weekly workout recap: aug 3 – 9

Yeah so, as it turns out, sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. And also of exercising.

This was not my finest workout week ever, friends. In fact, who am I kidding, it was my worst in over 18 months.

I could beat myself up and be filled with self-hate for not planning better. For not pushing myself harder. For having really disappointing results.

Or I could just admit that I’m human. It was a challenging week. I was on an airplane 3 days out of 7. I didn’t get a lot of sleep. My body and mind needed a break. And I didn’t fight them.


Weekly Workout Recap – the light edition:

Using what sketchy memories I have…

Sunday – I remember running at the gym for 30 minutes – all sprint intervals: 1 min walk/1 min sprint. After this I did a bit of lifting with free weights. I did bench press, chest fly, alternating (one arm) chest press in 3 decreasing sets (12, 10, 8 reps). I also did Lat pulldowns and seated rows in 5 x 5 format.   FitBit – 10,570 steps

Monday – I remembered to log in my FitBit app that I did the next in Melissa West’s Namaste Yoga – Hanuman series #215. This class was about devotion – with poses including Bridge pose with Namaste hands, Cow’s face, Humble Warrior, Rabbit, Tortoise and several lunge poses with Namaste hands. Later I hit the gym for another run: 5 min warm up walk, followed by a 20 min jog at 4.5 mph (and interrupted by the old man who tried to kill me), followed by a 5 min cool-down walk. FitBit – 10,941 steps

Tuesday – This was my travel day from Vegas back to Toronto. I don’t recall a specific workout, but I did hit 9,633 steps on my FitBit. Lots of airport walking, dragging luggage. When I arrived home to TO that evening, I did some standing leg work: side leg lifts, back leg lifts (50 each, per leg) while I caught up on DVR’d TV shows. 🙂

Wednesday – Approximately 15 hours after I arrived home, I was back at the airport flying to Newark for a Leadership Offsite for work. In addition to lots of airport walking, I also hit the gym at the hotel for a short run (20 mins) and then did the following in my room: 100 squats, 50 push-ups, 100 crunches, 75 lunges. FitBit: 10,259 steps

Thursday – My all day/evening work event left little time for exercise. I managed to do this 20 minute yoga/pilates routine which I have done once before. It’s a nice and energizing (yet gentle) way to start your day. The rest of the work day involved a LOT of sitting. Let me repeat, A LOT OF SITTING. Finally at around 5:00 pm, we did a group exercise – playing a game called Snake Oil. No, this wasn’t a workout, but I did come out the winner, and I had to find a way to work that into this blog post, bragging rights and all. Competitive much, Nanc? Who me? After dinner a group of us decided to walk back to our hotel – approx. 2 miles, brisk pace – so at least there was that. FitBit: 7,186 steps.

Friday – 5 am wakeup call; 6:00 am airport pick-up… Needless to say I didn’t get any exercise in before I left to head back to Toronto. Feeling very run down from the cumulative effects of too much travel and not enough sleep, my ass was dragging. I may have nodded off at the gate. And then on the plane. And then during the drive home from the airport. I managed to unpack my bags and start a load of laundry before I realized I was REALLY tired and needed a ‘short nap’. 5 hours later I woke up feeling worse than ever. The hypochondriac in me immediately announced I had contracted Ebola from all my flying. Other than my airport walking at EWR and YYZ and a couple of climbs of the stairs at home, nothing else got done. FitBit: 4,668 steps. Cue sound effect: Wah Wah! How did I reward myself for such stellar physical fitness this week? Why with an Oreo McFlurry, of course.

Saturday – Still feeling out of sorts (shockingly the Oreo ice cream didn’t cure me), I moved sluggishly around the house. A bit more home renovation stuff got done – but the activity was more of the shopping variety than the doing variety. (I did actual work the following day – but that doesn’t really count against this week’s workout recap now does it??). FitBit: 6,743 steps (and loads of self-pity for being a slovenly mess). I got 8.5 hours sleep Friday night (after the 5 hour daytime nap I had taken) and then 9 hours sleep Saturday to Sunday – so I’m pleased to report that I’m all caught up, and feeling 100% once again.

It’s a new week! And it started off strong on Sunday. Onward warriors.

Keep moving,

xoxo nancy

59 thoughts on “weekly workout recap: aug 3 – 9

  1. seriously, it is impressive to have fitted as much in as you did with that much time on aeroplanes!!
    I am impressed!!
    and I am not surprised at all that you needed sleep!!

