hey thing, you don’t scare me


The thing about committing to doing a thing is that you have to actually do that thing.

In my case, the thing I committed to doing requires me to not only exercise every day of January, but also to blog about said exercise every day.

Given the fact that I’ve barely been able to squeeze in 3x/week exercise and 1-2X/week blogging, this thing seemed rather an unrealistic thing.

But I committed to doing this thing, so…


Well, first, I was delighted to read the fine print on the rules of Janathon page. As it turns out, I needn’t blog about the daily exercise. I can use other forms of social media to log my participation (Twitter, Janathon Facebook page). Phew. This takes a LOAD off my mind.

Today I fulfilled my Janathon duties by both a) exercising, and b) tweeting about it using the hashtag #Janathon. Done.

tweetNow I can focus my time and energy on the exercise, not on the writing about the exercise.

Tweeting about it is perfect. 140 characters I can definitely manage.

And, by the way, you’re welcome. I know how mind-numbing reading about someone else’s workout can be. I’ve spared you a world of hurt on this front, trust me.

Putting this daily-blogging concern to rest, I set out to build a plan. My plan: OWN this thing.

Thing, I will make you my bitch, thought I.

I reviewed my calendar. Hmm, lots of travel.

No problem. Hotels have gyms.

I just need to be very intentional about my time. I need to schedule workout time as an agenda item on my daily calendar. I wouldn’t think of missing other [business] appointments scheduled there, so I won’t sherk on these ones either.

I gathered my list of go-to tools for at-home workouts: links to online videos, bookmarked workouts I’ve collected, DVDs, etc.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

I don’t know who said that, but it is brilliant in its simplicity.

Unfortunately the one thing I didn’t plan on was a tear in my left calf muscle 4 days ago. At first I tried to ignore it. Then I tried to ‘loosen it up’, believing it was just tight. Hiking up some steep inclines two days ago didn’t help. Funny that. Today I nearly fell down the stairs when I stepped down, felt something explode, and then crumpled down to my ass and cried out like a baby.

In retrospect, the 5.5 km power walk followed by a combination of squats and lunges today may not have been the smartest move, but I had someone counting on me. But that is a story for another day.

Next up, how I got my mojo back, even with a busted up calf.

Keep moving,

xoxo nancy

83 thoughts on “hey thing, you don’t scare me

    • I hope so too. I don’t plan on skipping any wire outs, but I know I’ll do some damage if I keep at it on this bad leg. It’ll sort itself out. I hope.

  1. So sorry to hear about your calf!!! Ouchy!!! Sounds so painful!! Happy New Year!! I wish you a very speedy recovery!! I’ll be thinking about ya!!! XOXO

  2. Sorry about the calf. Maybe a day of yoga or low-impact aerobics is in order. Something tells me it won’t keep you from reaching your goal though. Onward, Nancy, onward!

  3. OUCH! Hope you don’t add insult to injury. Taking good care of yourself means listening to your body when it screams, STOP!!!!

    Just saying.

    Feel better soon.

  4. And strewth, ain’t that the truth…as I head to the mountains! Hey, good luck with your calf muscle, personally, a few beers, couple days of rest, maybe a massage (from someone special) and you’ll be on your way again! Take care…Baz

  5. I can relate to the inconvenience of unplanned injuries. Last year I had chronic inflammation of my Achilles tendon. The original injury happened quite suddenly when I played soccer with my then 2.75 year old. Like you, I tried to keep exercising, and did about the worst I could have done for myself, walking 3.6km briskly, trying to stretch out what I thought were tight calves. Physiotherapy and dry needling as well as antiinflammatories and, later on, calf raises have gotten me back on track with recovery. Not fully there which is frustrating (I want to return to beginner Irish dance) but recovery is going to have to be careful. Hang in there- slowly you will get back to where you want to be with exercise.

