5 thoughts on “it’s not my fault, I swear

  1. Nancy, this is consistent with the trend to hold others accountable for our decisions …. suing a bar because a patron got too drunk, suing McDonald’s for making a patron too fat, suing the town because someone was hurt tobagganing. It makes me crazy.

  2. You know me–I believe obesity is a multi-factorial issue that requires interventions at multiple levels. Getting people to change their behavior is notoriously tricky. In fact, the study of public health includes learning about various change behavior theories that can be used to get people to change their unhealthy habits. Unfortunately, the success rate is dismal. What really saddens me is to see kids in the situation you described. It’s their parents who are bringing home those foods–the kids have no say in it, particularly the young ones. My heart always sinks when I see a toddler with Mountain Dew in a bottle or French Fries as a continuous staple. So I definitely share your outrage on that.

  3. There’s so much to say on this topic, and I echo Carrie’s sentiments a thousand times over. This dreadful epidemic is wreaking havoc with our children in unthinkable and unimaginable ways. At the rate things are going, they are destined to be the first generation of children to live sicker and die quicker than their parents. It is heartbreaking.
    But I am inspired by the many folks who are working to make a difference in this field. Increasing the general public’s Food IQ is an important place to start. There are a lot of mountains to climb with this problem, but I am determined that we can make a change for our children. We have to. We must.
    A great reposting, Nancy.

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