the 365-day challenge

I had never made a New Year’s Resolution in my life. What compelled me to do so January 1, 2013, at age 46, I’m not exactly sure.

I guess it probably started in November of 2012 with my made-on-a-whim-but-it-was-the-best-decision-of-my-life trip to Malibu for a week-long stay at BLR Fitness Ridge, AKA Fat Camp. This one week changed my life.

I was pretty committed to making better food, fitness and life choices after that life-changing week (although the holidays were definitely not shining examples of healthy living). But if I’m being honest, I wasn’t making the big, and permanent, changes I needed to make if I was really going to address my health issues.

And so I found myself waking up Jan 1, 2013, slightly hungover, and feeling a little soft from several gym-free days over the holidays. I decided to hike in Red Rock Canyon (Las Vegas). 2.5 strenuous hours later, I reached the peak [gasping for breath and a tad woozy], and was rewarded with a fantastic unobstructed view of The Strip on a gorgeous clear day.

And that’s when I made my New Year’s Resolution: I resolved to make 2013 My Year of Sweat. I was going to work out each and every day of the year, come hell or high water.

The resolution was about focusing on health and wellness. It was about getting off the blood pressure medication I had been on for 4+ years. It was about being able to climb a few flights of stairs without huffing and puffing. And yeah, it was also about tightening up the flabby bits.

So the plan was as follows: rain or shine, sick or healthy, on the road or at home, working or on vacation, I would work up an intense sweat each and every day of 2013.

And guess what… I DID!!!

photo 9

Keep moving y’all!

xoxo nancy

4 thoughts on “the 365-day challenge

  1. Aside from wanting to be the first post comment on one of your posts, I find this one to be remarkable. I wonder what the percentage is of people whose New Years Resolution is fulfilled? You made it happen! What kind of resolve does it take, and where do you have to be mentally to follow through? Amazing.

      • Yes you did, Nancy. Whatever it was that made you make that resolution must have been so powerful as to keep you focused all year. Impressive!!!

      • I think it was just perfect timing. The week at the Biggest Loser Resort in November started the accountability juices flowing, but something else clicked that day at the summit of that hike. I finally knew I was ready to change my life.

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