removing the mask

you, me, us, webullet

mask is worn to hide

true feelings guarded closely

who is the real me?

The beautiful mask on the left was created by artist, Carrie Bourdeau. Aptly named “Bullet”, the mask is covered in bullet casings and was just one of 30 masks she created for her “Rusty Gimp” art show several months ago. Her gentle and kind spirit is an unexpected but lovely juxtaposition against her often dark subject matter.

The amazing, multifaceted mask on the right was created by a talented art collaborative known as 3 Baaad Sheep. The title of the piece is “You, Me, Us, We” and this photo doesn’t even begin to capture the layers of detail the artists assembled on this piece. My talented friends, Alexander P. Huerta, Eddie Canumay & Alexander “Sky” Carranza, individual artists in their own right, make up the 3 Baaad Sheep collaborative. I’m a proud collector of many of their works.

Today’s post is my final entry in the WordPress writing challenge: 5 Haikus in 5 days. Click here to learn more. For the first entry, click here. My second Haiku is here. My third is here. And the fourth is here.

As always, get moving!

xoxo nancy

24 thoughts on “removing the mask

  1. Masks can liberate
    Hide one face show another

    I love those masks, and I do relate to your haiku in many ways 🙂 I suppose I have skewed views of masks now 😀

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  3. Sad, but oh so true. Love those masks! — I am suddenly reminded of the great Springsteen song “Brilliant Disguise” all about the demise of his marriage to some supermodel back in the mid-80s — “So tell me what I see when I look in your eyes, is that you baby or just a brilliant disguise”.

  4. Love the haiku, again! I’d forgotten you were going with the prompts and at first I thought you were about to reveal some secret identity or something. I need to go to bed I’m starting to get all conspiracy-ish 😉

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    • Ha! Sorry about the influx of posts Jayme — last week was an outlier. WP did a challenge: 5 Haikus in 5 Days — so it made for daily posts. I’m now back to my Mon-Wed-Fri posting schedule. So hopefully I won’t be clogging up your inbox too much!

      Yeah, I overhauled the theme/layout last week while I was fighting the stomach bug (see Monday’s Workout Week 47 post for those gory details!) and playing hermit inside the condo.

      Hope you’re well! Have you moved into the new digs yet?

      • Now I’ll be able to get post notifications in my inbox as you post them, so I can stay up-to-date 🙂 Keep ’em coming!

        Nope, I’m still working on her. Fall/winter in the rainy NW isn’t exactly the best time and place to start RV work…. haha, and now it’s sunny, but it’s 25 degrees… it’s coming along though! I’ll post about it soon.

      • Very cool! And I hear ya on the weather. A big cold front from California just hit Vegas late last night. I froze my ass off walking to the gym this morning!

        Looking forward to reading your post today. (Planning all my reading later tonight).

        Good luck with the RV work — slow and steady!

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