38 thoughts on “wordless wednesday / 03-09-14

  1. I’m reading Light on Life by B.K.S. Iyengar. I’m reading about the qualities of the mind and your picture reminded me of this quote from my reading last night, “A stable mind is like the hub of a wheel. The world may spin around you, but the mind is steady.”

    • I did, Carrie! Lucky shot. Vegas is refurbishing a bunch of areas on the strip, to make a lot more outdoor activities. Up until very recently, all focus had been on keeping people INSIDE the casinos, by putting restaurants, malls, etc. all inside. The area where this observation wheel, The High Roller, is located is known as The Linq, the first outdoor multi-use space: retail, restaurants, nightclubs, to open up on the strip. The Linq opened in March 2014, and it’s teeming with people, as you can imagine. I wanted to get a good shot of the High Roller (taller than the London Eye, FYI!) but in order to get the full wheel, I would have had to have been so far back on the street, and would have had crowds of tourists in the shot. I decided to try for an artsy pic, only showing part of the wheel. The fact that I got palm trees in there too was just dumb luck! I’m really pleased with the shot and was thinking of making an oversized canvas out of it, to hang in the hallway of the condo down there.

  2. Word.

    I just said to Kate (“Did That Just Happen?”) that I liked that she didn’t take Wordless Wednesday too literally. But I’m glad that I had a chance to peruse your FAB shot before seeing this gem in the comment thread:

    “A stable mind is like the hub of a wheel. The world may spin around you, but the mind is steady.”

    • It’s the sky portion of one of my red rock canyon hiking shots. I tried to get more of the mountains in there, but then it obscured the black typing in the title and subtitle, so I went with just the sky. 🙂

  3. Fantastic photo, Nancy. And even though I understand that these wheels aren’t the rickety old rides I was used to seeing as a kid at the county fair, just looking at your picture really makes me wonder about the magic of science. It looks so large, but so frail, the structure wholly incapable of doing what it’s asked to. Amazing stuff, those creative human brains. And a tip of the hat to your terrific third eye. 😉

    • They really are amazing fears of engineering, Shelley by his one is the tallest one yet (and I thought the London Eye was a big boy). It’s quite the sight all lit up at night, even amongst the crazy lights of the Vegas Strip.

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