bring it june, i’m ready for you

It’s that time again, mes amis. Time to throw it down and announce my monthly goals. Without further ado, I present you with my June challenges:

1. 30 Day Arm Challenge:


Last month I squatted my heart out in the hopes of getting a Bombshell Bottom. It’s only fair that this month I put my focus on upper body, with a special focus on arms. It is tank top season, after all.

This challenge is comprised of just 3 moves, which you practice four days in a row, with every 5th day being a day of rest. The 3 moves are: Push-ups, Planks and Chair Dips.

There were many great 30-day arm challenges I could have chosen, but I selected this one because it doesn’t require the use of dumbbells. With my upcoming travel, I’ll find myself having to do my challenges in hotel rooms. This being a bodyweight-only program, there are no excuses for not gettin’ ‘er done. So I shall. Get ‘er done, that is.

 2. Bruce Lee Challenge:



My friends Sam and Helen turned me onto this site:, which features tons of great bodyweight exercise programs and monthly challenges. Since I haven’t been doing any kickboxing workouts lately I glommed onto the Bruce Lee Challenge right away.

The other thing I like about it is that it’s bodyweight only; I can do it anywhere.

On the downside, I think things might get a little cray-cray on the days when both Bruce Lee and the Arm Challenge require me to do push-ups, but hey…no one said this was supposed to be easy, right?

3. More Movement:

While I’ve been working out 6-7 times per week in 2014, what I haven’t been doing consistently is moving throughout the day. A job has definitely put a damper on the quantity of my movement.

My goal for June is to hit a minimum of 10,000+ steps per day for at least 24 of the 30 days in June.

This will require taking actual lunch breaks (ones where I walk places) and moving more than just from the table I work at (I work from home) to the fridge for a refill of water or the toilet (to empty said water). I’m learning that just a scheduled workout – even if it’s daily – is not enough movement for me.

June is the month where I address this sedentary lifestyle I’ve reverted back into since I started working again. Wish me luck on this one, I’m gonna need it.

So that wraps up my June challenges: Arms, Bruce Lee and Busta Move…Walk!


10409427_10152540597688474_7698136362598907994_nAnd now for the audience participation portion of this post…

I am inviting every reader to join me again this month by declaring goals of your own.

State your health or fitness related goals on your own blog and then link back here.

Share your blog post with my readers in the comments section below.

Or just leave a comment declaring your own June goals.

Whatever tickles your fancy.

These awesome warriors have already thrown down their June challenges:

But I know there are more out there!

Come one, come all! There’s room for everyone in this clown car. I want to read about your crazy-ass challenges. Hook me up in the comments and link back to your post!

Get moving!

xoxo nancy


85 thoughts on “bring it june, i’m ready for you

  1. Holy crap! That Bruce Lee challenge looks wicked, but I could probably use some more push ups in my life! Great goals – and I totally feel you on the sedentary thing. On days I work from home, even if I do a great work out, I am pretty much a lazy ass the rest of the day. I definitely need to work on that! You totally got this month!

  2. Nancy,

    You are your own worst enemy when it come to feeding your weird search terms. BTW…I noticed you did not provide a status on the “Bombshell Bottom” (my dry sense of humor could not let this pass).

    Exercise: My goal is to start taking Maggie on a short walk before work every work day and continue to walk when it cools off in the evening. We are both happier when I make sure we get out every day.


    • Oh you have NO IDEA how bad the search terms have been of late. Two of them so vile I couldn’t even stand to reprint them. Nasty.

      As for my bottom, there is still a decided lack of junk in this trunk. I will be squatting for years to come, I think, before I get that JLo juicy butt.

      Awesome June goals! Go get ’em!

      • Bummer on the search terms. The weirdos have always been out there, literally and figuratively, but the internet makes them more visible to those of us who wish to avoid them. It would be nice if we could block “followers” and clear search terms. I guess I should suggest this concept.

      • Not sure it works that way, Patrick. As I understand it, it would work as follows (*Note this is not a real search term for me, just an example to illustrate):

        Joe Schmo is sitting at home, bored. Joe likes weird things. Joe decides to go on the Internet and search on Google for “I like to suck big sweaty sticky Flintstone toes after she runs.” Then Google serves up, in its list of results, my blog. Why, you might ask? Well, because Google uses organic content as a large factor in ranking their search results. Meaning, website that tag things like “Flintstone Toes”, “Running”, “Sucking” wouldn’t rank as high as a website that has this “organic” content (ie content which matches those words in the actual body of the posts/site, versus just tagging that this is what they write about.) I have studied optimized search in my previous life, leading a marketing group at the giant software company. Anyway, since I have a blog post (Pure Hell at Pure Barre) where I referenced how the sticky toe socks I was required to wear made my feet look like Fred Flintstone’s, I had multiple words across various posts (running, sweaty, etc + sticky, flintstone toes) and …BOOM, I wind up high in the search results.

