every day I’m shovelin’, shovelin’…

It started snowing mid-afternoon yesterday. And it hasn’t stopped yet.

Watching the snow, all fluffy and bright white, falling in big, fat flakes almost in slow motion really is magical. Mother Nature takes out her art supplies and paints a most beautiful piece of art for all of us to admire. Assuming, that is, that you don’t have to venture out onto those snow-jammed roads. Because that is no fun at all (and could really turn someone off art forever).

I decided to forego the gym today (no use adding to the mess of fender benders out there) and instead did a Jillian Michaels’ “Ripped In 30” workout. It’s a short (but deadly) one at less than half hour, so I jumped on my Elliptical for an hour. 5 miles and 650 calories later, I jumped hobbled off the Elliptical and felt pretty good about my sweat for day 39 of 2013.

DSCF0874And then I looked out the window at my driveway. At this point my husband had shoveled the driveway 3 separate times. I mean, he literally cleared the entire driveway three.separate.times. What? Why is the driveway full of snow again???  Didn’t he just shovel it 90 minutes ago?

Then I decided to get an extra burn in today. I bundled up in a hip-length Northface jacket, my Uggs, some ski gloves and a hat that looked like it was made for Siberia. And I headed out to conquer that driveway.

And I shoveled.

And I shoveled.

And I shoveled.

Two hours later, as I was clearing the last bit at the very bottom of the driveway I was feeling pretty smug. Hmmmph…well would you look at that! I’m a bad-ass. I cleared this crazy long-ass driveway by myself. My back isn’t in spasms. I’m not panting, trying to catch my breath. I’m a warrior! A cold, snowflake-encrusted, warrior is what I am!

Then I looked back towards the house, and I nearly started crying. CAM00134

The driveway was already covered in about 1.5 inches of fresh snow. The same driveway that I had just busted my ass to clear to where you could see the asphalt. Yeah, it was already covered in snow. For the love of all things good… What the hell is going on here???  Okay, it’s February in Toronto. We get it. We get it. Enough already with the snow!

At this point, my inner warrior threw in the towel. She raised the white flag. She surrendered. There’s working out, and then there’s picking a fight with Mother Nature. I may be on the road to becoming a bad-ass, but she is Xena, Warrior Princess. No competition. And no shame in losing to such a worth opponent.

Time for some hot tea and a seat by the fireplace.

Get moving!

xoxo nancy


2 thoughts on “every day I’m shovelin’, shovelin’…

  1. Wow- Impressive, extended work – out 🙂 Snow sure is pretty, but I only like to visit it ( lived in it as a child/ young adult).

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