weekly workout recap: jul 20 – 26

Guess what? …My love affair with yoga is alive and well! Yay! For now I’m sticking with Melissa West’s Namaste Yoga (why mess with what’s working, right?). I took on a 3-part Kriya Yoga series, details below, and then started another new series, called Hanuman Yoga.

In addition to my yoga practice, I have also stepped up my daily power walks, both in terms of speed and distance.

And I’m really liking the side effects. Specifically, all this walking seems to be lifting my ass.

Is that even possible? I wouldn’t have thought so, but I kind of feel like my (admittedly still junkless) trunk might be getting just a tad junkier.


Oh I wish.

I so badly want a big ol’ ghetto booty, so it’s exciting to see a little teensy bit of progress there.


Sun Jul 20:

Yoga: Namaste Yoga: Kriya Yoga Series – Part 1 of 3 The class introduced us to the first 6 of 18 postures in a series focused on kriya yoga. Kriya Hatha Yoga includes asanas, physical postures of relaxation, muscular locks, and mudras, all of which bring about greater health, peace and the awakening of the principal energy centers: the chakras. Kriya Yoga is Action with Awareness. It is a means of self-knowledge, of knowing the truth of our being. The first objective of Kriya Hatha Yoga is deep physical and mental relaxation. The ultimate goal is that the 18 asana series will awaken the energy centers along the spine and stimulate the uncurling of kundalini, our potential power and consciousness.

Walk: 5.75 miles / 9.25 kms

FitBit Stats: 15,656 steps

Mon Jul 14:

Yoga: Namaste Yoga: Kriya Yoga Series – Part 2 of 3 In this class we focused on postures 7 through 12 of the 18 total postures of the kriya yoga practice. The half wheel scared the crap out of me, but I attempted it, and held it for about a nanosecond before second-guessing myself and moving back down to bridge.

Walk: 5 miles / 8 kms

FitBit Stats: 13,267 steps

Tues Jul 15:

Walk: 6.2 miles / 10 kms

Bonus: Home renovation stuff: lifting, moving, carrying…

FitBit Stats: 15,860 steps

Wed Jul 16:

Yoga: Namaste Yoga: Kriya Yoga Series – Part 3 of 3 This practice focused on the final 6 postures (13 through 18) of the kriya yoga practice. I definitely feel I got something out of this series, but it’s not one I would necessarily recommend. (The Type A in me had to see me finish the series, but it wasn’t my favourite.)

Walk: 4.25 miles / 6.85 kms

FitBit Stats: 10,657 steps

Thurs Jul 17:

Yoga: Namaste Yoga 211: Taming Your Monkey Mind This is the first class in the Hanuman series, with a focus on the mind. The Hanuman mind referred to here as the ‘monkey mind’ is one which is restless and never still. (Yep, guilty.)  This class explored ways to take better control over it, and promised that with discipline we can learn to tame the monkey. 🙂 We referenced a formula, called RAIN, by Jack Kornfield, author of Bringing Home the Dharma, as a means for introspection and understanding, and a tool in taming the monkey. RAIN stands for Recognition, Acceptance, Investigation and Non-Identification. If you’re interested, there is a full write-up on this yoga session at the link I’ve shared, including full description of the R-A-I-N and a summary of the postures in this class.

Walk: 5 miles / 8.1 kms

FitBit Stats: 13,504 steps

Fri Jul 18:

Yoga: Namaste Yoga 212: Son of the Wind This is the 2nd class in the Hanuman series and was focused on breath. This class focused on one style of breath called Kapalabhati, which is performed as one deep inhale followed by a series of 10 active exhales with passive inhales in between, followed by another deep inhale, exhale combination. We practiced this breathing through 4 postures, making this a shorter class.

So I took the opportunity to do another…

Yoga: Namaste Yoga 213: Strong Like Hanuman This is the 3rd class in the Hanuman series and the focus was on strength. This class was by far the most challenging of Melissa West’s Namaste Yoga that I’ve done so far; real power yoga postures done without filler. Click the link to watch the video or scroll down to see a list of all the postures. Some real toughies in there, including Wild Thing.

Then I was off to the airport for my evening flight to Las Vegas…which was delayed 2 hours. I should have spent that downtime pacing the airport because I ended up missing my 10,000 daily step target.

FitBit Stats: 7,486 steps 😦

Sat Jul 19:

Remember when my air conditioner died at the beginning of June? Well that puppy didn’t fix itself while we were gone. Funny that. Our ‘guy’ was scheduled to come in to install the new unit Sunday afternoon. Which meant sleeping in a 100 degree Fahrenheit condo Friday and Saturday nights. Which meant not sleeping Friday and Saturday nights. Not gonna lie; not a lot of exercise was happening under those circumstances.

Swimming: 30 minutes of easy/slow laps and sme standing leg work.

Walking: More like strolling. Energy was nonexistent.