        So that is the simple explanation for how a weird search term *could* make sense, considering my content. That said, some make me scratch my head. Like, “Pendulum tits”. That one has come up a LOT. Now I know I have a post called Slowing Life’s Swinging Pendulum (or something close to that), and I do reference a pendulum in the body of the post too. But, to the best of my knowledge, neither I nor any of my commenters have ever used the word tits on my blog, so I scratch my head as to why Google would list my page in the search results (with only one matching word). Of course that logic only applied the first time it happened. After I did my weird search terms post – and included that one – then the words “tits” suddenly became part of my organic content – which explains why Google still continues to serve up My Year of Sweat for this search term.

        Lastly, there are no followers to block. Joe Schmo is not a follower. He’s just a creepy dude, sitting in his basement, searching for nasty things on the Internet. He clicks on My Year of Sweat when Google serves it up because he probably thinks it’s some kinky site about doing nasty things while sweating. I’m pretty certain that when he pokes around a bit and sees that there are no pendulum tits on display, and not a single reference to sucking sweating sticky toes, he clicks away never to return. Because I’m just not supplying the type of content he is interested in. Curiousity brought him over. Reality made him leave.

        And finally, finally (because I forgot the last one wasn’t my final bit), I’m not sure what you mean by “clearing search terms”. That would involve us going to every Joe Schmo’s laptop, phone, iPad and clear the memory from those. These are not search terms that reside on our blogs. These are search terms that others use…

        Hoping that clears things up. Or maybe I’ve just confused matters even more. 🙂

      • Actually, you just gave me an excellent tutorial on Joe Schmo and weird search terms. Since I am in the scientific research and development world, I have never had the opportunity to study optimized search. I will never again blame your posts for the source of your search term results. What I do know is that my blog is still the source of the slaughter of rats. I should get a patent on my idea.

      • Yeah, in your case Google is making a good match. Jane Schmo has a mouse problem. She picks up her laptop and searches for “I need the deadliest trap possible to kill the rodents in my home.” and Google serves up your post because all those words appeared organically in that post. A match made in heaven.

        Now I would argue that even though Jane found what she was looking for in that one blog post, if she took the time to click around to other posts, she might find nothing else of interest to her, and she would simply take the content she needed (your how-to guide) and then move along, never becoming a follower. 🙂

        p.s. you should totally get a patent on your idea. 🙂

      • To put your information to the test, within Google I typed “deadly rat traps”. Came up #3. Maggie is the número uno image. 😀 Now my dog is more famous than my “WHO AM I?”. 😉

      • I just typed “sweaty sticky flintstone feet sucks” and my post on pure barre came up third in the list. (And I’ve not contributed THAT search term myself…. ha!)

  3. I’m back on the squat challenge and looking for some arm help…I think I’ll join you with the 30 day arms! With my new job I’ve been hitting my 10k steps every day but am really missing some dedicated strength and cardio time. 😦 I wish I could fit another hour into each evening!

  4. Awesome challenges 😀
    I love love the Bruce Lee Challenge!! I really want to do it, but it will have to wait until next month! (maybe,..)
    I forgot to declare my daily “habits” goals, these are on my basis watch, you can set different goals and you get points for completing them each day and extra if you complete them a set number of times in a week which goes up the next week if you reach it 🙂
    mine are:
    10000 steps a day (at least 4x)
    5000 steps between 12 and 5pm (at least 4x)
    get up and walk around at least once every 1.5 hours between 9 – 5 (at least 2x as this is the first week of this one)
    run for 40 mins (at least once)

    it is even more motivating than the fitbit 😀

    • How on earth are you going to hit 5,000 steps between 12pm and 5pm?? I guess if you went for a run at lunch. But you’re not doing that 4x/week, are you?? Wow! I’m impressed!

      I like the get up and walk around once every hour-90 mins. The previous wristband I tested (Up by Jawbone) had a feature you could set where it would buzz you every hour to remind you to move (or whatever interval you chose). I guess I could do it with the FitBit, but it would mean setting up a kajillion silent alarms…

      • I have managed it 3 times this week 🙂
        I basically do as much walking as I can fit into my lunch break which is at 12:45 until 1:30…If I go out as soon as it starts and walk non-stop for 45 mins I can get nearly 5000 steps in then, and the rest I just make myself get up and walk around the office and to he kitchen!

