a race to get her listed

taking advantage of the final days of summer

when she looks her best

umpteen items purged

2 bathrooms gutted and refinished

countless tears shed

and fights had

off-the-charts stress

until finally…

LISTED! on 10/03/14

9 showings

27 days on the market

1 offer

with 7 revisions

a final deadline of 6:00 pm

signed, sealed and delivered at 5:59 pm

SOLD! in 35 days

at 97% of list price

2 very relieved home owners

and 1 slightly heavy heart

as I ponder leaving this place welcomeaerialmine until March 30, 2015

and then handed over to a young family

so that they can make new memories here

in this very special place I’ve called home for 14 years


Keep moving

xoxo nancy

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81 thoughts on “home

  1. Was your house up for sale? 😉 Seriously though. I’m sure it’s with a heavy heart that you leave your home, no matter what the price or the new destination. The memories alone are worth a kings ransom. I’m happy that you sold it for a great price, and I hope that you find happiness in your new abode. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the sale. I am completely out of touch with the market, but it sounds like it sold fairly quickly? In relative terms, that is. From your nail-biting POV, I’m sure it was a glacial pace.

    Couple of years ago, I met a women in Niagara on the Lake – she had moved, oh, I don’t know, a half dozen times in the last ten years. She says she “gets a jones on” whenever she sees a “For Sale” sign. I hadn’t realized it until I heard her say that, but I’m the same. I look at the photo of your real estate sign and recognize a tingle of excitement.

    But only a tiny one. I’ve moved too many times and am too tired to do it again.

    Where are you thinking of settling?

    • Oh, Maggie, THAT is the $64,000 question! We thought we knew where we wanted to go but, if we want to benefit from the substantial financial gain we realized on this sale, and stay true to our downsizing plan, we need to ensure we not only downsize in size but also in price. The problem in Toronto is you “downsize” substantially in size and amenities (like walk in closet, en suite bathroom, etc.) as you ger closer to the city, but NOT in price. 😦
      We have cast the net much wider now, so I’m pretty much open to anything within a reasonable drive of the airport (I travel a lot). What I know for sure I don’t want is to live in a subdivision, so that rules out a lot of areas. It’s going to be a tough slog.

  3. So bittersweet for sure! As I read the comments above I can understand why you wish you could rip the bandage off quickly instead of waiting the 4 months. Maybe the time will allow you to grieve as long as you need to before moving on. I know you now have the stress of finding a new home so the extra months might be just what the doctor ordered! Keep breathing, girl! Besos! 🙂

    • Based on my track record to date, I will need every minute between now and end of March to find something else. Or else I’ll be spending a LOT of time in Vegas.

  4. I’m happy for you that it’s all done and so fast! The nerve rattling and physically more demanding part, at least. Leaving in the spring might not that horrible after all … the separation process will be over by then, I think, and your sights be on something new and exciting. Hugz & good luck for finding a new place!

  5. The perspective of the second photograph is stunning! Funny thing, I’ll be going through same thing in the spring: selling and moving on. Hey, Nancy, you have a brother in Pennsylvania. How many times I’ve looked out our bedroom window at the maples swaying and felt the breeze through the windows and thought, “I’m happy here. I could end my days here.” But we move on, I guess. Please know you’re in my spirit, and I’m wishing you gladness. John

  6. What a big day, Nancy! I agree, 4 months is going to be a long time to wait but hopefully you will find something great soon and can start picturing yourself settling in a new home. It’s hard when you can’t see that shiny carrot on the end of the stick.

  7. Four months is a long time to wait for closing ~ our last sale was just 2 weeks from contract to closing. Sounds like you’ll be able to spend the holidays in your beloved house and make some final memories.

    Good luck on the remaining steps in your transition.

    • The March 31st closing date was what made this offer so appealing! I literally have nowhere to go (but Vegas) right now. 🙂
      Now that I know when I need to leave, I will definitely step up my search AND open my mind (and lower my standards). 🙂

      • ‘Tis the season to go shopping . . . FA LA LA LA LA!

        All I want for Christmas is a brand new house . . . a brand new house . . .

        I’m dreaming of an en suite bathroom . . . just like the one that I have now.

  8. Congratulations on the sale, Nancy! And now to find a new place to settle your bones. Adventure filled with trepidation, but ultimately, cottage or castle, it will be home. You will make it so and the memories will fill in the odd drafty crack. I’m really happy for you. Cheers

  9. awww…congrats!!! Happy and sad for you! Yes….lots of memories in a house right? Lots of emotion and love between the walls of a home. Even the places you didn’t like living! Selective memory you know. 🙂 Anyway….congrats again!!!!

    • It was financially motivated, Trent. The property appreciated nearly 3x the value we paid in June 2000. I kind of felt like I’d kick myself if I didn’t take advantage of the market. I guess I’ll know in a few months time (depending where I end up) if it was worth it or not…

    • Thanks Patrick. I’m trying to remember all the little things that BUGGED me about living here, like tons of spiders, courtesy of the lake proximity; how much cooler the temps were here versus a couple streets up because of the lake-effect chill, etc. 🙂

  10. Aw, congratulations! That’s great – though I can understand you being in two minds about it all! I’m sure your new place will be amazing too – onwards and upwards 🙂

  11. OOOOHHHHHHH!!! this is very exciting!!
    how did I miss this!!!

    that is awesome news!! and so quickly!! It makes all the hard work worthwhile!!!

    So exciting (and slightly sad I can completely imagine!!)

  12. Nancy, you have experienced so much change lately, be kind to yourself as you integrate it all. You made this home lovely, you will find and love a new home too. All things in due time. At least you have due time! 😀

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