weekly workout recap: jun 29-jul 5

After several attempts at reinventing the wheel, I’m going back to the good old system that worked for me last year.

Below is the first weekly workout summary post, answering the question, Hey girl, how’d ya get so sweaty? All future posts will bear the same title format – so if you have no interest in reading about my workouts, it will be super easy to delete the email or bypass the post in your reader.

Without further ado…


Sun Jun 29:

Hiking at Glen Rouge:

  • Hiked the Vista and Orchard trails as well as the Riverside and Mast trails for a total of 6.2 miles / 10 kms

FitBit Stats: 14,527 steps

Bonus: Saw a great blue heron along the river trail! One of many reasons I love hiking.


Mon Jun 30:

Stronglifts 5×5 program:

  • Squats: 65 lbs (5 sets x 5 reps)
  • Bench Press: 55 lbs (5 sets x 5 reps)
  • Barbell Row: 75 lbs (5 sets x 5 reps)

Run intervals:

  • 30 minutes alternating 1 min sprint; 1 min walk/jog

Bruce Lee Challenge:

  • 1,000 kicks
  • 1,000 punches
  • 120 push-ups

FitBit Stats: 13,159 steps

Tues Jul 1:

Walking (Recovery day):

  • 4.25 miles / 6.85 kms

FitBit Stats: 10,738 steps

Wed Jul 2:

StrongLifts 5×5 program:

  • Squats: 75 lbs (5 sets x 5 reps)
  • Overhead Press: 45 lbs (5 sets x 5 reps)
  • Deadlifts: 105 lbs (1 set x 5 reps)
  • Bonus: Lat Pull Downs: 60 lbs (5 sets x 5 reps)


  • 5 mins warm up walk; 20 min run @ 5.0 mph

FitBit Stats: 10,639 steps

Thurs Jul 3:

At-home HIIT program:

FitBit Stats: 10,227 steps

Fri Jul 4:

Stronglifts 5×5 program:

  • Squats: 85 lbs (5 sets x 5 reps)
  • Bench Press: 65 lbs (5 sets x 5 reps)
  • Barbell Row: 75 lbs (5 sets x 5 reps)

Outdoor Jog: 3.13 miles / 5 kms; 37:18

FitBit Stats: 12,763 steps

Sat Jul 5:

Elliptical: 5.25 miles / 8.5 kms; 60 minutes

FitBit Steps: 10,203 


The StrongLifts program is making me feel all kinds of ‘good sore’, which I love. There’s also something pretty awesome about hanging out in the “man gym” area. using proper racks and free weights. The first few times were a little intimidating, I’m not gonna lie, but it is getting better with each visit.

The Squats and Deadlifts are my favourites lifts, by far. Bench Presses are okay. I have been able to follow the StrongLifts program and implement the recommended incremental increases for each of these.

Ah, but then there are the Overhead Presses and Barbell Rows…

For some reason I’m really struggling with these two lifts. I was unable to add the incremental 10 lbs to either of these lifts. Rather than risk bad form, I’ve decided to stay with the same weights on OH Press and Barbell Row until I can safely move up. I’ll get there eventually.

Keep moving…

xoxo nancy

59 thoughts on “weekly workout recap: jun 29-jul 5

  1. Here’s my counter-effort for today: Walked around some ancient Arab baths. Walked around a convent (only three nuns left, youngest is 82). Had a coffee.

    I’m exhausted.

  2. Nancy,
    I did take note that walk & jog are now the same. Based on your numbers, I don’t think Maggie and I could keep up with you on a hike.

  3. You are seriously kicking ass at Stronglifts. Overhead presses are no joke, and rows are my weakest lift, too. Nicely done this week, Nancy! I think I’m going to steal your steps idea in my next workout round up… I like that!

    • Yep, as I said in a few earlier comments to previous posts, it’s not lost on me that I’ve been running more since saying I wouldn’t than I had in the previous two months. Mostly treadmill – where I can watch my exact sprint speed and time. It’s going well – but I’m not putting any weight on it as a regular thing. For now it feels good.

  4. YEay 🙂
    I like the weekly workout round up 🙂
    I have looked at the barbell row video from stronglifts…
    I have some thoughts…
    a) the amount the guy in the video is bent over puts a lot of strain on your lover back, so work up to it along with back strengthening 🙂
    2) putting the bar down every time is hard work if you are not using the really big plates. with small plates or no plates you have to go too far down to row from. You either have to deadlift it up first or not put it down.
    Some gyms have plates that are all large enough to lift it that high no matter what the weight, but mind doesn’t which is what I am basing this on 🙂

    Over head presses are hard!!

    • On Friday I went back to the BodyPump style rows instead, and it felt much better – but even with that, I was stuck at previous weight (75 lbs). When I upped it to 85, I couldn’t get a single one in at full extension, so I dropped back to 75. I’ll stay there and 45 for OH Press until I can safely increase with good form.

      • that is a good idea 🙂
        It is only worth upping the weight if you an complete all sets with good safe form!

        OH press is hard (I said that before…but it is still true 🙂 )
        I really need to get back to my stronglifts!! I am having lifting envy!

      • Ha!
        What I love about the program is that you can finish a workout in a nice short time – and go about the rest of your day, still having felt like you got a really good workout in. I’m excited to continue with this for a while yet. I’m sure at some point I’ll want to add a little spice though. 🙂

      • There’s going to be a point where I plateau though, even for squats and deadlifts. What then? Just stay at the max weight for the foreseeable future?

      • I think so, I would need to read up on plateaus. I am not really sure how to deal with them yet…

        I think you could increase the number of reps (max 8) to increase strength too, but I am not sure if that gets through plateaus…

      • I think I may have solved my own issue (i.e. why I can’t go longer distances) – and that is that when i’m outside I don’t regulate my pace. I go faster than I do on a treadmill and then burnout. On a treadmill, the machine manages my pace, and I can go 30 minutes without issue. I wonder if I ran outside with someone who keeps to a pace i’m comfortable at, if things would go better for me. Evidently I can’t self-regulate my pace. 🙂

      • that is the problem I was having, but I seem to be getting over it now.

        funnily enough it is the exact reason I hate being on the treadmill…I feel really out of control and panicky if I can’t slow down or speed up or stop exactly when I want! a couple of button presses time is too long a wait!

      • that’s when you jump to the side rails! when I’m sprinting crazy fast (for me) at say, 7.5 mph, I know I can only maintain that pace for a minute. At the 60 second mark I have to hold the arm rails and jump to the sides of the treadmill while I push the button down to a lower speed.

      • it seems like a recipe for disaster if I were to try it!!

        I am much happier running outside, and in my country free from really bad extremes of weather 90% of the time this is less of a problem 😀

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    • I had that mental block for free weights, or anything that would take me into the “man area” of the gym, where I would feel like a fraud. BodyPump class went a long ways towards showing me that a) I’m capable; and b) that I actually really love lifting. The fact that I saw huge leaps and gains in my metabolism and fat burning when I added weight training to my plan was a huge added bonus.

      This StrongLifts 5×5 program is great because it’s very structured – and is also a quick workout. Yesterday I was giddy when I lifted 95 lbs during my squats and 115 lbs for deadlifts! That felt pretty dang cool, I tell you.

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