56 thoughts on “wordless wednesday / 20-08-14

    • I caught the pink in the corner of my eye as I was jogging past it. Had to stop and snap a couple shots. I just loved the story it told about a lost shoe. 🙂

    • Sometimes, if you take the time to look around (in my case as I was jogging by), you find art all around you. This was a case of a great little vignette and good lighting. 🙂

      • part of my reason for existance is to find art all around in unexpected places 🙂

        looking at the world as if everything is a picture, and finding the beauty in the mundane is my purpose (well one of them)

      • And mine too, in more recent years. Surrounding myself with artist friends and immersing into the art community in Las Vegas has really helped me tap into my creative side – and to just see beauty everywhere, really. it’s a blessing.

      • it really is 😀

        I saw your posts on facebook about it recently, it looked amazing!!

        I would love to dedicate more time to my creative side, I spend far too long being an engineer!

      • You do so many creative things – the cake making and photography!

        We got involved in the art scene in Vegas 3 years ago, first as collectors and then I actually gave serious thought to opening a gallery – as I was still in career transition mode. The realist in me saw that no one is making money selling art at that level, so I decided to contribute in different ways: helping my friends with content for their websites, assisting with marketing guidance, and helping them hang shows and do promotion. I’m still better at sales and marketing than actually creating the art, but hope springs eternal. 🙂 The collaboration piece you saw me post about last month was my attempt to create a giant piece to hang in my stairway (20′ ceilings/massive wall space) to better ‘stage’ my home for when we list it. To have bought a piece that big (72″ x 72″) would have cost me thousands and thousands of dollars. Instead I asked my friend to ‘teach’ me and we played around together with acrylics, aerosols, stencils. It was a blast!

        I just stretched it onto a frame this past weekend and hung it yesterday. It looks awesome on a big offwhite wall!

      • I bet it does!! That is aweome and it is so much better to have things that you have created, they are absolutely unique!

        I do a lot of creative things, but I would like to dedicate enough time to it to become good at one thing…to find my medium as it were. I think it is photography, but I also love mixed media stuff.

        My dream is to open an art gallery / cafe where the walls are all filled with art you can buy but you can sit in it and have coffee or cake on comfy sofas and contemplate art!

        the problem is, I have no idea how to run a business, I suspect it wouldn’t make enough money to be sensible and I really just want to make art and cake not really run the business!

      • What you’re describing is EXACTLY what we were hoping to do. My husband dreams of having a café, and I dreamt of having a gallery – and so, we thought, what a perfect combination! it’s just not a great time in the economy, I think – PLUS – we’d have to be there full-time (versus the current 60/40 split of Toronto/Vegas) to make it a go. Lots of stuff conspiring against the dream at that specific time – but it remains a dream none-the-less.

        LOVE mixed media, too, Sam. And now that I’ve been bitten by the painting bug, I’m dying to try encaustics – where I can combine painting with mixed media/collage – and use the coolest medium, wax!

        So wishing you lived closer so we could do some of this awesome stuff together.

      • that settles it, I am just going to have to move!

        with both of us in the same place, we could do some awesome things!

        we might even be able to do this art gallery/cafe thing together!

        I have some aweosme mixed media books with all sorts of exciting techniques to try, like sewing on metal and many diferent forms of image transfer…my next project (if I ever get my self organised) is cyanotype printing!

      • Oooh…image transfer is on my list too! Alex (my BFF art buddy who collaborated with me on my massive painting) did a whole series of image transfer pieces, using old Life Magazines from the ’50s and ’60s. I have 3 pieces hanging in my kitchen here in Toronto!

        Check this video out for the encaustic painting/mixed media I was mentioning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGleYRXsvR4

      • oooh now, that looks exciting!

        I love image transfer, It seems to work best onto smooth surfaces but I love the broken worn effects of transferring onto burlap and other rough fabrics!

        talking of trying new things, i am going on an upholstery course on saturday and sunday! 😀

      • Sam, I just checked it out… You are awesome! Dude – you MADE a book! Now you’ve inspired me to stop being afraid that what I’ll create is shit, and just start creating!

        p.s. there is an artist friend of mine, Carrie Bourdeau (she is an attorney by day, an artist by night!), who makes amazing mixed media/assemblage pieces. I have a fantastic mask she created, a whimsical tin box that ended up a beautiful assemblage piece, and an altered book piece that is so sweet and different! Carrie’s work inspires me to try creating art from simple found objects.

