throwing it down in May

Okay, okay…so we’re 5 days into May and I’m only just publishing my May goals. What with the April wrap-up and then the exciting news about my big contest win, I ran out of time.

Also factoring into the delay this month were my BIG PLANS(!) to introduce a cool way to offer link ups to my monthly challenges for all those doing their own bad-ass monthly challenge thing.

But then I realized I have zero technical skills.


So, maybe one day we’ll have a fancy button and a cool way to efficiently have link-ups across our blogs. Sadly, that day is not today.

Without further ado, here are my May Goals:

1. Run:

  • Run at least 60 kms in May — with a stretch goal of 75 kms.
  • Run a 10k in May

You’ll probably notice that these were my exact running goals for the month of April. But since we all know I failed to achieve those goals shit the bed on my running goals last month, I have simply pushed them forward to this month.

May May bring more bountiful results. Say that 5 times fast. 🙂

***Note also that Sam has set this exact same running goal. We follow each other on Strava, so we can push (and cheer) each other on from opposite sides of the ocean!

 2. Squat:

Sam picked this one for her May challenge, and since she copied my running goals, I’ve copied her Squat Challenge goal! Plus, who doesn’t want a bombshell bottom? Well, not an explosive ass – no, no one wants that – but a bombshell, pin-up girl, junk-in-the-trunk bootie? Absolutely. Sign me up.


3. Better Nutrition:

  • Kale or Spinach-based smoothie every morning
  • 1 tbsp. of Bee Pollen daily
  • 1 garlic supplement daily
  • 3 flaxseed oil supplements daily

I’ve been a little lax in my consumption of green smoothies lately. It’s just a good healthy way to start the day, so why not, right? My goal is to have one green smoothie every day (exception being travel days when I won’t have access to my blender).

The other three things listed are net new to my diet.

Kerry recently recommended Bee Pollen to me as both a good way to boost immunity and energy. So off I went to the health food store.

I could have bought Bee Pollen in pill format. That would have been the smart thing to do. I didn’t do the smart thing.

Instead I chose to go super healthy and buy the stuff in its natural state.

beeAs it turns out, its natural state resembles bird seed. Now I’ve never tasted bird seed, but I imagine it probably tastes better than this shit. Because this shit tastes like ass.

I tried to just chomp on a tablespoon the first two days, followed by a gallon of water. But the overwhelming urge to vomit made me rethink my strategy.

Now I’m adding it to my green smoothies. It now makes them taste like ass. But it’s less ass-y than the straight-up version, so I’m sticking with it.

CAM00541bAnd finally, my blood pressure has been fluctuating. I noticed it was on the high(ish) side at the beginning of March, so I decided to restart a low dose of my former prescription. Several weeks later I started experiencing frequent light-headedness, so I checked my BP again. It was alarmingly low.

So, rather than play with prescription meds, I have decided to add some supplements to my daily regime.

According to Doctor Oz, garlic is a really great natural supplement to aid in cardiovascular health. So now I’m taking this bad boy every morning:

pill2And I also weighed a variety of Omega 3-type supplements, including CoQ10, but ultimately decided on Flaxseed Oil supplements, which feature Omega 3, 6 and 9. So I’m taking 3 of these horse tranquilizers every morning.

pill1On the bright side, these massive pills are helping me to address my problematic gag reflex.

So that wraps up my May challenges, folks: Run, Squat and ingest things that are good for me. With me luck!

And now for the participation portion of this post…

Let the games begin!

Let the games begin!

I am inviting every reader (not just the fearless females) to join me this month.

Declare your health or fitness related goals on your own blog and then link back here. I wish I had a more sophisticated way for you to do it, but for now, old fashioned linking will have to work.

Oooh…here’s an idea: how about you leave a link to your post in my comments? That might make it easy to track one another? Or maybe not. I know nothing about technology. 🙂

These awesome warriors have already thrown down their May challenges:

But I know there are more out there!

