47 thoughts on “wordless wednesday / 23-07-14

    • Still VERY humid here, even right by the river and lake. This was taken Monday night. Temps were cooling down but I still arrives home drenched, from the humidity. Gross! Can’t wait to head to Vegas Friday. Need some desert air.

    • I will happily host you here and take you to this spot every day (or a couple times a day, as has been my experience of late). I’m starting to panic at the thought of moving away from this place, so I’m heading out as often as I can – at the expense of gym visits. Only so many hours in a day…

  1. Soak up all the delicious beauty while you can, NT. When we readied to leave the banks of the Chesapeake Bay, we put together an entire photo album devoted to its sunsets ~ all with different personalities.

    BTW: if you don’t like comment threads turning into thin ribbons, you can adjust your settings:

    Dashboard -> Settings -> Discussion -> Other Comment Settings -> Nested “3” deep (or whatever number you choose).

    • Thanks for the reminder, NH. I guess when I switched themes a few weeks ago it didn’t carry over my preference for nesting (or not) comments. I’ll go make the change, as that is a big pet peeve of mine!

      p.s. Great idea on the photo album – although I haven’t printed photos in a dog’s age, it seems.

  2. Man, I had to scroll so far down to respond! It took so long I’ve forgotten what I was going to say.

    I’ll go with the standard “It’s beautiful!”

    hehheheh – it really is a great shot – and love that it’s so close to you!

    • Really? I didn’t think there were that many comments on this one (compared to other posts). Go figure!

      It was a very muggy, humid night, but the skies were moody at dusk and then delivered this beautiful sunset. Hard to complain.

      p.s. I found a yoga session in Melissa West’s archive that I’m going to try and though you might want to check out to. I’ll pull up the link and send it to you.

    • Thanks Diana! I really lucked out with this one, as I find sunsets are tricky to capture, especially with just an iPhone. I’m so pleased with the way this turned out.

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