conversation, cappuccinos and crunchy leaves

My trip to Charleston last month marked the third time my blogging life has crossed over into my life-life. I was going to say “real life”, but that might imply that my stories aren’t real.

Let’s be clear, it doesn’t get much more real than the shiz I’ve shared on these here pages, mes amis, so my blog life IS real life. What I mean to say here is that I’ve now met three blog friends in person.

ANYWAY…now that we’ve cleared that up…

Each of these encounters has been great! No weird stuff. No awkwardness. Just genuine people whose ‘speaking’ voices sound like their writing voices, if you know what I mean.

Today my blogging life crossed even more deeply into my life-life because I went HIKING with a blog friend.

Joanne and I met once  before, for a coffee (which ended up last 3.5 hours!). Clearly we struggled to maintain a conversation.

We have been trying to get together again, but …well, life gets in the way. Finally, we agreed on a date, and I suggested we take a short hike in the Rouge Park area. To my delight, she agreed.

She arrived at my place for a quick cappuccino, and then we ventured out to the trailhead. We hiked the full length of the Mast Trail, a 200 year old logging route, and part of the Orchard Trail for a total distance of ~6 kms.

The conversation was brisk, as was our pace.

Topics ranged from body image issues, to deep-seated neuroses, to what led each of us to focus on fitness in our [ahem] more mature years. It was the perfect venue to exercise and socialize, all while fallen leaves crunched underfoot.


Unfortunately, I failed to snap a single picture. BAH! Why do I always forget to take photos when I’m hanging out with someone new? I suppose it’s because I’m staying ‘in the moment’, which is a good thing in general, but a bad thing if you want to include photos in your blog post. Which I do.

Lucky for me, I’ve previously hiked these trails and been more focused on capturing the scenery than carrying on a conversation.

These snaps were taken last fall. Let’s just pretend Joanne and I took them today.

It’s days like these that I realize how lucky I am to live in a place where Mother Nature puts on a beautiful show each fall. And I’m so thrilled to have shared such a lovely day with my new friend.

img221Let’s ignore the fact that my cranky-ass neighbour left a snarky note on Joanne’s windshield, complaining about her parking in front of his property, “on his grass”. To be clear, there are no sidewalks on my street, so to park on the road inevitably means ones tires will slightly encroach on grass. To be extra clear though, the grass at the final 3 ft of “his property” is city land (where a sidewalk would technically go).  To be extra, extra clear, he’s a douche.

Instead let’s look at this amazing mushroom.


That’s better.

Keep moving,

xoxo nancy

81 thoughts on “conversation, cappuccinos and crunchy leaves

    • Hmm… I just popped over – and you’re right, it does look like the same thing. She is far braver than I am though. I think it’s very pretty, but I’m not sure I’d voluntarily eat it. 🙂

      Re; blog buddies…I keep waiting to meet the one who ends up being NOTHING like the person we *think* we know from their writing. That would freak me the fuck out. 🙂 So, when I say I’m ‘waiting’ for it, what I mean to say is, I’m terrified it will one day happen. 🙂

      So far, so good though.

    • I always have a camera (well, iPhone) with me, but I sometimes just completely blank on the need to actually take the picture. 🙂

      Today I even made the comment: Look how pretty the leaves are on the ground. And then I thought, what a nice header image that would make for my blog (or for my facebook page). And STILL I failed to take the phone out of my pocket to take the picture. 🙂

  1. I loved every minute of our coffee-talk and hike today! Is it just me or did time FLY by really quickly? I wonder what it would take for us to run out of things to talk about? 🙂

    btw – when I got in my car I took my camera out of my pocket and decided I was a total dumbass for not thinking to take a single photo! Sheesh.

    Glad I didn’t make you cry because I was so slow. Maybe that means you’ll ask me to do it again sometime 😉

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  3. Awwww!!! What a cool and beautiful meet up!! I love it!! So cool when you meet blogger friends!! That’s just the best!! Gorgeous pictures!! Glad you guys had a fab time!! xoxo

  4. Nancy, those are great pictures, even if they are a year old. It does seem that all else fades into the background when you are engaged in fun and interesting conversation.

    Joanne, you must have done that reblog correctly, because it showed up on my Reader.

    One of these days, I should do the Rouge Park trail too.

    • Are you also in the GTA, TLW? Rouge Park and the waterfront trail along Rouge West beach are my daily stomping grounds. If you’ve gotta sweat (and I do), you might as well do it somewhere pretty. 🙂

      • I fear my best sweaty days are behind me, now that I have aged and matured like a fine wine. But I still enjoy a good walk in a pretty place.

        Yes, I’m in the GTA, but temporarily in S’toon, SK. Flying home tomorrow !!

  5. Cool! Blogging meet-ups are fun. I mostly forget to take photos. Too busy chit chatting. Glad you had a nice day for your hike in the woods. I had no problem pretending you took those pictures in the NOW.