Come on John Coleman, you know you want to take on an ab challenge! 😉

What about you Guapowitz?? I’ll bet you can wrestle that hula hoop away from that gorgeous wife of yours and bust a move!

Kate? You were killing those wall-sits a while back, and even pulling out ninja moves in yoga. What say you?

Hey, Angelle, you can do your falconry while still killing it at yoga, right? What’s your May challenge?

Come one, come all! There’s room for everyone in this clown car. I want to read about your crazy-ass challenges. Hook me up in the comments and link back to your post!

May Challenges

Get moving!

xoxo nancy


155 thoughts on “throwing it down in May

  1. Woohoo! Bombshell (non exploding) bottoms all round 🙂
    I love your goals…I suppose that is obvious as they are the same as my May goals…apart from I am not eating bee pollen.
    Don’t the bees need it?
    Mind you boosting immune system is not a bad thing 🙂
    Woohoo 😀 here’s to an awesome May!

    • The bees can keep that godforsaken stuff! I’m going to try to stick it out for the rest of the month. But if I don’t start to see noticeable improvements in the next week or so, I may be bailing on this goal. 🙂

      • Mind you, not that those giant horse pills are much better. The only saving grace is that I take the lot first thing in the morning and then don’t have to deal with it again the rest of the day.

        And yay on fresh fruit and veg and lean protein — absolutely!

      • To be fair I also do the giant horsepill thing for omega oils and zma supplement 🙂 but yes I get it all out of the way in the morning 🙂

      • It is a zinc, magnesium and vitamin b6 supplement that us supposed to help with muscle recovery and development, it also has the advantage of being a high dose if magnesium which is supposed to help calm down restless legs 🙂

      • hmm..okay, I’ll consider adding this in after I’ve got the other stuff as a daily routine. I’m notorious for starting vitamin regimins and then stopping, without reason, just because I haven’t formed the habit fully, I suppose.

      • Matt suggested it, ages ago, and I thought I would give it a go as I was already taking magnesium for restless legs anyway and it is supposed to be good for strength stuff. I was easier to get hold if than my original magnesium. I have no idea if it actually helps or not…

      • I was doing zinc as a standalone a while back (In fact, I still have a bottle of zinc tablets at the condo in Vegas…) as I found that a good immune system booster. Not sure why I stopped. sigh.

        Okay, first: take the garlic and flaxseed oil horse pills every day in May, THEN maybe think about adding other stuff in.

      • Zinc is good for the immune system 🙂 I force fed my husband zinc (among other things) when he set himself on fire (by accident) and needed a boost to help him heal!

      • Yes, I probably should…it was almost a hear ago now (beginning of June last year) it was all very traumatic at the time and involved coming home to find a ambulance in my driveway! He is ok now though fixed by being forcefed everything the internet told me was good for burns!

      • It was terrifying! And a big part if my “we need to look after ourselves” campaign…he has been diabetic since childhood and his immune system was not very good so I decided he needed a bosky and he ended up healing much much faster than the hospital thought, with almost no scarring! It proved to me the power of eating the right stuff!

      • now that is a powerful testament to the healing power of nutrients. You should definitely write a post on this. I, for one, would be hugely interested.

        nice work, Dr. Sam, in healing your hubby so well!

  2. I tried flaxseed oil before because I read it will make my boobs bigger. No joke. And I sure got bigger boobs because I became pregnant after about a month of taking it. And this is after 6 years since I gave birth to my son. It’s my miracle drug. 😀

  3. An explosive ass could be handy if someone tried to grab it. But you could probably get that just by eating a very hot curry. Your way sounds much healthier 😉

  4. Those are great goals nancy! I meant to tell you (because I do the granules too) NOT to chew them. I pour a tbspn in my palm and throw it back then chug water to wash it down. It’s still a lil gross but you’ll master it. I am so behind on my May goals it’s ridiculous….hoping to start mid may once we hopefully get some normalcy

    • you throw back the entire tbsp. full into your mouth at one time? GAH! I just tried it your way and it took me 5 separate pitches of the granules to the back of the throat to make it happen. Definitely better than chewing, although I couldn’t help but chomp down on a few strays. blech!

