sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, according to Freud

but I know of at least oneΒ fountain that is not just a fountain

look at this water

spurting hither and yon

thank you, people of Lake Tahoe

for your fantasticΒ sense of humour

Keep moving. Even when your cup runneth over!

xoxo nancy

60 thoughts on “water

  1. Insert something about drinking from the fountain of youth… And a that’s what she said.
    I haven’t had my 3PM coffee yet so I can’t string that together coherently, though.
    But seriously, wtf.

  2. Have a great week, Nancy! I should go back through some of my summer pictures for you… it’s amazing what can be spotted when walking with a 13 year old boy. Giggle worthy trees, vegetables, signs. πŸ™‚

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