checking in

I’m still alive! Yay! I’ve had zero time to blog about the first 36 hours though.

I have managed to make a couple of updates on my Facebook page. If you’re not following me there, here is the link:

I also update Twitter sporadically at :

Finally, if pictures are more your thing, you can check out my Instagram at:

Hope to blog some tonight. Lots to say, not the least of which is about how dissapointing ny assessment was.


Keep moving,
xoxo nancy


87 thoughts on “checking in

    • Thanks Martha. Mostly I feel like yesterday I started a lot of self-sabotage, which I’m trying to correct today. I hiked hard but smart today, and feel like I still have fuel left in the tank to take on the cardio class in half hour. Need to stay closely tuned in to my sekf-talk, which is still so often toxic.

    • On top of having a whopping 15 mins between classes all day (during which you’re changing clothes), I forgot my laptop at home. Brought a shuttle netbook I had in Vegas, but it is slow as molasses ans adding to my stress. 😦
      I am journaling and labeling photos so that when I can blog, I should be able to capture most of it without having to rely on memory.

  1. Keep journaling… not only to release how you feel but to share with us later. Don’t have FB yet, but will follow you here. And yes – watch the negative self-talk! That’s huge! I know it’s easy for me to say. Sooo proud of you! Really wish I was doing it with you, actually. Looking forward to hearing more – sending you a big reassuring hug! xoxo

    • It was disappointing to see how far a backslide I had made from the gallbladder drama in April, plus ensuing recovery (+ an ever increasing stress level, workload, travel schedule with the new job).

      That said (spoiler alert) – my results at the end of the week were FREAKING AWESOME!!! 🙂 Will try my best to do some blogging this weekend. My plan is to write one post for each day (6 or 7, depending how I structure it), and publish them at a rate of 1/week. Hoping I can handle that. (Says the girl who is flying out again this Sunday… )

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