      • Yeah, pretty yucky but I always do it over the sink and not saying I don’t gag at least half the time. Something must be working because I keep doing it!

  5. It sounds like you’ve got a strangle-hold on your May goals! I’m going to be very interested to see how you fare with the bee pollen. Personally, I didn’t find the taste so bad. My issue was that – well, it’s made with pollen.

    Why I thought it would be a good thing baffles me. I have serious pollen allergies. I love spring but I don’t know why Mother Nature insists on being so dramatic about it throwing pollen helter-skelter. I was told bee pollen would help develop my immune system to better tolerate pollen season. Horse crackers.
    I don’t know how long I needed to continue the regimen but my immediate need for oxygen trumped the immunity boosting experiment.

    For me, my May goals are very simple. Get to my races healthy and uninjured. Race #1 with weekend – a fun 10k warm-up for race #2 on June 1st. This is delivery-month and keeping the body loose 🙂

    • Hmm…that’s really interesting on the bee pollen, Joanne. I’ve never considered myself to be hugely impacted by allergy season, but I did notice that during my 5k run yesterday, my breathing was labored throughout, and a residual cough stayed with me for several hours after the run. I wonder if it was the amplified effect of outdoor pollen + ingested bee pollen.

      I will monitor this from here on in. Thanks for sharing your experience with bee pollen.

      Your 10k is this coming weekend, right? I wonder if there is still time for me to sign up?.. Then again, with only a handful of runs in the last few weeks, and not a single 10k run (only a power walk) done yet, I’m guessing I’m not *ready* yet.

      Still, it would be cool to be able to run it with someone I know!

      • It is the 10K this weekend. Check it out but there is an article in the TO Star this morning that said the race was sold out. I don’t always believe what’s in the paper though. In the past, I’ve managed to get into a race at the last minute that was theoretically sold-out.
        Let me know if you get in!!

  6. You’ve made me consider to start documenting my fitness activity in something other than the app on my phone. Publishing goals and tracking them is great way to stick to them and be accountable.
    Good luck with the squat challenge – finished that one again a couple of weeks ago! Didnt give me the ass of the chick on the pic, but I certainly saw improvement 😉

    • Oooh…Nik! Definitely consider the whole publishing/sharing of goals! It’s been a major source of accountability for me, that’s for sure!

      The squat challenge looks fun – but I just wonder how I’ll fare on BodyPump class days, where I’m doing hundreds of squats with a weighted barbell on my back, and then having to come home and do that day’s squat challenge. 🙂 Should be interesting!

  7. Great goals Nancy.

    I tried bee pollen in pill form a year or so ago and they made me gag. I dread to think what the dry stuff would do. It is supposed to give you more energy but it never worked for me. I gave up on that pretty quickly. I now just take cod liver oil, which I have taken for years (my grandma swore by it for arthritis so I take it too) and a multivitamin for hair and nails (my hair was coming out in clumps, I’m surprised I have any left on my head!) which seems to be working.

    With regards to linking all the challenge blogs together, have you looked at Linky Tools? I’m not sure how they work but SWAN UK (a group I belong to) use it for their annual Undiagnosed Children’s Day blog hop. I think, if you put a link to it on your page, anyone who wants to add their blog/posts clicks the link and enters their details and it then shows up on your page. Not entirely sure but it might work. I did a quick Google search and found their website

    • The granule form of the bee pollen is so disgusting, Fi… I’m going to def give it the ol’ college try, but if I don’t start seeing evidence of more energy or better immunity soon, I’m throwing in the towel!

      I’ve heard a bunch of folks swear by cod liver oil. (I suppose it’s not so different than the Omega 3/fish oils that are so popular now..). I’ll stick with the flaxseed oil for now and see if it improves/stabilizes my blood pressure. If not, I’ll probably shift to the CoQ10 stuff — it’s supposed to be really good for that.

