giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating today. I’m sharing last year’s Thanksgiving post because all the things I was thankful for last year still resonate for me. I would add to this list that I know consider many, many “dear readers” to now be real friends. I would also add that having rejoined the working class and become the recipient of a paycheque is also something I am very grateful for!
Keep moving! (Especially after a big turkey dinner)
xoxo nancy

26 thoughts on “giving thanks

      • Nope – Saturday was our lovely dinner out at that restaurant on the Queensway with Ed’s family. Yesterday we gave our Bills tix to my son, so it ended up being a very late dinner (9pm) after they got back from Buffalo. Ed did a lovely job with stuffed pork tenderloin, mashed and veggies. Today will be at my mom’s, who declared that she DID want to do the dinner. Go figure. I’m heading over to help her prep shortly. The rest of the fam will join us around 4pm.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Nancy! Hope your day is full of wonderful things. You have so much to be thankful for, and I personally am thankful for a blog buddy like you!

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