I can

photo 10

lungs burn, doubt creeps in
inside voice tells me I can’t
sweet success at last

This was the view I was rewarded with during my hike of the Trail Canyon trail in Nevada last month. It’s hard for me to admit that I still, 11 months into this thing, have that little nagging voice inside that reminds me of everything I can’t do. I’m just so grateful that the voice is growing weaker and weaker with each passing day, and with each new “can”.

Today’s post is part of a WordPress writing challenge: 5 Haikus in 5 days. Click here to learn more. For the first entry, click here. My second Haiku is here.

As always, get moving!

xoxo nancy

33 thoughts on “I can

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  2. Nancy,

    Great Haiku and view! I need more work on my Haiku creativity. I’m really imprrssed impressed with your determination and staying on course.


  3. Honestly, few things in life are better than proving to yourself – always your toughest critic – just how awesome you really are 🙂

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