it’s a vacation, not an excuse to be a gluttonous sloth

I’m going on vacation! Tomorrow! That is if I don’t die from the over-excitement of thinking about my vacation between now and then.

Because, seriously, who doesn’t love taking a vacation?

You work hard, juggling all that life throws at you: your job, family, health & wellness. When it’s finally time to take a break, of course you want to just kick back, relax and enjoy yourself. And, why not? You’ve earned it!

That’s right girl, it will be so nice!

But, does kicking back, relaxing and enjoying yourself have to mean being a Miss-Lazy-Pants and eating like an unsupervised toddler?

That was a rhetorical question.

Why undo all your good work (i.e. healthy eating and regular exercise) by going to extremes with too much (bad) food and too little physical movement while you’re on vacation?

Some of it is mindset. For most of us, taking a break from everything that feels like work is the very definition of vacation. Unfortunately, for some, eating well and exercising is considered ‘work’, so they take a break from those things too. If you fall into this category, feel free to stop reading now.

For those who want to have a great vacation, but not at a cost of adding 10 lbs in 5 days, read on!

I wrote about how significant a mindset shift I’ve had about vacations. It started small, with just making a concerted effort to incorporate physical activity into my vacation life.

When you have a home in Las Vegas, thereby making it a regular staycation, things can get a little tricky. Las Vegas is a dichotomy. A double-edged sword, if you will.

On the one hand you have debauchery of the greatest volume and variety at your disposal. From world-famous chef-run restaurants, to all-you-can-eat buffets, to fast food options galore.

Don’t even get me started on the giant cocktails available at every turn.


They don’t call it Fat Tuesday for nothing. [photo credit: yelp]

On the other hand, you have a million different ways to get your fit on. I usually recommend that visitors think about any/all of these options:

  • Walking. Yes, getting a workout in can be as simple as walking. Anyone who has walked from one end of The Strip to the other knows what I’m talking about. It is a workout, folks (and deceptively farther than it looks)! The bonus is that you get to pick up a (non-giant) beverage along the way – you’ve earned it! Extra-added-bonus: people watching. You will have stories to share for days. Trust.
  • Swimming. You’re staying in a super awesome hotel, right? Get to that pool and use it! Swimming is a fantastic full body workout and one helluva calorie-burner. Bonus: it’s a great way to cool off in the Vegas heat.
  • Dancing:  Staying at that posh hotel? Guess what, it’s probably got a funky fresh club (or 5) where you can shake your groove thing and work off that amazing Michelin-starred meal.
  • and last but not least, Hiking. Y’all know how much I heart hiking. There is no shortage of trails, from easy to very challenging, in and around Vegas. Try Red Rock Canyon if you’re looking for something close by, or Mount Charleston if you’re willing to drive 45 minutes (the payoff is 10,000′ elevation and snow-capped mountains!). Or head farther afield with a road trip to Valley of Fire State Park, or Zion or Bryce in southern Utah. Let’s not forget the Grand Canyon.

You can learn more about your hiking options using a couple of websites and/or apps:

See that? I shared a bunch of suggestions on how you can stay fit in Las Vegas, and not once did I mention a gym (although, yes, your hotel will have one of those, too).

One of the members of my staff is in Vegas on vacation, right now. As a first-time visitor, he requested a list of fun things to see and do, which I was happy to provide. In addition to the Nancy-must-see-and-do list, I also made sure to direct him to where he could get deals on a list of fun things to see and do a list of fun things to see and do. Why spend more on hotel, shows and other activities than you have to, am I right?

As a recent immigrant to the U.S., his head started spinning when he saw all Vegas had to offer. I told him that by the end of the week, he would understand why I have a home there.

Enjoy your vacations, friends – and remember that vacation doesn’t need to involve giving the finger to your healthy habits.

Keep moving,

xoxo nancy

53 thoughts on “it’s a vacation, not an excuse to be a gluttonous sloth

  1. Enough of this! Still waiting for benefits of the corsage. 2 years! In the meantime I will accept grapes from you and the Russian princess. But do enjoy your vacation.

  2. Great news! You’re going on vacation! I’m sure you will walk a lot, go on long hikes and not get tempted to try those tasty cocktails 🍹 in that famous chef restaurant 😉 I have to confess I’m not that disciplined when on vacation …only just now worked off the pounds from my August vacation. Have loads of fun!

    • The place(s) I’m going aren’t generally associated with great food, so I *should* be safe. 😊

      I am SO ready for vacation, Tiny. 17 days of no conference calls, no meetings, no forecasting, no budgets!!! Also, the fact that I’m traveling to the other side of the planet……… I’m SO stinkin’ excited!!!!

  3. Have a great time in Sin City. You deserve a vacation, Nancy! I thought for sure, as I started reading and sensing sarcasm, that you and the Russian Princess were headed to Hotel Hell for a week of physical and mental abuse. Hiking the Las Vegas area is still on my vacation planning list…I just need to save up some vacation time.

  4. Funny though, you just made me realise I’m weird😂. In recent years I’ve looked forward to vacation because there is more time to excersize then! Hope you enjoy your time off!

  5. for goodness sake!! how can I have only just seen this!!

    I know you are on holiday now, I have seen the awesome pictures!! but I really hope you have an amazing adventure!!!

  6. I hope you allow yourself just a tiny bit of sloth and gluttony. My favored combination is the gluttony without the sloth 🙂 But seriously if you want a vacation place where all the beverages are tiny, I recommend Holland. They don’t supersize anything. To an American, the beverages feel miniaturized. And, the best way to get around is to ride a bike!

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