FitBit Stats: 10,151 steps


To close this week out, just a few consciously thankful thoughts:

1. I still love yoga! Yay!

2. My condo no longer feels hotter than Hades. Yay!

3. My less-than-juicy booty is getting a wee bit juicier. Yay!


(Or squat or WALK!)

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Keep moving…

xoxo nancy

p.s. I am working a big conference from Monday to Thursday this week so I may be slow to respond to comments. I promise to catch up on my blog reading by the end of the week.

84 thoughts on “weekly workout recap: jul 20 – 26

  1. That is a LOT of yoga! I am pleased you have found some that you love 😀

    well done on the walking too it is awesome!

    I love the concept of the monkey mind…actually…I don’t, I love the name monkey mind, the reality is annoying…but you know what I mean!

    You have had a much better week than me 🙂

    • I’ve always loved walking – but now that it *seems* that it has magical powers to lift my ass, I like it even more. 🙂

      Ooh that monkey mind is my nemesis! Even DURING the class I found it wondering to my ‘to-do’ list, etc. :-S

      Uh-oh, what happened last week? I hope you didn’t get injured again. 😦 I’ll be over to read updates shortly.

      • not injured again…just took my arm a long time to get better 😦 it suddenly improved on friday pm but before that it was horrible!

        that plus 29ºC heat + humidity has zapped my energy!

        I am slightly behind on my update too…work seem to be insisting that I actually do the thing I get paid for *rolls eyes*

      • Oh don’t get me started. I’ve got to play booth bitch for 20 hours a day between now and Thursday. Well not 20; I exaggerate, but you know what I mean.
        *rolls eyes in knowing support of Sam*

        I’m so sorry to hear about your arm. And the heat… sweet baby jeezus… it’s been over 45 Celsius here in Vegas for the past month (mercifully no humidity). But now imagine what it felt at midnight Friday when we opened the condo door and walked in… Yeah, now imagine it 10x worse than that. 😦

      • argh!! I really don’t think I could cope with that much heat!! I can’t even comprehend 45ºC heat!! it might be more bearable if it is dry heat but still arghh!!

        I can understand why people in hot parts of the states have aircon!! I never used to get it, but I really really do now!!

        It is never hot enough for long enough over here, it has been really hot for about 3 weeks, and the weather has already broken and receeded back to about 23ºC

      • I can’t imagine now having AC even in Toronto, where it’s normally never more than 29 or 30 – but with the humidity feel like 40. Blah!

        That said, this summer has been crazy cool and wet in Toronto, so now that the AC has been restored in Vegas, I am a happy camper to be feeling some real heat for the first time this summer.

      • I would be quite happy if it stayed about 23-23 all the time, and if it didn’t get humit it would be even better!

        it is nice now, we had thunder storms for about 5 hours this morning so that has cleared the air a bit!

        the problem with the uk is extreme weather happens for such a short length of time each year (if at all) that we are totally unprepared for it!!

      • And it is a true energy sap when it’s that hot/humid, isn’t it? Even without the humidity here Saturday, my energy was nonexistent. 😦

  2. you are awesome…I want to start yoga too…but don’t know where to begin…..my dream is to get super bendy and I don’t know which yoga to follow to get me super bendy. ANYWAY……you have me all inspired….thanks for the post and keep up all the good work!

    • Diana, I can say, with all honesty, that until I discovered Melissa West/Namaste Yoga, I couldn’t stand doing yoga. I would take a class here or there, but never, ever enjoyed it. Over the years people would tell me, you just have to find an instructor you connect with – and I thought, sure…sure…whatever. And then it happened. I was able to quiet my mind enough to find that deeper-than-just-exercise yoga experience — and now I can’t seem to get enough.

      The fact that I’m waaay bendier is just an added (and awesome) bonus! 🙂

      • “Quiet my mind” would be even better than being bendy! I will have to seek out a good place to take classes, for now, I am just doing random videos. I will take your advise and have a look around. Yoga is catching on in Italy, but there are far fewer studios here than in the States. 😦

        Anyway…great post and fab first pic! 🙂 🙂

      • Ha! When my son’s girlfriend posted the pic to my Facebook page, I actually had friends freaking out that I was sitting in public with my ass hanging out. REALLY? You honestly can’t tell that’s the bar stool?? 🙂

        Good luck finding an awesome yoga practice Diana!

      • Ha, ha, ha….your photo story is funny! really funny. I will keep you posted on my yoga progress. I did hot yoga with my sis when I was in Texas last summer…..she has a nice studio down the street from her house and we were going every other day….I LOVED it! Anyway…..keep up the good work and have a good week as well!

  3. I’m in love with Melissa West – I’ve done a class every single day. Even Sunday, which was my rest day, I couldn’t do it – I loaded up an easy class on Manifestation, and went through the chakras. And, I bought a block prop. I felt the need and the very next class I took was very prop heavy, so it was totally worth it!
    I can’t thank you enough for your “Don’t give up” message! 🙂

    • The blocks are awesome. I have used mine a couple of times to get better form in some of the seated positions, when my hips are too tight. You might want to pick up a strap too – those come in handy for some of the deep leg stretches.