        I get more in if I run, but it is getting warm for lunchtime running as there isn’t time for a shower when I get back…

        the basis doesn’t but, but having restless legs helps, I can barley sit down for more than 45 mins without having to walk anyway!

      • Okay – so this definitely motivates me to just leave the house and walk during lunch break. Will give it a go. Although walking around for 45 minutes in 100+ degree desert heat is not the most fun. 🙂

        Maybe I’ll just jump on the treadmill at the condo gym and do some run/walk intervals instead. 🙂

      • yeah, we never have that sort of heat here! Even when it does get hot it is rarely for extended periods of time!

        In places with that sort of heat, even I can see the appeal of the treadmill!

      • Ahh, but it’s a dry heat. 😉
        Seriously, it’s the humidity on the east coast (back home) that does me in. It’s one of the reasons I’m not a huge fan of places like Florida. Can’t stand humidity.

      • that is true, *if* we ever get real heat here it is nearly always humid and I hate that!
        mind you UK weather is almost completely random so you can never really tell!
        I have to say Florida does not appeal to me for that very reason!

      • Yep. Also why I dislike traveling to Texas and New Orleans (although New Orleans is such an awesome place, I’ll fight through the humidity just to experience it), and pretty much anywhere on the Eastern seaboard from June to late August. 🙂

      • there is nowhere over here that isn’t humid really (but not to the same extent) I think it is because it rains so much!

        Leaving the country to avoid it would probably be a bit extreme… 😀

  5. Excellent challenges! The Bruce Lee one looks awesome, I don’t think I’m up to the pushups and kicks on the first day for that one, but it’s on my list! Great idea for getting moving through the day too, I’m terrible for staying planted at my desk from 9-5!

    • Yesterday I had Bruce Lee’s push-ups and the Arm Challenge push-ups. It was a lot of push-ups. And it’s only going to get worse. Sigh. 🙂

      Today is my first day to challenge myself with more movement throughout the day (it’s just 7am in Vegas now) – so we’ll see how it goes. Fingers crossed.

    • 10,000 minimum was my daily no-brainer in 2013 when I was doing my 365 challenge (and was blissfully unemployed!). Now, with the job – it’s REALLY hard to hit. Like I said, even when I get a good hard workout in – I still have a challenge hitting 10,000 – because the truth is you kind of need to move throughout the day to get that number, generally speaking. (Big hikes and actual runs aside, that is.)

      I’m so glad I provide any modicum of motivation to you, Kate. That makes me really happy!

      • I wore my stepper and never broke 8k, and that was taking two walks a day and walking around while on the phone! So, I can’t wait to see how you hit 10k, and it is totally doable, but I need some help with it!

      • It’s funny because I’ll hit a stretch where, for 5-6 days in a row I’m way over 10k – because of activities going on (outdoor festivals, shopping, whatever) and it feels like nothing – and then other days it feels like I am forcing it just to get to 8,000. Strange.

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  7. 10,000 steps a day! I have a fitbit too, which I love, but 10,000 steps is SUCH a big number. Most of my very active days I only get to 8,000. GOOD LUCK GIRL! Will be watching! x

    • The first few days of June were between 7,500 and 8,500 – but I literally didn’t move my ass off the chair between 6am and 2pm (I try to work Eastern time zone hours even when I’m on the West coast – just makes it easier for meetings, etc. with my colleagues in NYC). Yesterday I sat planted from 6am to 5pm because it was a particularly stressful day with a bunch of looming deadlines. 11 hours of virtually no movement. So gross. And now I’m committed to moving. A lot. My body has shown me that a 60-minute workout – even if done daily – is not enough for me to stay healthy. I need to do more. Move more. And I will…

      • I think I’ve read somewhere that sitting still all day and exercising in little slots isn’t good enough for our bodies, so you are right to want to move more. Look forward to seeing how you fit this in – will be taking notes for future ref 😉

      • Since posting this I’ve been doing my “lunch time” workout – which is 9am here in Vegas because I’m working East Coast time zone hours, so 9am for me is noon for NYC. I get that run/walk in at 9am and then when I finish work at 2pm I am doing the rest of my workout. Then in the evening it’s just regular strolling. So far no problem hitting the 10,000 steps using this method. Now to see if I can wake my ass up super early at home to squeeze in my first workout before work, and then another in at lunch. Fingers crossed.

  8. My goal is to survive this weather. Are you in Vegas? Are you walking outside? I’ve just walked down to the library and I think I may need to lay down outside the door until somebody offers me a lift home. 106F! How stupid am I? It was downhill here so guess what it is to get home again? If I live through the evening I’ll think about goal setting tomorrow. But good on you for doing it!!!

