happy to be a mom

Nobody’s life is perfect; certainly not mine.

But it’s never lost on me just how fortunate I am.

My 47 years have brought a wealth of experiences: travel, learning, relationships, culinary, cultural. You name it.

And I’ve held a variety of roles in my lifetime: daughter, friend, wife, mother; along with a host of professional positions, including running a $35m business for one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and more recently as the poster child of all things sweaty.

Through all of these experiences, I find it’s easy to start believing my own hubris; to fall into a mindset of self-actualizing through a high profile career or through a new-found persona of motivational blogger.

The truth is, for all the experiences I’ve had, and for all the roles I’ve held, the one that I am proudest of is mom.

If I do nothing else in this lifetime, knowing that I’ve added two amazing human beings to our society gives me peace. And a fierce pride, beyond words.

Amanda & Nick at the OTHER Eiffel Tower.

Amanda & Nick at the OTHER Eiffel Tower.

These two incredible beings are my pride and joy. So much so that I’m even willing to share my ‘fat pics’ to build a gallery of key milestones.

It’s easy to curse aging.

As we grow older, our beauty can fade, our body may no longer do everything it once could.

Despite all this, the biggest gift that time (growing older) has given me is a better understanding of the role my own mom played in shaping me and the mother I’ve become.

There was a time when I vowed never to become my mother. I’m pretty sure we all have uttered those words.

Now I see that the lessons she taught me have most definitely shaped the mom I am to my own kids.

Mom & I, Vegas 2009

Mom & I, Vegas 2009

My mom never sought to be my friend. She was my mom, first and foremost. When I made a shitty choice, you better believe I got proper shit from all 5’3 of Miss Petra.

I owe much of my ball-busting personality to this dynamo.

And it made me a better mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there!

Keep moving,

xoxo nancy



68 thoughts on “happy to be a mom

  1. I hadn’t realised it was Mothers Day over there, it is in March in the UK!
    Happy Mothers Day to you 🙂

    I am turning in to my Mum, and sometimes it makes me sad because it makes me miss her more, but mostly proud, because she is not a bad person to turn into 😀

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you! Your mom sounds like a real firecracker 🙂 She would probably get along well with mine – does she like tea? And eating?
    I’ve just added my special take on Mother’s Day 😉

  3. Beautiful family. I share your sentiment in that motherhood is my greatest joy. Hope you’re having a great Mother’s Day. BTW it’s snowing in Denver 😦 and my daughter and I are wearing flip flops after our manny peddies!

    • I heard about the Denver snow, Ingrid. 😦
      It’s making us change our travel to Vegas – taking the I40 thru the southern states rather than the I80 thru Nebraska/CO/UT. 😦 Means I don’t get to see my BFF in Denver, as I had planned.

      Hope your Mother’s Day was awesome!

      • Driving? Did the airlines ban you? 🙂 I won’t be returning to Grand Junction tomorrow as planned due to the snow. I-70 is not looking good at the moment.

      • We’re bringing the monster truck back down there as our primary Vegas vehicle. (it’s the one we drove up here last September) The tiny convertible we have down there just doesn’t work for my hiking; I need a high clearance vehicle.

        So, yes, driving down – then flying back.

  4. Nancy,
    I can honestly say that I never uttered the words or vowed to not to become a mother. 😉 Happy Mom’s Day.

  5. Ah, Happy Mothers Day, Nancy! Remember when I wrote my sappy post about The Boyfran and you were all “where is the real Aussa?” I almost, *almost* felt that way about this one… but it’s lovely 😉

  6. LOVE these pics!! Very beautiful family, Nancy! So inspiring to hear how much you love your babies despite rotten cucumbers and all! 🙂 I hope you had a lovely day and that you didn’t sweat too much.

    BTW, have I ever told you that I am the definition of SWEAT. I’m talking…SWEATING PROFUSELY DAILY. Without even lifting a finger!! It’s ridiculous how much I sweat just by being. My loved ones love me regardless. 🙂

    • Thank you, Maria! I heart these people so much!!

      And re sweating, lawdy lord, I hear you. I sweat like crazy!! It’s definitely worse since I started the crazy workout regime last year. It’s like my body knows it needs to sweat – so it does at the drop if a hat. 🙂

  7. Terrific post. You really are one special lady, who is obviously a terrific mom, and has apparently learned from the best.
    I hope you had a memorable day. Cheers to you, Nancy!

  8. I’ve only “known” you with your short, platinum hair so it’s like looking at a different person in your pics! you’re just as beautiful! Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to you!

  9. Lovely post, Nancy. I can say that best accomplishment is also my two grown children. They turned out to be fantastic people–not sure I deserve all that credit. LOL! But I could have done many things with my life, and I’m glad I chose motherhood as my happiest role. I loved the photos! 🙂

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