weekly workout recap: sep 7 – 13

No time for preambles today, because this blog post should have been up hours ago. Strolling into the house at 2:00 am this morning, I decided to prioritize sleep over writing. What’s this?… Out until 2:00 am on a school night, Nancy? Why yes! I had a wonderful little getaway from Friday to Sunday. But I’m getting ahead of myself! First there was some sweating…

Sun Sep 7:

Strength: Fitness Blender’s At Home 10 Minute Butt & Thigh workout

Walking/House-hunting (still no luck)

FitBit Stats: 11,082 steps

Mon Sep 8:

Yoga: Namaste Yoga: Benefits of Yoga Series #197: The Sacred Mantra of Your Breath. This one focused on breath control, which I’m keenly interested in, as I know the difference between a good run and a horrible run is oftentimes an issue with my breath. Yoga Asanas/Postures: Reclined Side Bend, Knees Bent Pelvic Rocking, Knee to chest pose, reclined twist, Cat, Gate, Standing Forward Fold, Downward facing dog, Supported Bound Angle, as well as a hand-body Mudra.

Power Walk: 3.1 miles / 5 km

Strength: Fitness Blender’s Tank Top Arms workout

FitBit Stats: 10,047 steps

Tues Sep 9:

Yoga: Namaste Yoga: Benefits of Yoga Series #198: Digestion Assimilation and Elimination. I’ve had a sensitive stomach for as long as I can remember, so the focus on digestion and elimination was of interest to me. Especially when Maria’s post about her free birthday meal disaster reminded me of MANY similar incidents I’ve had. 🙂  Yoga Postures/Asanas: Knee to chest pose, Knee Down Twist, Reclined Hero’s Pose, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Boat Pose, Child’s Pose, Pyramid Pose, Triangle to Revolved Triangle, Palm Tree Pose, Waist Rotating Pose, Locust, Revolved head beyond knee pose and a Pushan Mudra

Plus a bunch of walking…

FitBit Stats:  10,699 steps

Wed Sep 10:

Run:  3.1 miles / 5 km outdoor run using a 2 min walk, 2 min run pace.

FitBit Stats: 11,942 steps

Thurs Sep 11:

Yoga: Namaste Yoga Benefits of Yoga Series #200Transformation. This was a beautiful practice, and one that was perfectly timed after a week of very introspective, soul-baring posts about my personal journey. Yoga Postures/Asanas: Sleeping Pigeon, Dying Warrior, Backbending Pigeon, Skull Shining Breath, Eagle Pose, Warrior One, Warrior Three, Warrior Two, Humble Warrior, Breath of Joy, Downward Facing Dog, Cow’s Face pose and a Mudra for Transformation.

Strength: Fitness Blender’s 100 Rep Lunge Challenge, followed immediately by Fitness Blender’s 100 Rep Squat Challenge.

After which I packed my bags and drove to Buffalo, NY to spend the night. It made a 6:25 am flight out of Buffalo a lot easier to take. Sadly, this meant I didn’t get much walking in so my step count was horrible.

FitBit Stats: 4,968 steps <– Horrible! (But boy, I sure would make up for it the next 3 days…)

Fri Sep 12:

Lots and lots and lots of walking! There was airport walking (Buffalo and Atlanta) and then there was Charleston walking, because… I MADE IT TO CHARLESTON FOR MY WEEKEND TRIP TO SEE ANDRA WATKINS! As you may recall, I was the lucky winner of a contest Andra ran last spring to launch her debut novel, To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis. I won’t steal my own thunder from a future blog post dedicated to recapping my trip to Charleston. Suffice to say I walked. And I walked. And I walked some more.

