happy birthday canada!

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Yesterday this beautiful country I call [my primary] home celebrated its 147th birthday.

My day off looked like it might end up a washout when torrential rains swept in around 10:30 am. Not so, declared good Karma, Canada is too nice a country!

The clouds broke up, the sky cleared, and the sun made her appearance around noon.


source: lazyone.ca

A short drive to lovely Port Perry with it’s picturesque, Victorian-era downtown made for a nice day trip.


source: lazyone.ca

I’m still kicking myself for not buying the Moose Caboose adult onesie while I had the chance. I may have to go back for it.

Then again, despite living in Canada my whole life I’ve never seen an actual moose.

There was also a bear version, “Bear Bottom”.

Maybe one of each. One can never have too many cute onesies in their wardrobe.

Port Perry is located on the edge of Lake Scogog.

I had hoped that the lake might provide some respite from the oppressive humidity that has taken a strangle hold of southwestern Ontario. No such luck. According to weather forecasts though, the humidity should dissipate over the next 24 hours. Now that’s reason to celebrate! Where’s the cake?

Later that evening we decided to take in the City of Pickering’s annual fireworks display over Frenchman’s Bay.

Instead of driving to the fireworks, we packed a picnic basket [well, not really, it was a beat-up old backpack] with Baileys-spiked iced coffee, farmer’s market-bought butter tarts and some rich, dark chocolate, loaded up Mr. Enthusiasm with two beach chairs, and walked over to the other side of the bay. It took about 15 minutes of brisk walking, through Petticoat Creek Conservation Area, to get to a spot on the beach where we would have a good view of the fireworks.

The added bonus of walking to and from the event is that I got to consume my tasty treats with zero guilt. Move more, diet less is my mantra.

My plan was to take fabulous pictures of the fireworks with my iPhone.

Not so much.

I have since learned all about the apps you need to download to slow the shutter speed of the iPhone. I had no such apps last night.

GAH – lemons! My pictures were crap.

But since I’m all about making lemonade these days, I used a photo editing tool to create a sort of cool and Warhol-esque shot from one of my shitty originals.


I find it mildly amusing that the shots I took last year with my Blackberry, a phone that isn’t exactly known for the quality of its camera, turned out much better than this year’s batch.

Click here to see last year’s Canada Day tribute post. You’ll even get some Katy Perry in the process.

And finally, an oldie but a goodie, courtesy of Molson Canadian; a classic rant from Joe:

Hoping all my Canadian brethren had a lovely and happy Canada Day yesterday, and I wish a very happy 4th of July to my American friends. I’ll light up some sparklers on Friday in lieu of being there in person.

Keep moving!

xoxo nancy


84 thoughts on “happy birthday canada!

  1. I think you need to go out and buy both onesies. I like the bear bottom best, though. (I’m not sure if that was a double entendre). I love the warm weather, but not the humidity that is gripping us at the moment. Your lemonade, or Warholian montage rocks! I guess we’re getting the rain that you’ve experienced over the next few days. I’m hoping for a July 4th washout, as I’m supposed to go to a friends house for a pig roast. I’d rather lounge in my pool and drink mojitos all day.

    • Yes, but, if it’s a wash-out, won’t that impact your ability to lounge in the pool and drink mojitos all day?

      p.s. I may have to go back and buy both.

      • You’re right. But I could sit under the pergola with my ukelele and drink mojitos under the canopy while imagining that I’m floating in my pool. 😉

        Yes, I think that if you don’t buy them both, you’ll regret it now, and for the rest of your life.

      • Clearly. I will pine over the two onesies for the rest of my days if I don’t go back.

        Or at least until I forget about them when I spot the next pair of killer heels I. Must. Own.

      • The last thing that you want is for you to grow bitter and ruin future family gatherings over this. You must not change the course of history!

        For me it’s axiomatic – if I pass on something in a store, and then change my mind and go back for it – it will be gone.

      • I’m guessing that I could order these bad boys online, saving the drive back to Port Perry, but I think I’m already over them. 🙂

        Fickle lover, I am.

  2. You live in such a young country 🙂 albeit one that seems pretty awesome! We done really celebrate the formation of Great Britain over here…I can’t even tell you when it happened…although mark said manga carts to me which was apparently something to do with it…that happened in 1215!
    All that aside, I live that you celebrate your country 😀

    • We also celebrate Queen Victoria, by getting the 3rd Monday in May as a day off each year! Affectionately referred to as May 2-4 (pronounced two-four) weekend, because it sometimes lands on the 24th (or thereabouts), but more importantly, beer is sold in a case of 24. Canadians refer to that case as “a 2.4”. Rest assured we Canadians celebrate the good ol’ broad with lots and lots of beer that weekend. 🙂

      • We get that Monday off too as a bank holiday…I don’t really know why though… It has just always been there… I shall look into it! We normally celebrate with DIY… :-/ I am beginning to think I live in an odd country!

  3. I think I’ll plan to be in Canada for Canada Day in 3 years . . . 150 years has a nice RING to it! Glad the weather cooperated with your day off and that you got to enjoy some fireworks!

  4. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate! Happy birthday Canada! And you celebrated with an Irish drink – I almost feel like I was there 😉 Also love the onesies! And aren’t you turning into quite the artist – I’m impressed! 🙂

  5. I love your fireworks montage too. Awesome – I would never think to do something creative like that. I would simply say – oh crap! and hit the delete button.
    I haven’t gone to see a fireworks display in AGES … but last night, around midnight, our neighbour had their own fireworks in the backyard. Scared me half to death. I was half sleep and it sounded like we were under alien attack. Husband slept through it. I would have been left to fight off the invading hordes alone.

    • My husband would have slept right through it to. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?? If a floor board creeks or any device emits the faintest beep somewhere in the house, I wake up.

      thanks for the kind compliment on the image. Trust me, I deleted around 65 pics from last night. Garbage, unsalvageable, most of them! (Wish I had figured out that shutter speed slow-down app thing before hand! there’s always next year.)

  6. My husband would have slept right through it to. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?? If a floor board creeks or any device emits the faintest beep somewhere in the house, I wake up.

    thanks for the kind compliment on the image. Trust me, I deleted around 65 pics from last night. Garbage, unsalvageable, most of them! (Wish I had figured out that shutter speed slow-down app thing before hand! there’s always next year.)

  7. Getting ready to go move myself. 🙂 Happy Canada Day, late. We have no water this year for our annual river float with the alligators. I should be glad, but I’m not.

  8. Happy belated birthday Canada! I like the Warhol-esque montage. Just saw a large exhibition of his works recently and yours is … really good 🙂 And we seem to have the same coffee recipe, very effective!

  9. I. Am. Canadian. Love it. Sounds like you had a great Canada Day, us too. I never been to Port Perry, some place I got to go to, but east side of Toronto feels like Ottawa to me.

  10. I am glad you had a great day with celebrations and chocolate!!! It’s been oppressively hot here as well and we are waiting for the effects of Hurricane Arthur. But damn it, I’m going to find myself some fireworks and chocolate and celebrate like you did!! Except that I’ll have Mr. B carry me. ⚡️🌊🎇

  11. Hahaove the rant! I think I’ve lost a brother to Canada. He has been there doing his Masters and now PhD and is engaged to his adorable Canadian girlfriend. She wants to raise their family out here but I think he is keen to stay there. See what happens. Regardless, in the next 12mths or so I will be in the hood for a weddding. West Coast only though x

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