  6. How cool that you went hiking with a friend you made in this (blogging) world!! When are you coming here? We could do a long “beach hike” 🙂 I used to forget to take pictures in similar situations but have been in the boot camp lately so that doesn’t happen anymore…your pics from last year are great!

    • One of these days I’ll definitely make it back to Florida. It’s been a long while since my last visit. When I do, I have 3 bloggy friends I must make my way to, and I think all three of you are in different parts, so it could take a while! 🙂

      • If I’m one of the “3 bloggy friends” ~>Tiny and I are both on the Gulf Coast. Not sure exactly where she is, but BFF and I are an hour south of Tampa and 30 minutes north of Sarasota. We’re about 2 hours west of Orlando.

        We’ve met one blogging friend (visiting from Australia) in Orlando.
        We met another in Venice and had a 2nd meet up with her and her husband here at the villa.
        The other two blog meet ups were on the Island ~ at a book signing and for lunch on the pier.

        NOTE: If I’m not one of “the 3 bloggy friends” in FL, consider extending your list to 4 bloggy friends who want to meet ya! :mrgreen:

      • I just snorted! Of course you are one of the three! Good to know you and Tiny are close together. Kerry is up in the panhandle, I believe, an area I’ve never visited, but would love to. Florida is not very big, relatively speaking, so meet ups with all of you would definitely be in order

      • Yay! I made the short list! 😎

        Now we just need to get you down to the Sunshine State.
        Maybe mid-winter when you need to recharge on the beach with a pina colada!

        I signed up to follow Tiny’s blog. WOW! Does she take some gorgeous photos of the wonderful birdlife around here. I could almost hear the pelicans splashing in her dive bomb shots.

      • Her photography makes my photography weep like a baby. Poke around a bit to some of her older posts. She is AMAZING with that camera! (And a really great poet, to boot. <– this coming from someone who really doesn't enjoy reading poetry. 😉

      • I scrolled through a number of her posts last night and plan to go back to savor them in greater detail later today. Her photography is stellar.

      • oh, p.s. Tiny published a book last year, written in the first person (by her amazing dog, Bumble), Confessions of a Rescue Dog. She is sharing proceeds with the local Humane Society. As an animal lover, I think you might enjoy this book. I loved it!

      • At first blush, I worried it would be aimed at, and written for, kids. I was definitely wrong. The book provided sound life lessons for people of any age. (And Bumble is such a charmer!)

  7. What fun, Nancy! I can totally hear you and Joanne chatting while crunching through the leaves. 🙂 I’ve yet to meet a blog friend in person even though I’d love to and know several live withing a few miles of here. It’s a little eerie sometimes to see their posts pop up and realize I was in the same place at the same time… did we see each other but not know? I’m sure though If you pop up I’ll definitely know it! 🙂

  8. It is very convenient that you happened to hike at the same time of year that you already had pictures of…
    this speaks of better planning than you are letting on :-p

    it looks beautiful!!
    I have yet to meet blog people in “real life” I am really looking forward to doing so one day though!!

  9. Love your neighbor! In the winter one time, a neighbor a few doors away put an index card in a sandwich bag and slipped it under my truck wiper blade. Please don’t park in front of my house. Very douchy! I love that you took a picture of the note. All caps. The penmanship of a true rump-hole.

  10. Nancy, who wouldn’t want to be real life friends with you? Your snark alone is worth it’s weight in gold–and it is hefty. It’s capable of creating gut wrenching belly laughs. And that’s the best kind of exercise ever.
    I’m so glad you successfully met and charmed another like-minded blogger, but I’m certainly not surprised by it. Cheers 😀

  11. I think it’s so much fun to meet blogging friends and share time together. I’ve never felt awkwardness either, and I think it’s because by the time we meet, we’re already comfortable–or we wouldn’t meet in the first place. 🙂 Your neighbor really is a big old crank, isn’t he? I think the note is hilarious…it’s just grumpy with no bite! Your photos are beautiful and I went ahead and imagined Joanne right beside you!

    • He is usually very non confrontational, Debra. I think ever since the For Sale sign went up on my lawn a week ago, he is finally showing the crankiness a little more boldly. 🙂

  12. Awww, those pictures are so lovely! And make me so jealous. That sounds like a wonderful time hiking and chatting with a friend. I think its awesome that you have met 3 blog friends! I hope to one day too. Sucky neighbor…good thing you won’t have to deal with him much longer. Have you started looking at where you will live when your house sells?

    • Oh please don’t make me think about the soul-sucking activity which is house hunting in the city of Toronto. Most depressing thing ever. 😦
      I’m in denial about that part of the equation.

  13. So nice that you have been able to meet 3 blog friends! I have not yet, but look forward to it someday. Hopefully when we can travel, I can make that happen! Lovely time of year for hiking and just being outside in general. Need to get my trip posts going and share some of the loveliness we encountered!

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