      Kate, I’m so, so, so happy for you! We both have Martha to thank, as she is the one who turned me on to Namaste Yoga. I’m so glad you took my “don’t give up” comment in the spirit in which it was intended. I didn’t want to overstep, but I knew that most people would hear some of the new-age’y, mumbo jumbo and just quit. Hence the “fight the urge to quit…just go with it”. 🙂

      Yay! I’m so glad we have this common passion!

      • Me too!! And yes, I have a strap, too… 🙂 I stopped short of buying the toeless socks for a non-slip experience! hahahahaha!
        I’m with you, I’m just so happy to have found yoga that I’m passionate about! I think it helps my well being more than anything, both inside and out – and that is most important to me!
        Now I need to go follow Martha’s blog!

  4. Yay! Your yoga mat is where it’s at! Great that your A/C in Vegas is cooling those extreme temps. I’m fine at 80 during the day, but like the A/C to be about 73 to sleep.

    Have fun being a Booth Bitch you Cheeky Monkey! :mrgreen:

    • On my way there shortly. Dreading it. 🙂
      Funny how I can walk for days on end without pain, but ask me to stand for a few hours and my lower back starts screaming. So strange.

      • Standing still is much more tiring ~ probably because blood is pooling in our feet instead of circulating to tired muscles.

        Maybe you can do a few yoga poses between visitors to keep limber.

  5. I think you’re responsible for a blogger yoga revolution! So much more yoga in everyone’s lives in the past week! I’m loving it!
    You had an epic week 🙂 I’m so happy for you and your butt. Lol. I see much twerking in your near future.

  6. I’ve realised that after around 35 years of walking, I must still be doing it wrong 😉 I walk all the bloody time and my ass isn’t getting any damn perkier! And now I’m trying to think of songs about small asses… 😉

  7. So glad to hear you’ve found your yoga groove. It’s salvation for me.

    One of my friends did one of those 30-day squat challenges, because she complained about her lack of butt. I can share it with you on FB if you’re interested. She said it toned everything up pretty well, but it didn’t give her J-Lo butt. (Since she’s met J-Lo, she has firsthand experience with making that claim.)

    • I squat more than is humane or rationale (incl a crazy 30 day challenge in May) and still no bubble butt. All this walking seems to be doing something though. 🙂

  8. A post with the phrases “booth bitch” and “monkey mind” no wonder you’re my hero, Nancy! My big find of the month is discovering an old Yoga program I followed religiously at 6 am years ago on the Oxygen network is finally showing up on YouTube. 🙂 The show was cancelled a few years ago and even huge petitions haven’t been able to resurrect the original classes but someone is now sharing their copies… “Inhale” yoga with Steve Ross…

    • Booth Bitch…Monkey mind… I’m a renaissance woman! Or a lunatic. 🙂

      Ooh!!! A new yoga program to investigate!!! I’ll look into it as soon as this conference is over. Thanks for the reco, Lisa!

      • You’re welcome! The yoga is set to up beat music and I found it helps keep my monkey mind from wandering too much during the practice. 🙂 Of course after awhile I start to get tired of some of the songs but then I’d substitute a few of my own and it works just fine…

  9. I’ll need to start walking faster and longer too (once it’s fall here)…and check for the results around Xmas. Junkier would be good. You are a great inspiration to keep moving (did my power walk today too)!

  10. Guess what, Nancy? I’ve been almost by accident trying sprints among walking as my kids are using their bikes/ scooter to get around. They do easily 4-5kms, but the speed varies a lot. My ankle seems to take it well, and I get that good feeling I missed from my running days. So thanks to your post about sprints I’m quite happy to take them pedalling now 🙂

    • Vilma, that is fantastic! I’ve mostly been doing my sprints during treadmill walk/runs but when the weather cools down a bit I’m looking forward to trying it outside. Glad you’re loving it!

  11. Years ago when the Coleman family went on road trips, all I had to do was sing, “I like big butts, and I cannot lie,” and Elena (now 26) and Micah (22) finished the whole damned son at light speed. Ah, those were the days. John

  12. Awesome Nancy! I love and am interested in learning more about mudras. I am reading a book I think you would love called “The Wisdom of Yoga” by Stephen Cope. check it out.

  13. Your posts on yoga are really inspiring me to rediscover yoga for myself. I’m itching for a change. I’m looking forward to getting home and getting back into a routine again.
    Glad to hear you got your AC working again. After 3 weeks without AC in the heat and humidity, I’m so ready to rediscover a cool house and backyard pool!

      • I enjoyed it. It was a lot of talking, but that was to impart knowledge of the RAIN tool, so I listened and I think I can use RAIN, not only on the mat, but to work through some feelings that I haven’t totally explored.

      • Her delivery is generally approx 5-10 min of talking to begin, then pretty straight through yoga practice – then a long shivasana at the end with more closing thoughts. Melissa West’s yoga is less workout for the body (although her advanced classes certainly are!) and more a workout for the mind and soul, which I definitely need!

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