a little bit of this and a little bit of that

I’m feeling a little A.D.D. today, so I’ll take Potpourri for $400, Alex.

Let the randomization commence!


An Ode to Mother’s Day from the blogosphere!

Yesterday was a great day. I got to spend some quiet time with my lovely mom over lunch, and then got a great surprise when my son and his girlfriend arrived from out of town.

Getting to have Mother’s Day dinner with both my offspring was the greatest gift.

In between all of this excitement I got to do some reading. WordPress was full of heartwarming tributes to moms, and from moms to their children. In case you missed them, I’m sharing some of my favourites here:

And a video that is sure to make you smile (or possible cry by the end!):

Leaving on a jet plane…

I’m boarding a flight to New York City right around the time this post gets published. This means that I may not respond to comments as quickly as possible; it also means I’ll probably get a little behind on my reading.

I’ll do my best to catch up by the end of the week.

Or y’all could just stop publishing until I’m back, so I don’t miss anything. Just sayin’.

Now you guys are just skeeving me out. (AKA more creepy search terms…)

  • Pendulum tits [Ew. Stop that!]
  • Big pendulum tits [I mean it. Stop!]
  • Hungover and unwashed [Ugh. I just threw up in my mouth.]
  • Leg raises pooch [Bestiality is not welcome here. Move along.]
  • Spanking selfie [Stop it, you freak.]
  • Selfies of my spanked arse [No, really…STOP!]
  • Sweat words at night lovers [Whisper “sweat” nothings in my ear?…]
  • xoxo nansi sex [No. NO. NOOOOO.]
  • Big ass’s [I don’t know if I’m more concerned about the subject matter or the incorrect use of the apostrophe.]
  • Sweaty and single blog [No. Go away. Be gone.]

But then a couple of very sensible ones:

  • Pure Barre are these women stupid? [Yes.]
  • Does Pure Barre get easier? [No. Want proof, see here.]

Another milestone…

WordPress has notified me that this is my 200th post!

I’m hoping they commemorate the occasion by sending cake. Or money.


Keep moving!

xoxo nancy    [Note: That’s NOT “xoxo nansi sex”. That’s just wrong.]

83 thoughts on “a little bit of this and a little bit of that

  1. Ha ha! Thanks for the plug! I’ve got ‘peeing selfie’ as a search term today. Some strange people out there 😉 Have a safe trip! I’ll try not to be too prolific this week 😉

  2. I like starting my day with a laugh!! Thank you so much 🙂
    Hope your trip to New York is a good one. Yeah – I know it’s for work but it can still be GREAT!

  3. After looking at that list, I perfectly happy with all the different search terms on how to kill rats…

  4. Some WONDERFUL links here, Nancy. I’m inundated with terrific writing. Many thanks for all the new intros.
    Congrats on the big achievement. Those are no small potatoes. Enjoy the feeling of a job well done.

  5. Ha! I love ADD…hey, look at that squirrel! I have those days that I call mental diarrhea! It just keeps running and running. 🙂 Have a safe trip and keep sweating! 🙂

  6. My search terms will never match yours, I’m afraid. Took a quick glance and there are a few funny ones, like “the handsome male blog” (??) and “my computer was locked by FBI” (didn’t do it!)…and about 500 searches for Victoria Falls… Have a great trip to NYC! Hope it’s not all work!

  7. You’re cracking me up, girl. By the way, you can add one to that list of expressions: “rode hard and put away wet.” Ha! John

  8. Haha Nancy, I have to say I am jealous of your freaky search terms, but EVEN MORE jealous of your date with Guap and TMWGITU. And no selfie. Sigh…

    😉 I’m over it, really, I am.

    • Oh sweet mother of cheese… some of them are too disturbing to even warrant a cut & paste. I desperately want to share them, but don’t wan to rape anyone else’s eyes with what my eyes have seen. GAH! Nasty, nasty shit.

      Mostly I’m seeing a repetitive variation of swinging pendulum tits. Even since this post ran. Lots of interest in pendulum tits. The kind that swing. [ew]

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