37 thoughts on “wordless wednesday / 06-08-14

      • It’s one of those moments that inspires, or requires you to stop and capture it. It really is a nice photo!

      • Thanks. I took one wider shot, with a lot more lake and foliage in the background for perspective of how high up I was, but then zoomed in for this one. Decided just to post the one, but in retrospect, it may have been cool to share both.

  1. I was just telling my kids that I do not want summer to end and that I’m feeling that August panic that it’s almost over. I’m just going to stare at this picture all day as a reminder that summer is alive and well!! 🏊⭐️

    • Toronto – same area I’ve been posting the other 3 wordless wed shots, Carol. Main diff is that I shot this one at midday and the others at dusk / sunset. 🙂

  2. They look like tiny toys! Matchbox kayaks.
    And it makes me totally want one. Life size, not one for the bathtub.
    My mom has a three person kayak which is no fun because you basically have to take along the two kids you were quite desperate to escape from for an hour. It’s a big, yellow unwieldy thing. We call it the grandma banana.

    • Grandma’s banana fits two too many!
      We keep threatening to buys kayaks but never end up doing it. This photo may be what finally pushes me to pull the trigger and make the purchase. People look so peaceful in them as they glide by me on the lake.

  3. Such pretty colors, Nancy! I wanted to take a similar shot of lakeside canoes yesterday but couldn’t get a high enough angle to capture things just right. Really, I just didn’t want to leave the dock and climb more stairs. 😉 Now I can look at your beautiful photo instead.

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