I signed up for a thing…yes another thing!

I signed up for a thing, too. Thanks Sam. This is just the thing I needed. Because it will not only help me to exercise EVERY DAY but also to blog about it EVERY DAY. Heh. Let’s see how that goes, eh? 🙂

Project Warrior Goddess

This is not a scary thing… not really!

thing this is not the thing I have signed up for…

Not like the last thing, (my 100km craziness) or the thing before that (half what??) but a new thing that should help / encourage / force me to train for the other two things!!

Ok…I suspect you are going to need more information than that!

I signed up for a thing called Janathon. You have all probably heard of this thing, but I hadn’t until yesterday.

It is basiclly a challenge to run/jog/swim/jump up and down/do trampolining or any other assorted form of exercise every day in January.

ok so far…

you also have to blog about it every day…probably to prove you have done something…

janathon this is the thing!! click on it for more info!

so you lovely people you are going to be regaled with…

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34 thoughts on “I signed up for a thing…yes another thing!

      • I was seriously tempted … I even went to the sign-up page.
        I recently joined a new gym that opened nearby to get more variety into my workouts. What’s holding me back is blogging about it every day. It’s just not the thing I want to blog about. I can’t imagine I can make it interesting everyday … and photos of me doing yoga or zumba are too scary to contemplate 🙂

      • Bahahaha…I agree completely (not that YOURS are scary, but that in general they are). I’m not a fan of daily workout posts either (never did that during my 365 challenge in 2013, but… the need to write about what I did to get sweaty every day may be the motivating factor in making me actually get sweaty every day. If nothing else, it will test whether I can keep this blog thing going in this new world of work I find myself in. (Unlikely). 🙂

  1. What a cool idea! I might have to do a similar thing to get started again after all these colds are ovwr and done with! But to blog/… about it everyday I couldn’t do so I’ll do my own thing 🙂

  2. Good for you, Nancy, and good luck! I did sign up for the 20 mins of yoga every day for December and that has been fairly easy, but I didn’t have to blog about it. I don’t think I could do that part. I have been keeping myself in line posting on FB, and that is hard enough! Now added the plank challenge, and so far, so good!

  3. This sounds wonderfully fun, Nancy. A Janathon. A double challenge. But if anyone can make that become a reality and spin some worthy words into the experience it’s got to be you.
    I look forward to reading all about the next months adventures.
    Happy Holidays!

    • I am hopeful that I will suddenly find enough hours in the day to work, workout, read blogs and write blog posts. It’ll take a Christmas miracle, but hey, miracles happen right?… 🙂

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