hey girl, how’d ya get so sweaty?

It occurred to me that because I don’t provide daily updates on my Year of Sweat progress that, perhaps, you might just wonder if I’m actually still on track with my goal of every day workouts.

When I began this blog I made the decision that I would write about the things that were important to me: a spectacular hike, overcoming a long-standing fear, discovering something new about myself, things that scare me, or move me, or make me giggle […along with a whack of other inane things].

I knew I didn’t want to make this a daily exercise [no pun intended] of “Here’s what I did today” as proof of my commitment to the journey measured in the specifics of my sweaty endeavours. So I have not, aside from the several posts about hitting a personal best on a run, or finding a great fitness class, or the details of a breathtaking hike, shared specifics of my daily exploits, of the physical variety.

In retrospect, I see that had I kept a running tally [again, no pun intended] of what exercises I had done each day of this journey, that would have been a really cool thing to look back on at the end of the year. If for nothing else than to see just how much more I’m capable of now versus at the start. <sigh> Live and learn.

With that said, starting this coming Monday, I will be providing a once-a-week summary of the previous week’s physical activities, broken out by day. These posts will be super short / bullet format, and centered on the facts and figures. There won’t be a lot of room for humor or deep thoughts [and that’s fine…not the intended purpose of these posts]. These weekly summaries will offer an at-a-glance view of how each week, from here on in, panned out.

As I reflect on this, I’m actually pretty bummed I didn’t think to do it earlier.

But in case absolutely no one (apart from me) gives a flying Fluggen-klingin-kien [bonus points for anyone who gets that reference] as to what my daily workouts look like, then I’ll make it super simple to identify those posts so you can just ignore them. 🙂 Each post will have a title starting with “Weekly Summary”. If you see that title, and you don’t care, just don’t click on the link.


Did you say flugen-klingen-kien?? Photo credit: redbubble.com


For those of you do have interest in the specifics about what makes me sweat, you’ll be able to pick up those details in a post of less than 100 words (I’m guessing).

I hope that these might provide some inspiration for you to get your sweat on, too. 😉

Get Moving!

xoxo nancy


16 thoughts on “hey girl, how’d ya get so sweaty?

  1. not writing about it every day is a really sensible idea, I never actually stated that I would, I just started doing it as a record for me and as an extra incentive… the guilt trip factor!
    now, however I don’t actually need the guilt trip thing as I am (mostly) really enjoying it and I feel obliged to keep on writing about it…but as you say it will be interesting to look back on 🙂

    • It’s a tough call. On the one hand, when the daily recaps are colourful and full of stories (like yours), I think they make for interesting reading. I’ve seen some fitness blogs (365 day folks like you and I) who literally post “Day 87: 50 pushups; Ran 6 miles; 100 squats”, etc. Which is about as interesting as watching paint dry. I’m hoping my weekly recap gives (those interested) a glimpse into what i’m up to each day, while giving me a summary to look back on, too — all without consuming too much time in the writing (for me) or the reading (for the readers). Fingers crossed I don’t get a bunch of unsubscribes! Have a great day IB! And thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      • I do try to put in stories 🙂 and I tend towards the extravagant writing style sometimes, but it is slightly tricky trying to find a new way to talk about somehting that is the same every week…like dance practice, hence the videos 🙂
        I don’t think you will get unsubscribers, after all people don’t ahve to read every single post if they don’t want to, but I am sure you will make them interesting and it is a good record 🙂

  2. Hey Nancy, of course we’ll look forward to it…

    But crikey, can I just say, I googled that flugen klingon thingy and I’m still blushing, did I miss something in the translation?

    Keep the updates coming, I’ll work it out eventually… 😉

    • nope, looks like you got it. 🙂 It’s the ‘safe word’ from the Club Vander Sexx scene in a horrible B-movie (comedy) called Eurotrip. That one scene is fantastic though. 🙂

  3. Cool! I look forward to all of it. While I slog through my brilliant idea (please sense my sarcasm here) of The Closet Countdown, I started with daily updates. But that got boring. Fast. When I switched to the weekly updates, I felt like I enjoyed the process more. Maybe you will too?

    Either way, I love to read about your adventures in sweat. I’ve recently started running again and your posts make me look forward to each sweaty summer run. 😛

    Cheers, Princess of Sweat!

    • It’s funny, Ginny, because I don’t find the closet countdown posts boring in the least. Maybe it’s more a function of taking interest in the author (like we have with one another) versus the minutae of the specific more “tactical” posts? Either way, thanks for the vote of confidence! And enjoy those sticky summer runs!

  4. Every time I darken the door at hot yoga, it feels like a year of sweat………..I don’t even write about yoga, because I will start sweating. I do enjoy it, but I now have bulges where I used to have pathetic concavity, and that’s hard to get used to……….I think you do a good job of mixing it up, Nancy.

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