Mother Nature rewards my hard work

Pine Creek Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, southern N...

Pine Creek Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, southern Nevada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started out 2013 with a great hike in Red Rock Canyon on Jan 1st. Since that day, my daily sweats have been at the gym. So yesterday, feeling a little low in the motivation department, I decided to take Day 8 back outdoors to change things up a bit and renew my excitement in tackling this 365 day challenge.

I ventured back to Red Rock Canyon, about a 10 min drive from my place in Vegas and a place I hike regularly when I’m in town.

I decided to try to new hike: Pine Creek Canyon trail. I discover these hikes courtesy of my handy-dandy hiking guidebook “Afoot and Afield” (hiking guide for Las Vegas and Southern Nevada).

I’ve done several of the Vegas area hikes in the book, and most of them are categorized appropriately (in my humble opinion). i.e. If it says Easy to Moderate – generally I agree with the author.

That said, I have now encountered two hikes that he labeled “Moderate” that must have been so categorized because he wrote them on April Fool’s Day.  If these trails are “Moderate”, I’d hate to see Difficult.

Pine Creek Canyon trail started off easy enough. See, nice and flat, right?


photo credit: My Year of Sweat!

But then, just as I was feeling all smug and capable, the trail disappeared. At least in the true sense of the word “trail” as I interpret it.

Instead it became a mess of rocks and boulders. It became the land of scrambles. I’m talking crazy, challenging scrambles! I’m talking jumping from boulder to boulder. I’m talking having to listen to my husband (a reluctant hiker at best…) repeatedly scold “You’ll break your ankle!”.

Tough scrambles, uneven terrain and traversing boulders and felled trees to cross the creek. It was hard, but ahhhh… those views! So worth it!

And then we picked a cool spot by the creek to take a rest break and munch some [gluten-free] granola, yummy apples and tons of water.


photo credit: My Year of Sweat!

I wish I could add a sound effect in this post so you could experience the water gurgling in the background while providing this stunning backdrop for my rest break.

Thank you Mother Nature for giving me such an amazing gym to work out in yesterday. And thank you to to everyone who is reading this blog and sending postive energy my way!

Get moving!

xoxo nancy


3 thoughts on “Mother Nature rewards my hard work

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  2. I did a hike in Colorado one year that had lots of big boulders. On the other side, we pulled out our ponchos and slid down the side of glacier. Freakin awesome. Um…then my thighs were on fire for three days but it was so worth it.

    Reading your journey is so inspiring. Certainly makes me miss the cool mountains as I sweat it out here in Texas. 🙂

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