      Your multivitamin sounds awesome if it’s helping with hair loss. I’m losing hair at an alarming rate myself, so I may need to look into that ASAP.

      And finally, thank you for the info on the linky tools! I’ll investigate this evening. Maybe we can move to that more proficient approach for June and onwards. Thanks again! Really appreciate it!

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  9. Sadly I won’t be joining you this month as I’ve only just got my back right after stupidly thinking I was up for the planking challenge. I don’t run unless chased, I don’t squat unless the chocolate is on the bottom shelf and I already take enough supplements to choke a horse. But thanks for the invitation! And good luck to you. I’ll be rooting for you while I stick to my gentle yoga. Namaste.

    • Hey, yoga is definitely not gentle. I never underestimate its difficulty! I just wish I could learn to love it more. Maybe, like running, it’ll just be that thing that I do but never truly like all that much.

  10. Hey, it’s the first Monday of May so I don’t think you’re late with your challenges at all. 🙂 So many great replies ahead of me today but I’ll second the comment about not chewing the bee pollen… I use the same technique with ground flax seed. Chewing it tastes like old, grassy sticks but swallowing with a lot of water does the trick! I’ve had lots of issues with hair loss (but I still get searched at the airport. 😦 ) The most effective treatment was working with my Dr to balance my Thyroid function but I also saw good results from adding Biotin to my supplement list. It gently helps with healthy hair and nail growth. I may have to take a look at that Bombshell Bum challenge, winter has been tough on the old backside here. 🙂

    • Biotin: I’ll add it to my list of things to investigate. My hair and nails grow like weeds, but my hair also falls out at an alarming rate – especially in front (where you can’t even hide that shit) – so I’m totally interested in anything that will stem the bleeding.

      If you do the Bombshell Bottom challenge – let me know! We can be squat sisters!

  11. I did a squat challenge (together with a planking one) in March! Last month challenge was about arms. This month we have a challenge for the back muscles and on top of that I’ll stick to boot camp, walk/run/pilates/kettlebell at least 3x/ week.

  12. You definitely keep me motivated to do better! I love my yoga and I’m strong in the areas of nutrition, but I just keep thinking that I can add in more, and yet I haven’t done so! Do you think if I keep reading all your goals some will transfer over to me? 🙂 About the garlic…just be aware that it is indeed good for high blood pressure, but you mentioned yours had dropped. A few years ago my husband started “self-medicating” with garlic and had to stop because it worked SO well that his blood pressure got too low. He was so light-headed! I never asked him how much he was taking, but knowing him, probably twice the recommended amount. LOL! Keep up your great goals. You’re doing so well!

    • I’m finding this whole blood pressure thing really challenging. When I went back to the meds these last few weeks, it was clearly too much because my BP got so crazy low. I’m hoping that the Garlic supplement (just one a day) plus the flaxseed oil (recommended dose is 3-9 per day – I’m doing 3 only) will help me finally regulate it. I was super disappointed when I saw it was a bit high in March, after having gone off the meds completely in December. Fingers crossed these natural supplements will do the trick, but thanks for the tip on your husband — I’ll be sure to watch mine now that I’m doing the supplements.

      And, as far as I’m concerned, you doing yoga and having great nutritional practices is totally cool (and so healthy!). It’s because I cheat so much on the nutrition side that I have to sweat as much as I do. 🙂

  13. Oh, wow. Nancy at gave me your blog link and now I’m even more inspired than every.

    I started my own sad,”bad-ass” challenge today, too. So far, not much action with participants, but I’ve “gone public” and there’s no turning back. Mine is a 12-week fitness-photo challenge and I’d love to have you come visit and cheer me on if you wish. I know for sure, I’ll be cheering you on now as a new follower!

