32 thoughts on “wordless wednesday / 13-08-14

  1. The perfect hidey-hole if the Latvians rise up against me 😉 Where is it?
    Just thinking – we haven’t had a Nancy rant in a while. Wordless is all very well but…

    • Isn’t it the sweetest thing ever? It’s at Cherry Beach – west of me, but still down on the lake.

      As for ranting, well, I almost killed an old man in my last post…

  2. That’s so whimsical! There’s a tradition on my street to put “faces” on trees fashioned out of wooden eyes and mouths and stuff. It’s really cool.

    • Oh my gosh, those are so awesome!
      Note, however, if I opened that door (which I did) and found little skeletons inside, I would have likely gone into heart failure! 🙂

  3. This is what my next house is going to look like.
    My mom is a master gardener and for years, every summer, she makes a new fairy garden somewhere for my kids (okay and me too) to discover. I adore that photo, Nancy!

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