and the LUCKY, LUCKY winner is…

I know everyone is on pins and needles, biting their nails, pacing… All waiting anxiously to find out if they were the LUCKY, LUCKY winner of the Cock Soup contest.

Without further ado, I give you my fair and equitable process.

Everyone who left a comment got a ballot.

All ballots were deposited into a bowl.


I shuffled and rooted around a bit.


And then I pulled out a winner:

winner 1

None other than my favourite Brickhouse Chick, Maria! I’m so happy Maria won because I have it on good record that she already has Cock Sauce at home. So I know she can add some extra spice to her Cock Soup.

cock sauceAt this point I was going to call it a day, but your cries for Cock Soup haunted me. I knew there was only one right thing to do. And so I selflessly decided to give away my last package. Heh. See what I did there: Cock Soup…Package.

So I dug around in the ballot bowl again and drew winner #2’s name:

winner 2Yay! John Coleman!! You have no idea how much it amuses me that John, a man of the cloth, won my Cock Soup. God definitely has a sense of humour.

Maria, John: The balls are now in your court. Heh. Please email me your mailing address at nancytex at outlook dot com. I cannot wait to fill your mailbox with Cock (Soup).

To the rest of you who weren’t LUCKY, LUCKY winners of Cock Soup, my heart goes out to you. I only wish I had more than two to give away.

I’m about to make your day though…

I just realized that somewhere in this house I have one sachet of Hornimans Tea.


Okay, I know it’s not Cock Soup, but still, HORNIMANS tea? HORNY MAN’S tea??? That is pretty damned cool, too, right?

If I can find it, I will host another giveaway contest. Wish me (and yourselves) luck.

Keep moving y’all,

xoxo nancy

59 thoughts on “and the LUCKY, LUCKY winner is…

  1. Holy COCK Soup!!!!!!! Me? The “weeener” of a cock…soup??? Ay, Dios Mio. What would my mother say? It is honestly my lucky week! I also won a copy of the book, “Don’t Touch” given away by Linda at El Space! Is there a message here? Don’t touch the cock… soup? So excited!! 🙂 🙂 And congrats to John as well!

  2. It worked! As you were drawing the winners of the weiner soup, I kept up the mantra, “don’t pick me . . . don’t pick me . . . don’t pick me.” Not that there’s anything wrong with Cock Soup . . . but I’m sure it’s NOT vegetarian.

    So glad that Ms. “Cuchi” won some soup for her sauce. :mrgreen:

  3. You have no idea how happy I am not to be the ‘proud’ owner of some Cock Soup!

    Then you had to up the ante with Hornimans Tea … and then Manhandler soup. Gahhhh – i’m out of control … danger! danger! danger!

  4. Hahahaha! I can’t wait to show Micah. In fact, I may wrap it up for him as a Christmas present. Or put it in his stocking. I’m wetting myself already. Thanks, Nancy! You’re a sport. John

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