    • Not the healthiest of weeks, especially with the food choices I made, but…no use crying over spilled milk. 🙂

      How have you been?? I feel like I haven’t read anything from you in forever!

      • I have been rubish this last week, I have been ok at exercising but have been away from my computer on a first aid course which means I am now 2 weeks behind!!

        I am nearly finished my first catch up post though!

        and you are so right, we all make unhealthy choices sometimes, there is no point in dwelling on it, just move on and attempt to make better ones most of the time 😀

      • I can 😀

        and of course, I will 😀

        it is nice knowledge to have, although I still think I would be scared if anything happens that make me use it!!

  2. Some weeks the time to do our usual exercise routine isn’t there. We have to make do. Looks like you did very well, so give yourself big kudos for that. That’s one of the things that’s nice about high-intensity interval training. A half-hour workout can pack in major results.

    • I’m just looking forward to being a little more settled this week. With the home reno stuff, it will still be a challenge to prioritize exercise over the shit that needs to get done here – but I’m hoping to strike a better balance this week.

    • Yeah, I think you’re right. I suspect it was more than just circumstance (travel, long days, little sleep) and more that I just needed to take a break.

      Hoping for a better and more motivated week this week.

  3. Airports always make me feel like crap. I don’t like sharing germs with so many people. It sucks the life out of me. I don’t think you need to beat yourself up, because despite your circumstances, I think you had a pretty fantastic week. Glad you are well rested and back to good. Sometimes squeezing in a quality night of sleep is more exhausting than trying to get in a workout… And yet it generally solves anything that could be going wrong in your life.

    • After two nights of 8+ hours sleep each, I can say I’m finally feeling back to normal, both physically and mentally. By the end of the week, I genuinely felt stupid. Grasping for words. Barely coherent. Amazing what havoc a lack of sleep can create.

  4. That is my FAVORITE proverb! I say it all of the time!!!
    And, the goal of getting healthy is about fitting it into your life, and sometimes life won’t accept it, you have to work around it and not let a bad day/week make a bad life! 😉
    Fall seven times, get up eight.

    And, now you’ve shocked your system! Reboot! 🙂

    • Oh, you haven’t experienced a McFlurry? 🙂 Maybe it’s best you pretend you never heard of it because it is pretty addictive!

      The McFlurry is McD’s answer to a Dairy Queen Blizzard. If you’re not from North America even my comparison reference may not help. Imagine vanilla ice cream mashed together with other ingredients, in this case, Oreos. The result is pure heaven. 😉

  5. Your plans and health decisions are perfect 99% of the time, Nancy. Who can say that? Somebody with that kind of a week (and we all have them) would not have lifted a fin…so upward and onward 🙂 I haven’t had time to run or walk fir 4 days day and feel it…walking like a duck tonight 😦

  6. For someone who was “inactive”, your week sounds very active to me. Travelling is HARD WORK. Sitting all day is EXHAUSTING. Glad you were able to catch up on much needed sleep.

    • It’s funny, I threw myself back into pre-slovenly week activities today and am completely wiped, not to mention just feeling “off”. Wondering if I picked up some kind of bug on one of the 3 flights last week…

    • Oh Lisa, Friday was a doozy of a laze-fest! Sure I had to be up super early for my a.m. flight, but when I got home at 11:30 am and promptly did ABSOLUTELY nothing for the next 20 hours… Not my finest moment. 🙂

  7. Given how much you were travelling, I am amazed you even managed what you did! And everyone needs a bit of downtime now and again, when your body just says “enough!”. I used to fly frequently to and from the US (in my long ago before-kids days), and it makes you cripplingly tired. You might well have picked up a bug – all that recirculated air at high altitude… yuk. I hope this coming week will be all the better for a slower week last week :-). Hey – and I never thought of exercising while watching shows – thank you for that tip!
    I thought of you last night while I was at a class at the gym. Woah – I have such a long way to go, but I think I have actually been properly bitten by the exercise bug for the first time in about 4 years. Am even thinking of blogging my (rather wimpy) workout sessions, ha! X

    • That is so awesome, Rose! I was excited to read about your gym membership. Looking forward to hearing which classes you try/love/hate-but-do-anyway!

      I think I’ve def picked something up because my stomach hasn’t been right for a couple days now. Tons of cramping – not period related. Hoping this passes quickly.

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  9. Three days out of seven on a plane. I’d lose weight just from nervous quivering. With as busy as you are, you deserve at least one Oreo McFlurry a week. John

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