FitBit Stats: 19,606 steps

Sat Sep 13:

More Charleston Walking! And eating! Lots of eating! (Which is why it’s good that I got so many steps in…) 🙂

FitBit Stats: 17,964 steps

This was a pretty hectic week. Final stretch on the home renovations plus the 3 day getaway meant very few 7-8 hour sleep nights. This coming week will be a challenge, with the giant purge today, to make way for the painters to do their magic the rest of this week. When it’s all done, I’ll surely require a few nights of ‘catch-up sleep’ to make up for lost zzz’s. ‘ Til then…

Keep moving…

xoxo nancy

60 thoughts on “weekly workout recap: sep 7 – 13

  1. Sounds like a hectic week! How dare you prioritize sleep over writing? 😉 You have a captive audience! I think I’m going to emulate a part of your world soon. I’m ripping out my oldest son’s carpeting and placing a new subfloor and floating floor. I have to pull off the baseboards, too, and squeeze in time to close the pool. I don’t have the cool getaway scheduled, though. We must hear about that. 🙂

    • The truth is, I thrive on chaos! I’d rather have too much to do than not enough. This often bites me in the ass, but so far, all balls SEEM to still be in the air. Check back with me in a week though… 🙂

      good luck with the reno of your son’s floor!

      • I bought the bill of goods with this reno, only to find that I don’t need the stuff the flooring guy said I needed. I thought that I didn’t wear my cap that said ‘sucker’ on it.

      • I’m never surprised to hear stories about people trying to take advantage of others. I experienced it first-hand when we got our first quote for the air conditioning fix in Vegas a few months ago. The guy quoted us 4 times more than what we ended up paying another guy (referral from a local friend) – and he had no shame whatsoever in trying to screw us over that badly.

  2. Still anxious to hear about your digestion stories! 🙂 My God, Nancy. If I were you I would sleep for a whole week to recover from all this activity! Surviving big airports is bad enough, never mind all the other things you did.

    I loved the pics of you and Andra. I cannot wait to read that post. Now, go back to bed, amiga! 🙂 xo

    • I wish, girl! I’ve got to get all artwork off the walks, along with floating shelves, coat hooks, etc. before the painters arrive tomorrow. AND I have to tackle the basement clutter. Ugghh…

  3. well you have to have low step days occaisionally 😀 thursday was my low step day too! at least you did yoga and squats and lunges 😀

    I saw bits of your trip on FB it looked exciting!

    • I don’t know that they this week’s workouts deserve the rockin’ it title, Kristin, but considering I’m juggling a full time job, managing home renovations and snuck away for a 3-day trip, I’m pretty pleased with what I managed to squeeze in! 🙂 xoxo

  4. Yowsa! That’s a lot of steps.

    I loved the photo of you and Andra with the matching hats. So glad you enjoyed your visit to Charleston (except for the pounding of the cobblestones on the soles of your feets).

    • Thanks NH, it was a great weekend. Andra and MTM were gracious and fun hosts. My feet haven’t quite recovered but at least I’m just walking up and down indoor stairs as I box up stuff to keep or donate in advance if the painters arriving. So much easier than pounding those cobbles! 🙂

    • They are almost back to normal. Getting blisters on the balls/soles of your feet is the worst, because unlike other parts of your foot, there is no avoiding the soles when you walk. And there are no shoes that work either! It’s the damned BOTTOM of your feet! 🙂

  5. Fitness Blender is great 🙂 You turned me on to all of these youtube vids by the way! Thanks for that! 🙂 I’m a mess right now – just need to get my own space and a mat and I’m golden 🙂 My folks were in Charleston – they raved about it!

    • Charleston was fantastic! I can’t believe I didn’t know about that little treasure! So rich in history (for North America, that is). And the architecture was fantastic!

      I’ve lost my home gym to the piles of boxes and shit that needed to be moved there yesterday so the painters could do their work. 😦 I’m thinking no formal workouts for a few days.

      Hope you’re not homeless anytime soon! xoxo

  6. Great workout week! I love your dedication to these posts. I’ve gotten so behind on blogging. I have a list of posts. YTT is taking lots of time! Anyway,I love your Transformation yoga session. And I remember when you won that contest! I think it is so great when bloggers actually get to meet eachother. I can’t wait to hear about your trip.

    • That Transformation practice happened to be Melissa West’s 200th episode and celebration, done outdoors, by the lake, not far from my home! It was beautiful and emotional for her, and perfect timing for me!

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