week 1 workout summary

As I outlined in my rules of engagement yesterday, rule #3 is all about my intent to practice self-care and ease myself back into daily exercise.

To say I’ve been sloth-like this past year would be a gross understatement.

As such, throwing myself into a crazy workout regime would not only likely cause me to quit, but could also mean risking injury to my body.

I’ve been an “all our nothing” type personality my whole life.

I am fighting that instinct with everything inside of me because I know if I bring that approach to this reboot effort, I will quit. I will fail.

Instead, I’m practicing a new mantra:

With that in mind, I committed to a 30 day yoga practice from my favourite yogi, Adriene, of Yoga With Adriene. Her TRUE series is a 30 day yoga journey, filled with self-care and love. It seemed the absolute perfect way to gently remind my body what it can do.

I combined the daily yoga practice with indoor walking workouts to help me get a short burst of intentional movement in the form of gentle cardio as I kicked off this first week of exercise.

This isn’t what my daily workouts in 2013 looked like. And that’s okay.

This is perfect for me, right here, right now.

Workout Summary: Jan 1 – Jan 7, 2018: 

 Monday Jan 1:

Tuesday Jan 2:

Wednesday Jan 3:

Thursday Jan 4:

Friday Jan 5:

Saturday Jan 6:

Sunday Jan 7:


Keep moving… and love yourself.

xoxo, nancy


24 thoughts on “week 1 workout summary

  1. This seems like a perfect way to get your strength and cardio in without killing yourself in the process. Overdoing things isn’t any better for us than underdoing them, so finding what’s the right fit for you now is perfect.

  2. You’re doing great, Nancy. I’m doing yoga as much as I can (which isn’t as much as I should, given everything that’s happening right now.) I think we cause ourselves more stress by beating ourselves up and forging unrealistic expectations.

    • I agree, Andra. That said, I spent 2017 focus on caring for others at the expense of caring for myself. This year I’m trying to make me a bigger priority

      Thinking of you and your dad every day.

  3. I am so all or nothing, as you probably know, haha! This sounds great and is a perfect reintroduction to moving again. And you blogged, double win 😜 xxx

  4. Good on you Nancy. I’ve been doing something similar this year in an effort to be the best version of me. Keep meaning to blog about it but anyway… I’ve been doing yoga and/or stretch type routines in my days I don’t feel like something high intensity and I love the balance. Good luck! If anyone can do it, it’s you x

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