  9. Those are some hard but awesome challenges and if you can do that crazy hike you just did, I have no doubt you will do this easily!
    I, on the other hand, am still a struggling warrior…I have yet to begin my challenges…life has a way of not giving us enough hours in the day.
    But, we just bought a house! Or rather, are in contract, so, by the end of June I will be well on my way to some normalcy. It felt a little like a sucker punch when the counter was accepted, just so much dealt in the last month. But it is good, its really good and in the long run, what we always needed. It is sad but once we rip off this band-aid and start life again, it will be all happy. And I will have lots of space for morning yoga/meditation and more mental clarity to focus on goals.
    Not to say I’m out for this month, I’m still trying tomorrow. 🙂
    Yours are great, one day I will try that Bruce Lee one, holy crap!

    • Kerry, how exciting about the new house!! I am so happy for you! It must feel great to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

      The Bruce Lee thing is way tougher than I thought it would be. Holy crap! 🙂

  10. Good for you Nancy! My arms are aching at the mere thought of all those pushups 🙂
    I have no goals for June. I ran my race. I survived. Barely. Now I’m without mojo.
    I will be cheerleader on the sidelines 🙂

    • Mine are aching for real. Between Bruce Lee push-ups and Arm Challenge push-ups plus Bruce Lee fast punches… holy popeye arms! 🙂

      Heal up, Joanne. You put your body through the ringer. You deserve a bit of rest.

      • Thanks Nancy … but you inspired me and this morning I added pushups into my regular stretching routine. Amazing – I can still do 10 pushups, although of questionable quality. I didn’t push my luck though. Ten were awesome 🙂

      • 10 is awesome! I’m compromising on my end and doing real (on my toes) push-ups for Arm challenge only. For Bruce Lee I’m doing ‘girl’ on-my-knees push-ups. 🙂

  11. Nancy, I am tired just reading your June plans! 🙂

    I found an interval work out that I plan to add to my regular yoga (once the studio opens in it’s new incarnation) and am hit or miss on doing my own yoga. Videos help, but not as consistent as I should be. It is hot here already and that is not motivating, but I am determined to do SOMETHING every day. 😉

    I feel like a slacker compared to you… but I am ok with it for now. 😀

    • Sooooo hot here in Vegas, too Lynne. I feel like showering and changing clothes multiple times a day. 🙂

      Listening to your body and doing what makes sense for you is key. Right now my decision to combine Bruce Lee challenge with Arm Challenge seems a really stupid one. 😉 But I’ll plod on until my arms give out. 🙂

      • I hear that Nancy, except you don’t give out or up!

        I neglected to detail my interval workout: up/down steps, squats, forearm plank and pushups. 30 sec on/ 15 sec rest, as many reps as I can stand. I started with 3 reps, have done it twice and everything hurts. But it’s a good hurt. Lol, that sounds like something YOU would say! 😀

        Have a great weekend!!

  12. If I read the word ‘plank’ one more time here, I’m going to get violent. It may have something to do with the fact that although in my younger days I was a personal trainer, I have zero idea what that is and am also so god damn lazy that I don’t ever look it up. I can only assume that it’s something awesome because either you’re all doing them or talking about doing them. Plank.
    Kudos on the motivation Nancy…

    • I get violent when actually doing planks. Not so much when reading about them. That said, the ones in this arm challenge are pretty short holds. 30 seconds, increasing to 90 seconds at the end of the month. I won’t get violent until the last week of June.

  13. I had missed this post…subconscious avoidance maybe 🙂 Anyway, my goals for this month are not spectacular, but they include moving every day. I take a lunch break walk every day (work from home too) to see the birds (you’ll be fed tons of pics), Bumble walks me four times a day….and on weekends I try to get to the gym to do weights.

  14. These are wonderful goals, Nancy. You are truly ambitious, but I know you’ll do it. I might like to join you in those arm challenges. I’m a bit behind, but maybe i’ll play catch up! More movement is the perfect goal, though. I can definitely aim in that direction. 🙂

    • I’m still amazed at how much the act of just stating my goal motivates me to achieve those goals.

      Since publishing this post I have hit at least 10,000 steps each day, and worked out before noon each day, ensuring I’m active throughout the day and not just in the evening. Feeling pretty good at this point, although that Bruce Lee Challenge is already crazy at day 8. 🙂

  15. Holy Bananas. You’re doing push-ups, planks and Chair Dips and I’m still walking – slowly, but surely. I’m hoping to break the sound barrier any minute now with a 19-minute mile! 🙂 Sadly, I’m not kidding!

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