new personal best…er, worst?

Well hello, friends. When last we met, I was bragging (not really) about how long it had been since my last post. 13 weeks, I advised. 91 whole days. Clearly, I’m a blogger extraordinaire, prolific in my ability to pump out fresh posts.

Yeah…about that.

As it turns out, I’m such a slacker that I’ve now officially bested myself and broken a new record: Over 14 weeks since my last post. 99 days to be exact.

No use crying over spilled tequila. Let’s move on, shall we?

My last post cautioned that I might die while attempting to complete the epic vacation plans I had made. Enough of you care enough about me that you warned, cautioned, cajoled and ultimately convinced me to change my plans. So change them, I did.

Buh-bye wilderness backpacking adventure into the back country of Wyoming, where it could take hours if not days for help to find me, should I need it, and hello epic road trip up the northern California and Oregon coastlines and the Columbia River Gorge.

I wanted epic.

I got epic.


I took this picture at street level, the baseΒ of Multnomah Falls.

And then I climbed that bad boy.


And since I hadn’t died making the climb, I decided to do the entire 6.5 mile loop, where I was treated to several more waterfalls.

IMG_20160525_143034Β And another:

IMG_20160525_143129Β And another:


There were more but by now you get the drift.

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

This trip also offered up massive trees. The kind you can drive right through.


Or make a home inside.


Very humbling to be surrounded by the oldest living things on the planet. The giant sequoias stole my heart.

There were beaches.


And gorgeous coast lines that hugged the cliffs and kissed the shores.


And then there was Crater Lake, still a winter wonderland at the end of May.




Be still my heart, indeed, Oregon.


Most important of all is that I didn’t die doing a single activity on this Plan-B-but-still-epic-vacation (which I may well have done on the other one). So there’s that bit of awesomeness.

Next up is the epic trip to end all epic trips. SOMEBODY is turning 50 in two months. And that somebody has booked a trip that makes that somebody pee her pants a little each time she thinks about it. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I’ll be sure to publish a teaser post before I leave. Then again…who am I kidding? That would mean another post within 60 days. Not. Gonna. Happen. Well, maybe. Hope springs eternal, after all.

In the meantime, if you liked these pictures and want to see more, follow me on Instagram @nancytex.

Keep moving,

xoxo nancy

99 thoughts on “new personal best…er, worst?

  1. There you are! I was about to send the Canadian Mounties after you. The photos are beautiful, Nancy. Now, what is all of this talk about vacations and pee? πŸ˜€

  2. Wow!!! The 99 days were worth the wait for those amazing waterfalls. πŸ™ƒ I love the Oregon coast as well as the Redwood groves in Northern California. Good to see you back in the blog-o-sphere. Looking forward to seeing your next post in 60 days or so, maybe. πŸ˜‰

    • Hahahaha… I so miss this place, Pat – but work has been absolute madness. I travel at least twice a month for 3-5 days at a time. I try to keep up on blog reading, but writing is a pipe dream at this point!

      p.s. I *almost* reached out to you when we arrived at SFO (we flew there, rented a car for the trip). We spent the first 3 days of the trip exploring Marin county and then wine country before heading up the coast. Couldn’t find your contact details easily on my (new) phone. 😦

  3. Congratulation on not dying πŸ˜‰
    Great shots of some pretty spectacular scenery.
    Looking forward to hearing about the next epic adventure.
    In the meantime, play safe πŸ™‚

  4. woohoo for not dying!! I did technically already know that…but it is still a woohoo thing!!

    I love love you pictures, even though I have seen most of them on instagram, I still love seeing them again…

    99 days is a long time…however I am not one to talk, i suspect it was a similar amount of time before I wrote about my mountain adventure!! also I am now cheating by reblogging other people’s work to keep my posting habit up!!

  5. Hi Nancy! I’ve missed you. Glad to see you are still alive and kicking. The photos are gorgeous and evidence that you are working ALL the time. I’m looking forward to at least hearing about your exciting birthday trip. Until then…have fun! ~Kathy

  6. I’ve done that road trip! Stunning! But I missed Crater Lake which looks incredible. Oregon is such a pretty state. Glad you lived to tell the tale and more besides even if they are infrequent!! I turn the big 40 this year. Seems we are both crossing off milestones xx

  7. First – HOLY SPIDER-MAN!!! What an adventure!! Climbing a waterfall!! Wow. Wow. Wow,

    Secondly – 50!!! TRIPLE HOLY WOW!!! Early happy birthday wishes and I can hardly wait to hear what you’re up to next! πŸ™‚

    • I’m pretty psyched, Joanne!!! Type A me wants to plan every last detail; live in the moment me wants to play it by ear and book accommodations as we go based on what we like and want to spend more time exploring. I’m arguing with myself daily! πŸ™‚

  8. So glad you didn’t take a trip where you could die! LOL! I love the coastline and think it’s pretty spectacular, so now I’m really interested in hearing about what’s coming next! How exciting, Nancy!

