made in the shade

Considering my last new post (i.e. one that was neither guest-blogger submitted, nor re-blogged) was written 39 days ago, and was largely comprised of complaints of a grueling climb in sweltering heat, I wanted to ease your minds that I hadn’t melted in the desert heat. I know you were sick with worry.

Two days after that ill-advised hike, I returned to the scene of the crime.

Lest you think me a complete masochist (or idiot), I can assure you that I went back secure in the knowledge that there are many shady and cool trails to choose from. I had just picked really, really badly last time.

Since my last game of Trail Roulette had served up a dud, this time I opted to go with a tried, tested and true hike. I chose old-faithful, the Bristlecone Trail, a 6 mile loop, with a +1,024′ elevation gain, and a high point of 9,400′. 

True to form, this spectacular trail kept me shaded and cool as a cucumber while she assaulted my legs and lungs with her climb.

2015-07-03 16.58.10-1

Unlike the previous hike from hell, this time the only noise came from the rustling of leaves, dancing in rhythm with the light breeze. Not a single obnoxiously loud hiker to be found. Bliss!
2015-07-03 16.44.58-1
The views could take your breath away. Assuming you weren’t already breathless from the climb.
2015-07-03 17.07.10-1
This wild mustang is a beast after my own heart. Embracing the zen, he took advantage of the calm and quiet with a cool graze.
2015-07-03 17.53.40-1
I know, it looks like slim pickings, but clearly there was enough to go around because he invited a friend over.
2015-07-03 17.54.48

Just me, my wild horse friends, and Mr. Enthusiasm. Ahh…bliss. The perfect remedy to the previous hotter-than-Hades outing.

So you might be asking yourself why, if I hadn’t melted on that mountain top five weeks ago, I haven’t been around these parts in real-time styles. I promise to answer that with a rapid fire catch-up post. Soon.

My challenge will be to deliver 5 weeks’ worth of updates in one post, in under 500 words.

I’m going to need to get creative with that. It will involve pictures. And possibly sound. Man, I wish scratch ‘n sniff for the interwebs had already been invented. That would kill the need for a bunch of words right there. Sigh.

Keep moving,

xoxo nancy

83 thoughts on “made in the shade

  1. Stunning photos, Nancy. I can see why you had to return to this place. It’s almost as though it wasn’t work to get there. Almost.

    • Mt. Charleston is the only place to escape the heat in Vegas. Unfortunately, as I learned in the previous hike, not all the trails feature the shady trees. I *should* have clued in to the fact that the other trail had been closed for 2.5 years to re-build after massive forest fires. Forest fires = no more trees. DOH! 🙂

  2. So glad you had a more zen-like experience this time around. But perhaps the horses were disappointed. Maybe they were hoping for more of a show. 😉

    “scratch ‘n sniff” on the Internet. Now that’s a scary thought.

  3. Wild horses?! Dang. In northwestern Pennsylvania we have deer, raccoons, skunks, and an occasional fox. I vote for your neighborhood.

    • They are totally, completely, insanely awesome, John! A leftover from the gold/silver rush. All those miners came in and brought their animals, but then up and left. It’s amazing how nature evolves and adapts, and how these beautiful creatures (both the mustangs and the burros) survived in this unforgiving environment.

  4. I’ll snuggle up to the screen and sniff real hard if you want… looking forward to your 5-week 500-word update.

    You know, I honestly didn’t know there were still wild horses out there… for some reason, I thought they’d all been domesticated.

    • Honestly, I had no idea they existed either, Trent – until I moved to Vegas and started seeing signs telling me not to feed them. I don’t get to see them often (apparently the only regular spot for sightings is right near the prison where OJ has taken up residence), but the wild burros are always out and about near Red Rock Canyon.

  5. Now THAT looks like my kind of hike . . . with Zen Horses on top!

    Look forward to you meeting your 5 weeks in 500 words challenge.
    Starting . . . NOW! (Can’t get more Zen than that!)

  6. Scratch and sniff, huh? Now that’s an interesting thought. I am so glad to hear that this hike was more in keeping with fueling the soul as well as energizing your body. I like that combination myself–not to imply that I do it very often. I’ll definitely look forward to photos and as many words as you think you can share. 🙂

    • Absolutely, Linnet. All over Mt Charleston, starting at ~7,000′ altitude. The largest/oldest is one named Raintree. I blogged about her back in 2013. A gorgeous, giant hulk of a tree.

      • Oh, that’s lovely. Amazing to think that you are surrounded by these unimaginably ancient beings. I like the idea because it makes me feel young 🙂

  7. I thought maybe I’d missed some posts so kind of relieved you just haven’t been writing! Great photos and sounds like a perfect day out – although I’m suspicious that you just photoshopped that second horse – the poses are remarkably similar. Hmm… 😉

  8. I’m sure Mr. Enthusiasm prefers you to stick to Old Faithful rather than to venture out on those trails that get you all hot and bothered. As for scratch and sniff – you just killed my Zen vibe here.

    Seriously, the photos are spectacular. I can’t believe you are communing with wild horses! What an experience. I can’t wait to see your challenge unfold. Let’s see if you can break one of those mustangs! Yeehaw!

  9. Scratch n sniff for interweb?? Ah… it will come sooner than any of us want it to! 🙂 However this does look like a blissful hike and good to know you are getting back into the blogging groove. 🙂

    • I spoke (typed) too soon. 🙂 Doubt I’ll get any original content published before end of next week, if that. I’ve got a big presentation in Atlanta I’m prepping for this weekend and all dat Monday, before flying out there Tuesday. Then again, my prolific procrastination of the situation could mean I work on blogging first, and then panic and do the presentation at the 11th hour. We’ll see. 🙂

  10. Now this is a trail I could find beautiful bliss within. I need that canopy of shade and companionship–but only of the natural kind. The fact that you ran into no human forms makes the route even more appealing to someone like me. I’d be in pig heaven. The photos are begging for an up close and personal visit. Wish I could apparate.
    Cannot wait for that smell o vision blog post, or the next best thing. They’re always a chunk full of charming as only you know how to create, Nancy.

    • After reading your second to last blog post, I considered myself hella lucky that I didn’t happen upon a bear! I’m still suffering anxiety from just thinking of you and your pooch in that situation!

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  12. This hike looks great, love shade whenever you can get it! Boy can I relate to jot having time to blog. I guess I will have to blog this trip when I get home. Can’t wait to see your condensed blog challenge!

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