2014 in review, wordpress style

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for my blog. And since I’m all about stats, I just want to reach out and tickle those cute little monkeys on their furry bellies.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 45,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 17 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Mercifully, the report does not contain any of the creepy search terms some weirdos (not YOU, of course) used to find my site. Oh, what the heck, sharing is caring, so…

1. snow traffic pee. Okay, so I did write about a bathroom emergency here. Honorable mention goes to this search term: desperate to pee had to squat. No shame in squatting, honey. I nature squat all the time during hikes.

2. real fart. Guilty. I did talk about real yogis NOT farting here.

3. bitchy resting face. Yep, guilty.

4. wine bottle in a$$. Note, the last word was actually spelled out. I substituted dollar signs because I refuse to add to the problem by recreating that string of words in this blog post. And, NO, I never posted anything about ANYTHING in anyone’s a$$.

5. true life i went to pure barre and it was fucking miserable. AMEN! Finally someone gets it. Note, this remains my most popular post of all time. Honorable mention goes to: i took a pure barre class and it was awful, dude. The other one won out just because of the poetic use of the f-bomb.

6. i’ve broken my ass, So, yeah, one time I wrote about breaking my ass.

7. is it bad to run 5 miles after a night of drinking. Dude, it’s bad to run 5 miles period.

8. pics of cock soup. Okay, okay. So I did here and here.

9. what i hate about whole foods namaste. I get it. Here’s what I hate about them too.

10. boil the ocean eat an elephant. This one scared me a bit. But then I remembered this post.

I am intentionally omitting the truly vile and disturbing ones. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Thank you, all you beautiful (and somewhat disturbed) people for your amazing support in 2014.


The best is yet to come.

Keep moving,

xoxo nancy

69 thoughts on “2014 in review, wordpress style

  1. Sidney Opera House! I was only compared to a New York Subway Car. You rock Nancy…I mean “Until the fat lady sings”…no wait…this is a weight loss blog. I give up. Dead rats and bling shit are my top posts. Go figure. Patrick.

  2. Nice end of year wrap! I am envious of your stats…I guess to get more hits I would have to post more, have more followers, write more interesting stuff, etc. Teehee!

    Happy New Year, Nancy! And BTW, you were my highest count commenter. THANK YOU! ❤

    • I’m completely humbled by the stats, Lynne. (But know that they are trending WAY DOWN since I started this new job and am posting so much less.) I think it’s a combination of both writing more and reading/commenting more on others’ blogs. I think it’s just a very select few who get to just publish and never really participate in the community. I know that as I’ve slowed my writing, I’ve had to cut back on some reading – so I’m ruthlessly prioritizing on hitting those blogs that I truly love, written by people I’ve made a real connection with. Time… I wish there was more of it.

  3. Hi Nancy! Congratulations on another great year of blogging. I’m not a wordpress.com blogger so I don’t get any furry monkeys 😦 oh well, stats just make me a bit manic anyway….but fun to see what you most common search terms are for….it’s got to be for your “interesting” post titles I’m sure. Mine are very pedestrian in comparison…anyway, I’ve enjoy following your path and LOVE your motto for 2015!!! Game on!! Happy Feliz Ano Nuevo from baja mexico! ~Kathy

  4. Strangely, a friend of mine got cock soup as a secret santa present yhis year, i didn’t know it existed outside if Nancy world!!
    Also, that is a phenomenal amount if people reading your blog!! 😀

  5. “Ain’t nobody got time for that” ??? Have your recent travels taken you to one of the U.S.’ southern states? Y’all sound like ya just returned from L.A. (lower Alabama) 😆 You gotta wonder about some of those searches. Wishing you a great New Year filled with many more adventures 🙂

  6. Interesting look at the numbers. I haven’t looked at mine yet but I will over the weekend. Have a very Happy New Year Nancy. It has been great connecting and getting to know you on here. All the best for 2015 🙂

  7. Ha, yes, #4 is NOT the one you want your blog associated with. Unless you’re a surgeon or a radiologist and it’s medically related (because believe me, that ‘mishap’ happens more than you’d like to believe…)

    Happy New Year’s, Nancy!

  8. Your stats rock!! Your ‘guilty’ response to the search engine terms made me laugh out loud … as well as your comment about reading your blog to a packed audience at the Sydney Opera House!! 😀

    Happy New Year Nancy and thanks for being on my list of top commenters. I’m grateful to have met you in the blogging world and “real life”. Maybe we can share some adventures together in 2015!!

    • Bahahaha! I’m still giggling at the mental image of me channeling my inner stuck-up Gwyneth and her fake British accent as I read about breaking my ass in Body Pump. 🙂

      So glad we met in both blog-land and real life in 2014, Joanne! Thought of you yesterday as I hiked the Mast trail at lunch (Brrr…it was a cold one!). Must do that together again!

      • Yesterday was supposed to be a hiking day for me, but Helen cancelled. Instead I went to a Body Sculpting class at my new gym.
        I was humbled.
        Today I can barely move … and my butt hurts … a lot.

        … and I’m giggling at the mental image of your inner stuck-up Gwyneth 😀

  9. Hey!!! You’re amazing and your blog is amaaazing, too!!! Can’t wait to read more and more!! Have a fabulous week!! Thanks for sharing all of your fabulous posts!! XOXO

  10. A special congrats on those search terms! Oh my, what do people think of…?!

    I just decided that I may be guilty of poor imagination since my search terms are typically something like “open hours of xxx” but I can live with that.

    Happy new years! Looking forward to more interesting reading!

  11. Can we get some x-rated ones in 2015???? We got to up the ante this coming year! I’ll share if you share! LOL. Thanks for your honesty and humor and for being a great friend, Nancy!! Love ya!!! 🙂

    • Mine are too nasty, Maria. And coming from ME, that’s saying a LOT! 🙂
      So glad I met you through Andra (I think that’s how we met, right??). You make me smile! xoxo

  12. Your search terms always blow my mind. I’m secretly jealous. Although you totally set yourself up for the cock soup 🙂 Happy New Year Nancy!!!

  13. Your WordPress monkies are a lot funnier than mine, Nancy. It must be all the sweat and swearing around here. 🙂 I hope your New Year’s Eve was fantastic and your’re off to a wonderful start in 2015. Cheers and many thanks to you in your top spot as my #1 commentator in 2014!

    • I don’t think they actually stay, Carol. I’m pretty sure that someone looking for wine bottle in a$$ would shake his/her fist in the air and declare false advertising, leaving in a huff, when they realized that content was absent from this blog.

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