    • It’s not so much that Yellowstone would have killed me, and more so that the guided 3 day backpacking trip through the back country while my BP was high and heartbeat erratic/high put me too remote to get help should I have required it. Still planning to do that same/cancelled trip next August!

      The next one in Oct is a good mix of adventure and pampering/luxury, Debra. Can’t wait!

  9. Welcome back and glad I’m not the only one on a blogging hiatus. (insert a sliver of guilt) And awwwweeesommme amaaaazzziiinnnggg sttunnnniiinnng pics! Clearly worth just getting out there living! πŸ™‚

    • Totally, Carissa! I had to keep pinching myself. From rugged coastal hiking down to pristine beaches with nary a soul on them, then the giant redwoods…incredible, and the Columbia River Gorge…stunning. More waterfalls than you can shake a stick at. Every day brought a new adventure.

  10. I love Multnomah Falls, the way you get wet from the spray even if you’re standing a long way off. And the whole Columbia gorge is…. gorgeous. I’ve not seen Crater Lake though. Those pictures are amazing.

    • Honestly, the hike up to the top of Multnomah Falls was the hardest part. We had two choices: hike straight back down, or keep going up and around to do the 6.5 mile loop with a payoff of 4 more waterfalls… It seemed a no brainer!

      It’s funny, when we got to the bridge (half way up) I took a short video where you hear my hubby and I arguing if we’re going all the way up or not. πŸ™‚ Not only did we get to the top, we hiked an extra 5 miles. Posted it to Instagram if you’re on there! πŸ™‚

    • That entire stretch of country was most impressive. We’ll definitely head back to spend more time in Oregon as well as Washington state. Amazing hiking trails, and the foliage keeps them nice and cool.

  11. How nice to see you Nancy! Tons of epic beauty captured by your camera, thanks for sharing these majestic views and falls. I hope you’ll get a ‘breather’ like this every now and then to sustain your body and soul. XX

  12. Very happy to hear you’re still alive and kicking, Nancy! That trip really does look awesome – amazing photos! And you’re nearly 50?! I don’t believe it! So, where are you off to? You can’t leave us all hanging like that!

    • I was going to keep it a big secret until I posted shots in a recap blog post, but it occurred to me that some of you might have experience in one or both of the countries I’m heading to, and I can benefit from your experiences! Watch for a post soon, soliciting ideas/feedback from y’all! πŸ™‚

  13. Nancy your photos are absolutely stunning! We want to do a 6 month-ish trip and discover the whole west coast…we’ll see when that actually happens. πŸ˜‰

    Cannot wait to hear your plans, or your options, for the big 50 trip! Yay!

  14. This post was worth the wait, but I still missed you. The photos are effing spectacular. Just might drive me to use the real word… Oh My Fucking God – so there.
    This all is proof positive that you are doing well, and I’m so glad to know that! Happy early birthday – and don’t let that number keep you from enjoying more mountains in the future… keep reaching, striving, climbing… it doesn’t have to be all “down hill” due to a silly number unless we let it be, right?! Fuck no!
    So good to see you, Nance! xo

      • Bahahahaha! Actually, I realized that there are likely readers who have experience in one or both of my destinations, so I’m going to do a reveal post and solicit reader feedback on must-see/do from those who’ve traveled to those locales!

      • Fabulous idea, Nance! I’ll be sure to chime in should I have any nuggets of wisdom to share… I am very well-versed on what to do in Pittsburgh, I’ll have you know, since I’ve traveled there every week since February… oh yes, the fun is never-ending in my life, let me tell you! lol πŸ™‚

  15. These photos are just breathtaking – I want to go to there πŸ˜‰ The waterfall in particular – there’s something about waterfalls that just fascinates me, and I am deeply impressed that you climbed the whole thing, it almost certainly would have killed me πŸ˜‰

  16. Hey lady! I did that climb up Multnomah Falls last year! Stunning! What a gorgeous state. I want to go back. I did get to the coast, but not the Sequoias. I’ve been to the Muir Woods in CA, but I really want to see the Sequoias someday! I mean, I’M THE TREE LADY….I MUST SEE THOSE TREES. πŸ™‚

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