? If we fully…