Body Positivity

Yeah, yeah… I know it’s been over 4 months since my last post. Bad, bad blogger. Admonish away.

I just had to share this uplifting and inspiring post by my friend, Sam. You remember Sam, right? She of the guest post on my blog, describing her 365-days-of-exercise journey here.

You may also remember the post about Nancy & Sam’s Excellent Adventure here.

Without further ado… here is Sam. Prepare to be uplifted. And inspired.

xoxo nancy

Midsummer 365 Projects

img_6203 3 years of hard work…

I am not putting up that picture to show off… This is not a look at my weight loss etc post or picture…although to be completely honest it is good to remind myself how far I have come once in a while…

The whole point of this picture is it represents a fundamental change in my attitude!

When the first picture was taken I hated pictures, I wouldn’t look at the camera and I could barely look at the resulting pictures without being miserable for ages.

Now, believe it or not, I am willing to pose for photos, I mostly don’t hate them and I even have more selfies than is sensible on my phone! But this is about more than photos. It is about confidence and attitude. It is about finding the courage to stand up to the judgmental attitudes of today’s society. To stand…

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12 thoughts on “Body Positivity

  1. Welcome back, Nancy! Was only thinking recently how I hadn’t seen a post in ages. Consider yourself admonished! 😉 Great post, too!

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