My friend Sam is regularly referenced on my blog. She even guest-posted once. She has just completed her 365-day-challenge this past weekend, while I cheered her on from across the Atlantic. Here are her end-of-challenge wrap up thoughts. Please click over to have a read, won’t you? This woman deserves a giant WOOT WOOT! xoxo nancy



Project Warrior Goddess

365 days have passed since I rather rashly declared to the world that I would do some form of exercise or activity every day for the next year, and the time has come to reflect on everything that has happened during that process…

reflections I took this a while ago…it seemed appropriate 😀

ok…not everything…I am not going through the whole year day by day…that would be pure craziness…

It’d also take me another year…and I have new and exciting things to do in the coming year!

No don’t ask me what…I don’t know yet…

Ok, I do know some things but I will come to those later (in my what next? post)

Firstly my year…

I had one aim:
To get fit enough to dance in a mask
To become sufficiently fit and healthy that I could dance as many dances as necessary without having to have breaks and without…

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One thought on “Reflections…

  1. I wish I could figure out how to close comments here so I could encourage you to all just click on over to Sam’s post and comment over there. Let’s just pretend comments are closed, okay?

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