    • Sorry to hear about your achilles injury, Merryn. It really does suck when the rest of the body feels able, and then that one part screams out in pain. I’ve decided I won’t be doing anything explosive for a while (running, jump squats, burpees, etc.). The beauty of exercise is that there are always options that can deliver a great sweat without aggravating the injury. I just need to be my own injury police and not do anything stupid before I’ve healed.

    • I’m just waffling between: I’m sure it’ll fix itself – and – What if it’s really torn and I need to stay off it entirely??

      The heat + light massage yesterday seems to have helped. I can bear weight on it today without crying out, so that’s good. I’ll watch it today – and either stay cautious (but go about my planned workouts), or I’ll head to a clinic to see if they can better assess.

      • Personally, if it was me …. I’d switch to upper body for now and get myself to a physio. The faster something is assessed and treated, the quicker the recovery and the less chance of a rebound injury.

        If you don’t have a physio you currently rely on, near you at 376 Kingston Road East is an excellent physiotherapist – Cathy Kammerer at Rougemount Physiotherapy.

      • I saw Cathy many years ago for a neck injury! What a coincidence!! I’ll give them a call today and see if I can get an assessment. Thanks Joanne for the reminder that I needn’t deal with walk-in clinics, etc.

      • I got sucked into work right after my noon-time power walk + upper body workout, so I’ll have to check tomorrow – which likely won’t work out so well for me. 😦 Maybe Monday before I fly out to Montreal.

  6. If it hurts that bad just from massaging it, get to a doctor because it may very well be a serious tear. Happened to me playing tennis about 6 years ago. It was a mild at first, but instead of resting and seeking treatment I ignored it and trudged on…until the second one 2 weeks later.
    It took 3 weeks on crutches and another 6 weeks of physical therapy before I could walk normally without pain.
    Please don’t be a hero – get that calf looked at.

    • I just did a Fitness Blender workout called “Killer Arm, Shoulder and Upper Back Workout”. It should have been called different types of push-ups until you cry like a baby.


  7. Personally, I think the Twitter route is a cop-out for your blog-o-sphere hecklers. 😉 Bummer on the muscle tear. Hopefully it heals quickly. I’ve been fighting a temperamental back (stress induced?). Take care of yourself my friend because all of those little injuries come back to haunt us.

    • I hear you, Patrick. I opted for a brisk walk at lunch and an upper body only workout afterwards. My leg is feeling much better than last night. I think a few more days of no bounce/run/jump should help me get past the worst of it. If not, I’ll definitely see a physiotherapist to at least have a proper assessment done.

      Sorry about your back. 😦 Stress can definitely do much physical (not to mention mental) harm.

  8. THANK YOU! I’m thanking you for not sending a blog post email every day for the next 30 days. While I admire your commitment I don’t want to hear about it every day…except maybe on twitter. But I look forward to reading about your progress once a week. Best wishes on GREAT success! ~Kathy

    • Yeah, I specifically don’t subscribe to emails for the blogs that publish daily. The Reader in WordPress is where I keep track of those.

      On a related note, I started receiving double emails from your blog again (like that time before). Any chance you could unsubscribe me from one of the two? 🙂

  9. You are such a badass Nance! Still going with a busted calf FFS. Far out! Lucky I didn’t join Janathon as so far I’ve done nothing. But tomorrow I will run. And I will report into you via Facey. There. I’m committed. Go you. You did 365 days onces. What’s a measly 31? x

    • You’re right, 31 is nothing compared to 365! …Of course I had nowhere to be but the gym that year, so that did make things a little easier. 🙂

      Anything I’d possible if it’s important enough to prioritize on.

      Yay for your run tomorrow! Go you!

  10. With anyone else I would have expected this post to end with an, “Ah well, I tried,” but you have never been an “anyone else” kind of person. You have more gumption than a platoon of soldiers. I’m really sorry to hear about the injury, but I’m also really curious to see how you manage through it and beyond it. No doubt it will involve humor.
    And I adore that quote. That guy is going up on the fridge this month. It’s inspiring. Kinda like your attitude about life the universe and everything in between.
    Cheers, Nancy!

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