      • 😀 thank you! I love trying new things. I loved making my books, they are too pretty for me to know what to put in them though…but I really should use them!

        you really should try things, it doesn’t matter if they don’t turn out as you planned, or well, you can learn from them and probably incorporate them into something else 😀

      • You’re right – I need to stop talking about it and just try it! Like with everything else (for most of my life) though, I dread not being perfect at it. I’m slowly getting over the perfectionism. And art is, by nature, not going to be perfect. (Well, unless you’re Magritte or Picasso or Dali or, or, or…) 🙂

      • I think I have developed a shabby made up sort of style to hide the multitude imperfections in most of the things I do!

        the problem I have is I am quite good at a lot of stuff, but I would really like to be excellent at something…

        that would involve specialising however!

    • Running outdoors is a little less painful when you can do it in a beautiful location. The waterfront trail by Lake Ontario is breathtaking – and the source of all my previous Wordless Wednesday shares. 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words Kristin!

    • Makes me a bit sad for the girl who lost it. Although, judging by its size, she’s not old enough to even know what a shoe is, so she probably doesn’t miss it at all. 🙂

    • me too! I’d been eyeing these life preservers for weeks now, but didn’t feel compelled to snap pics until I found this one with that little sparkly pink shoe sitting atop it! 🙂

  1. Someone was kind enough to put it in a place where it might be recovered. Are you taking your photos with a camera phone and if so, how are you getting that saturation level? Beautiful photos, Nancy, as always. 🙂

    • That pink against the red was so spectacular that I had to snap a couple shots, Rob.

      all the photos I’ve posted on the blog have been taken with my iPhone 5. I play with a few different editing apps, but find that Aviary is my favourite.

      Thanks for your kind words!

    • How totally cool, Lisa! I can’t wait til we meet in person! My condo in LV is filled with wonderful works by local emerging artists! Do you ever create? I’d love to see your stuff!

      • As I side note, I finally got around to looking up Inhale Yoga. What a hoot that Steve Ross guy is – and the music is fantastic! I skipped through on practice, on youtube, while I worked (just to see the poses and make sure I wasn’t getting in over my head). I look forward to trying this out ASAP! I wonder if the OCD/Type A in me will allow me to move to Inhale before finishing the current series I’m working on with Namaste Yoga… 🙂

      • Can you believe I’m doing a Steve Ross practice right now?! Just taking a little break when I saw your WP notice on my phone. 🙂 I’ve tried so many different Yoga programs and find things to like about each of them but for me Inhale has been the absolute best! I can’t wait to hear what you think after a few sessions!

      • Me too – can’t wait! I *may* have to interrupt that long-ass series I’m doing and inject a little Inhale in there. The one I watched featured tons of Marvin Gaye. How can you not love it?

    • I almost didn’t notice the Minnie detail when I was capturing it from straight-on the life preserver. The shoe had the most adorable little frills on it. When I came around to check the other angle I was surprised to find Minnie there!

  2. To me those life-buoys scream *summer*. As a lifeguard when I was a teenager, I spent endless hours practising throwing one – they are only helpful if they can be tossed with some accuracy. I’d probably end up in the water with the life-buoy if I tried to throw one now 🙂 … but ours never had a little Minnie decoration on them 😉

    So often I’ve thought I should carry a camera when I run – I see so many odd things. Someday I’ll think of it ‘before’ the run!

    • I run with my iPhone because I use it for the music and the GPS/run tracking so it’s always on hand to snap pics of cool things I spot along the way! 🙂

      p.s. Tossing those life buoys looks like it would be HARD work! (just the distance, forget the accuracy!)

      • Someday I have to get a *real* phone instead of my turn-of-the-century version 😉

        … and yes, tossing a ring-buoy is harder than it looks. I wonder what the chances are of actually saving someone with one.

      • It’s absolutely amazing the quality of photos you can get from a phone these days. I’m not sure I remember the last time I used my ‘real’ camera. Actually, nix that. I do remember. I used it when my phone battery died during the Grand Canyon hike. I used it for video, not even photos! 🙂

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