      • For sure, her blog is worth the time to follow. She offers nothing but quality writing and subject matter, along with some hefty doses of good humor. She’s one of the best, and most supportive bloggers on WordPress!

  14. “Now I’ve never tasted bird seed, but I imagine it probably tastes better than this shit. Because this shit tastes like ass”

    Just laughed loudly on the train at this line and people are looking at me funny.

  15. Okay, Drill Sergeant Nancy! No abs challenge–I got a ways to go before that. But I do declare for the rest of May: workout five days a week; be able to row 12k meters in an hour; and inch nearer the illusive goal of having a fly booty. Of course, I’m only posting this declaration here! On my own blog I’ll consider a napping challenge. Hee Hee. John

  16. My May fitness goals are simple (even if they’re impossible): 1. Write 50,000 words. 2. Rewrite 50,000 words. 3. Give them to my editor on May 29. If I get to yoga or take a walk somewhere in there, GREAT. (And, I will have that opportunity starting on Wednesday, when I go to my borrowed cabin in the mountains for 8 days or monk-like writing and hiking to force more words out of my head.) I always lose weight on these retreats, because 1. MTM isn’t there to cook for me. 2. I have to cook for myself, which means 3. I don’t eat. 4. And I hike a lot, because it clears my head and helps me think.

    It isn’t a fitness challenge exactly, but it’s the challenge I have right now. 🙂

    • Wicked cool challenge, Andra. I’m down with all the hiking, but I’d be cooking for both of us, so you probably wouldn’t lose weight. 😉

      Good luck with the writing! You’re a beast!

    • Gosh, I like your challenge, Andra. Good luck with your writing. 50,000 words is like the NaNoWriMo writing challenge in November and I was only able to complete that once.

  17. Nancy, I have failed you…

    *dramatically falls on chaise lounge*

    I did not keep my promise. Sallie Mae wanted all of my money. My energy levels have plummeted. My skin looks like a 16 year old boy who has a blacklight and plays Call of Duty all day. I need to see a nutritionist.


    My May challenge is to try not to let the slug beat me into submission.

  18. I will forgive the fact that the word failure appeared in this post because it was scratched out. You do not have a Time Out. Phew! These goals sound wonderful!! Ok, I’ll give it a try even though I hate goals.

    1. I will not hate goals for the month of May
    2. I will try to go back to the weight I was, right after all the barfing I did. Damn, I looked good! Unfortunately my appetite is back and so are those pounds.
    3. I will definitely walk at least 3 times a week. I did today with my hubby and daughter and have plans to walk tomorrow with a friend. Can’t go too far but every step counts, right?
    4. I will continue to cut carbs – it’s going ok so far.
    5. I will only watch 8 hours of tv a day instead of 16.
    6. I will continue to watch One Life To Live
    7. I will not tell my daughter what to do every minute as she finishes up her Senior year.
    8. I will fake that I am asleep so that I don’t have to rub my husband’s back.
    9. I will keep my nails looking sharp
    10. I will keep admiring Nancy and all of her real goals

    • You win the prize for most entertaining goals ever!
      In all seriousness though, I know that just walking is a challenge – so you, my dear, are a total bad ass! Every step does count! Go Maria!

  19. I think you’re just trying to make us feel guilty in our slothfulness, you with your over-acheiving goals.

    (I did 15 minutes with the hoop last night.)
    (And my legs still hurt.)
    (Going for 20 tonight.)
    (And better stretching.)

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  21. Ok, you are still being awful hard on yourself, but at least you struck through the f word (not going to chide you for replacing it with something worse??). You rock and I cannot even muster up a challenge that would match up.

    I will continue my yoga, either in class or on my own, for the balance of the month and I will commit to a 5 day, 4 night girls trip to Puerto Rico next weekend. 🙂 There will be beach walking, swimming, yoga by the pool, hiking in the rain forest, kayaking in the bio bay, and lots of lifting of adult beverages. If I get back un-sunburned and unscathed, I will consider it a success! 😀

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