45 thoughts on “wordless wednesday / 27-08-14

  1. I love the colors, especially the color of the water. Between the skull on the post and the stone structure, it gave me a feeling of something primordial. I’m curious as to where these photos were taken.

    • It sure looks like a skull, doesn’t it? It’s a piece of driftwood! And that ‘post’ it’s on? Not a post at all — it’s the trunk of the same tree/driftwood. Someone propped it up vertically and then secured it in place by piling the rocks up around the base. I thought it was fantastic! (And momentarily considered coming back late at night to steal it for my landscaping. I didn’t, don’t worry.)

      All the photos I’ve taken since I started posting Wordless Wednesday shots in July are from the section of the Waterfront Trail that runs just outside the front of my house. I describe the area a bit in this post: https://myyearofsweat.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/should-i-stay/
      So, this is my daily jog/walk spot — just 3 mins from my front door, to the end of my street, over the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Rouge River and then down the stairs to the beach (Lake Ontario). I could get there faster by crossing the street and cutting through my neighbour’s backyard (he is lakefront, we are lake facing) – but it’s an escarpment, and I’d break my neck getting down. So…worth the 3 minute walk to do it the safe way. 🙂

      • It certainly does look like a skull! I commend you for resisting temptation, but I’m afraid that driftwood would be in my flower garden right now if I had walked past it. 🙂

      • So here’s the funny thing. I originally saw it (and snapped this shot) on a solo jog about 10 days ago. The following night Ed accompanied me on my after dinner power walk, and I crossed my fingers it would still be there so I could show him. It was! Yay! A few days later when I took the visitors from Portugal (referenced in the weekly workout summary Monday) – it was still there. Then, the other day, during another evening walk, we noticed it was gone. Someone definitely stole it, because the pile of rocks is now flattened, and there is no sign of the driftwood (I’ve looked). Bastards.

    • I wouldn’t have noticed the graffiti at all if I hadn’t taken a break, climbed down the rocks to sit on the large boulders to face the lake. Once I climbed down, I looked back at that pipe and saw the graffiti and knew it was a perfect photo op. 🙂

      • As the days get closer to me (hopefully) getting this house listed and sold, the more focused I am on enjoying the Waterfront Trail every chance I get. I haven’t seen the inside of an actual gym in a couple of months now. Any free time I have, I want to be out by that lake…

      • That said, last weekend while we were looking at open houses about 10-15 minutes west of where we are, we ventured to the lake at a spot known as the Scarborough Bluffs. I hadn’t been here in years, and was shocked to see how beautifully it’s been transformed. I took a few shots, that seriously look as though you’re looking down at the Caribbean, not a lake in Canada. The water has shades of turquoise, and looks very ‘island-y’ from up above the escarpment looking down to the beach. So… maybe where we move to won’t be so bad after all. (Assuming there is something affordable there :-))

      • That sounds amazing! I am sure you will find somewhere awesome to move to! All the scenery in your photos looks so different, so much bigger than anything we have here!

  2. The graffiti was awesome, and that piece of drift wood? That was too cool!!

    But, I love when someone stacks stones. That is a talent and skill I’ve not attempted, my attention span would have me stacking a set that would fall over as soon as I moved away!

    • I was telling Rob, above, that I had momentary thoughts of stealing it to use in my landscape – but I realized it was just perfect out there, where everyone could enjoy it. A couple weeks later, poof, it was gone. Someone else actually took it. Grrrr!

  3. Like everyone else, I found the driftwood horse’s head really intriguing. It’s too bad it was ‘liberated’ by someone instead of leaving it for others to enjoy 🙂

      • … and their ranks are growing daily. Did you hear that Ford’s poll numbers have leaped up? There is a distinct possibility that the primo asshole in Toronto is going to win again – UGH!!!!

      • Dude, I know!!! I have been telling everyone, for months now, that he IS going to win again. I have no doubt in my mind about this. Say what you will about him (and there is SO much to say), but at the end of the day he knows who his fans are and he continues to nurture them. (Low income, immigrant, some senior citizens (typically those that fall into one or both of the two former categories). They don’t give a shit that he is a buffoon with drug and alcohol issues. They care that he keeps their taxes low…

  4. Spectacular photos that just itch to tell stories, Nancy. I love the fact that you take the time on your power walks to stop and see and then snap and post. Lucky us.
    And what a bummer someone decided to snag the driftwood that would have brought many more smiles to passing faces. Total shame, but not surprising. We live in a world that embraces the “me first” syndrome.
    But the pictures remain, thankfully.

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