When Imaginary Friends become Real!

Interested in a more blow-by-blow review of Sam & Nancy’s Excellent London Adventure? Read on, friends.

But don’t worry your pretty little heads over why I considering dropping trou in a Starbucks first thing in the morning. Never you mind.

Project Warrior Goddess

No…not the imaginary friend I had when I was a child…that would be wierd!

Especially when you consider that my childhood imaginary friend was only about 10cm high so she should come everywhere with me!

This was not what happened last saturday... This was not what happened last Saturday…also who knew mice could knit?!

She was definitely not the imaginary friend I am talking about…this would be a little odd…

actually pretty cool…

but odd…

Anyway, I digress…

What actually happened on Saturday 19th February was much more exciting!!

You may remember that back in the early days of this blog, I made contact with a wonderful fellow 365er and fellow blogger named Nancy from

My Year[s] of Sweat

over time and many many comments it soon became apparent that we had a lot in common but she still remained someone I only knew via the interweb…and thus was possibly imaginary…

Until one fateful Saturday in February…

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23 thoughts on “When Imaginary Friends become Real!

  1. Such a brilliant time together–clearly! And I’m glad you braved the mushy peas, Nancy. Those are my favorite part of a chippy.
    I’m still thinking you’re a walking god for doing 25 k and not keeling over, but I suppose fueled by friendship and the desire to see one of the greatest cities ever, one may not notice the steps racking up.
    Glad it was beyond memorable!

    • It was a really wonderful day! I’m so glad we both chose to overcome excuses to make it happen. For me: the craziness of work + buying a home, and for Sam: the need to brave the public, something she’s not the biggest fan of doing. We created some awesome memories!

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