the canadians are coming, the canadians are coming

Well, one Canadian, that is.

And I don’t believe the British need to be placed on high alert.

Well, one Brit, maybe.

But she knows already.

So Paul Revere can take the night off.


Hello friends. I’m sorry I’ve been pretty scarce around these parts lately. Life has been a wee bit hectic. Business travel has seen me away from home for a week at a time, every other week since mid January.

  • Atlanta (USA): January 19th to 23rd
  • Vancouver (CA): February 2nd to 6th

Next stop, Manchester, Newcastle Upon Tyne and London (UK): Feb 16th to 22nd.

The week after next will be a grind. It starts with a red-eye flight from Toronto to Manchester Monday night, followed by meetings with colleagues Tuesday afternoon [without the benefit of a shower or nap following my overnight flight]. It just gets crazier every day thereafter. Two more cities in 3 days.

But then I finish up my workday Friday in London, one of my favourite cities on the planet!

This trip to London will be made extra special because my imaginary friend, Sam, will become my real 3-D friend when I meet up with her that Saturday! I couldn’t be more excited.

Since Sam and I share a passion for activities that make us sweaty, we want to do something fun and physically demanding that day.

This is where you come in.

We have decided to let YOU decide how we should spend our Saturday. You wield all the power. Well, at least one of you do. The reader with the winning plan for “one Saturday in London” will win….

Drum roll, please…


That’s right, my used-to-be-imaginary-but-is-now-a-real-life-friend, Andra, recently launched her 2nd book, a memoir, Not Without My Father. It is a beautiful, poignant and funny-as-all-shit look at the changing dynamics between an adult daughter and her aging father during her grueling 444 mile walk of the Natchez Trace.

Here is my friend, the author, explaining why you should read this book.

And one, okay, maybe two of you, but certainly not three. Well, who knows, MAYBE three of you, but certainly one, and quite possibly two, of you could win your own copy of this wonderful book.

Winners will be judged on a completely subjective basis by Sam and I, and will be announced after we have taken part in the winning plan(s).

You can enter early and often, up until the evening of Friday February 20th.

I think we can all agree that since my last blog giveaway was Cock Soup, this is a massive step up, as prizes go.

So without further ado,

3, 2, 1… go!

Keep moving,

xoxo nancy

148 thoughts on “the canadians are coming, the canadians are coming

  1. Most excellent!!!! I’m not surprised that you would choose an adventure for your London get together! You and I might have very different ideas on what makes an adventure though 😉
    Woohoo – looking forward to that post!!!

  2. London, how exciting! I think you and Sam should go to Madame Tussaud’s and insist they make wax figures of you. I think you should be doing a burpee, or better yet, a tuck jump. That way you get your exercise in while they’re molding you. And just for kicks, they could stick a bagel on your head to represent the time you were pelted with one.

    Have a great trip, and congrats to Andra on her new book release!

  3. I’m on it… and I’m from London! Well, not London specifically, but what is London specifically other than London? Okay, so my suggestion is to get out of London altogether and cruise down to Brighton Beach, have some fish and chips, and go for a chilly walk on the pier. And throw some pebbles into the Atlantic – it makes you remember exactly how big the world is. And how marvelous.

    Andra’s book sounds fascinating. I am on such a reading kick lately, I will have to get it. Quite the concept, that walk.

  4. I vote you include walking/running the Greenway path around Olympic Park. It’s fitting that two fitness buffs would have a chance to view and train around the Aquatics Centre, the Velodrome, Anish Kapoor’s Orbit sculpture, and the Olympic Stadium.
    Also, I adore Hampstead Heath, which has the highest point in London.

  5. Rowing on the Thames?
    Riding the London Eye while jogging in place for the entire circuit?
    A walking tour of London?
    “Drop and give me 20” outside every pub?
    Hoisting pints of Guiness?

    Have a blast!

  6. So here is a partial list of things I would want to do if I was going to London:
    (1) Indoor skydiving –
    (2) Indoor rock climbing –
    (3) London ghost tour –
    (4) Street Art Bike Tour –
    I know you like art and the “Shutter The F**k Up! Evening Bike Tour” rather appealed to me … or alternatively,… the East End Pub Tour

    • I miss it too, Simone. Can’t believe it’s been > 4 years since I was last there. Being there for such a short time might be a painful teaser, but I’ll take it. 🙂

    • I couldn’t be happier to be going back to London, but I’m also pretty excited to see the other parts I’ve never been to before, Manchester and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Should be a whirlwind, but fun.

  7. Here’s an energetic day out for you two: how about an cross-channel swim? It’s only 22 miles, you’ll raise your profile, gain lots of blogging material and become so famous that people will be begging you, the famous Canadian cross-channel swimmer, to buy their beautiful homes. So no need to rush back to Canada. Stop in France for some of their lovely vino then head back to England to be fêted in London. I know you’ll love it. Enjoy!

  8. This will be a fun day for you Nancy! I’d like to compete for the outstanding prize but all my brilliant ideas have already been presented. I have a couple of outrageous ones left in my back pocket though…like going to Madame Tussaud’s and standing in a pose of your choosing among the famous (preferably Canadian looking) figures for a couple of hours, not moving a muscle even if someone touches you – a pint or two allowed after this exercise. Or how about crossing the Thames jogging…in the Emerald Air Lines’ cable car?

  9. Oooo so exciting – WISH I was still in London!!!! One lap around Greenwich park (I think it’s about 2 miles), then a sprint to the top of the hill followed by a photo on the dateline – one foot on the east of the globe and one foot on the west. You can conquer the whole world in Greenwich 🙂 xxxxxx

  10. Ok, I haven’t been to London since I was a teen (so, a FEW years ago, lol) so I am voting for the Pub Jog, with a selection of challenge activities prior to imbibing at each one. 20 squats here, 10 lunges there, you know…fun, fit and festive!

  11. This is Andra, logged in as MTM because I cannot remember my freaking WordPress password. Please don’t enter me to win my own book, as I’ve read it thousands of times (something everyone should do ONE time). I have a London suggestion. The Rose Theater.

    Please go and tell me what it’s like.

    And thank you to everyone for entering this giveaway of Not Without My Father. I almost died to write it, and I’m humbled anyone would read it.

    • I promise not to send YOU a copy of YOUR book, Andra. 🙂
      I’ll check out the link tonight. Sounds interesting!
      Hope your French tickling is off to a great start!

  12. Reblogged this on my year[s] of sweat! and commented:

    The Canadian has landed. Although it looked iffy there for a bit. So now it’s your turn. Have you entered the Not Without My Father contest giveaway? Tick, tock, tick, tock… Just a few more days to come up with fun, crazy, dangerous, outrageous or downright silly ideas for how Sam and I should spend our Saturday. Go!

  13. Ohhhh, now I see the deets about all your travelling! That’s SO exciting you’ll be making a cyber-friend a 3D one! I love that! And guess what? I HAVE THAT BOOK ON MY READER RIGHT NOW! I’m finishing another (by Lisa Kramer, also an AMAZING book, P.O.W.ER) and then I’ll start on Andra’s. (<oddly, the mc in Lisa's book is named Andra!) I've been reading sooooooooo snail slow these days cuz of…well, book shiz, ya know. and then blog shiz. and then life shiz……

    I think you and Sam should kayak somewhere!

    • Ooh! I love the idea of doing some rowing! Great workout, plus I could pretend to be a student at Oxford and on their rowing team. Do they let women on the rowing team???

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