a reboot five years in the making

The one where I decide to have another year of sweat. (It only took 5 years, people!)


keep your eye on the prize

I love exercise [most of the time], but it wasn’t always that way. Social psychologist, Emily Balcetis, wondered why some people found it harder to exercise than others. Her research looked at how things like perception, motivation, goal-setting and decision-making might impact the way we experience exercise and weight loss. Since I’m quite familiar with the effect perception can have…

happy anniversary, RP

One year ago, at the end of a decadent weekend of debauchery, I embarked on what would prove to be the most challenging week of my life, both physically and mentally. I am so grateful that I got to share that experience with my dearest friend, the Russian Princess. Her relentless drive, boundless energy and inexplicably positive…