throwing it down in May

Okay, okay…so we’re 5 days into May and I’m only just publishing my May goals. What with the April wrap-up and then the exciting news about my big contest win, I ran out of time.

Also factoring into the delay this month were my BIG PLANS(!) to introduce a cool way to offer link ups to my monthly challenges for all those doing their own bad-ass monthly challenge thing.

But then I realized I have zero technical skills.


So, maybe one day we’ll have a fancy button and a cool way to efficiently have link-ups across our blogs. Sadly, that day is not today.

Without further ado, here are my May Goals:

1. Run:

  • Run at least 60 kms in May — with a stretch goal of 75 kms.
  • Run a 10k in May

You’ll probably notice that these were my exact running goals for the month of April. But since we all know I failed to achieve those goals shit the bed on my running goals last month, I have simply pushed them forward to this month.

May May bring more bountiful results. Say that 5 times fast. 🙂

***Note also that Sam has set this exact same running goal. We follow each other on Strava, so we can push (and cheer) each other on from opposite sides of the ocean!

 2. Squat:

Sam picked this one for her May challenge, and since she copied my running goals, I’ve copied her Squat Challenge goal! Plus, who doesn’t want a bombshell bottom? Well, not an explosive ass – no, no one wants that – but a bombshell, pin-up girl, junk-in-the-trunk bootie? Absolutely. Sign me up.


3. Better Nutrition:

  • Kale or Spinach-based smoothie every morning
  • 1 tbsp. of Bee Pollen daily
  • 1 garlic supplement daily
  • 3 flaxseed oil supplements daily

I’ve been a little lax in my consumption of green smoothies lately. It’s just a good healthy way to start the day, so why not, right? My goal is to have one green smoothie every day (exception being travel days when I won’t have access to my blender).

The other three things listed are net new to my diet.

Kerry recently recommended Bee Pollen to me as both a good way to boost immunity and energy. So off I went to the health food store.

I could have bought Bee Pollen in pill format. That would have been the smart thing to do. I didn’t do the smart thing.

Instead I chose to go super healthy and buy the stuff in its natural state.

beeAs it turns out, its natural state resembles bird seed. Now I’ve never tasted bird seed, but I imagine it probably tastes better than this shit. Because this shit tastes like ass.

I tried to just chomp on a tablespoon the first two days, followed by a gallon of water. But the overwhelming urge to vomit made me rethink my strategy.

Now I’m adding it to my green smoothies. It now makes them taste like ass. But it’s less ass-y than the straight-up version, so I’m sticking with it.

CAM00541bAnd finally, my blood pressure has been fluctuating. I noticed it was on the high(ish) side at the beginning of March, so I decided to restart a low dose of my former prescription. Several weeks later I started experiencing frequent light-headedness, so I checked my BP again. It was alarmingly low.

So, rather than play with prescription meds, I have decided to add some supplements to my daily regime.

According to Doctor Oz, garlic is a really great natural supplement to aid in cardiovascular health. So now I’m taking this bad boy every morning:

pill2And I also weighed a variety of Omega 3-type supplements, including CoQ10, but ultimately decided on Flaxseed Oil supplements, which feature Omega 3, 6 and 9. So I’m taking 3 of these horse tranquilizers every morning.

pill1On the bright side, these massive pills are helping me to address my problematic gag reflex.

So that wraps up my May challenges, folks: Run, Squat and ingest things that are good for me. With me luck!

And now for the participation portion of this post…

Let the games begin!

Let the games begin!

I am inviting every reader (not just the fearless females) to join me this month.

Declare your health or fitness related goals on your own blog and then link back here. I wish I had a more sophisticated way for you to do it, but for now, old fashioned linking will have to work.

Oooh…here’s an idea: how about you leave a link to your post in my comments? That might make it easy to track one another? Or maybe not. I know nothing about technology. 🙂

These awesome warriors have already thrown down their May challenges:

But I know there are more out there!

Come on John Coleman, you know you want to take on an ab challenge! 😉

What about you Guapowitz?? I’ll bet you can wrestle that hula hoop away from that gorgeous wife of yours and bust a move!

Kate? You were killing those wall-sits a while back, and even pulling out ninja moves in yoga. What say you?

Hey, Angelle, you can do your falconry while still killing it at yoga, right? What’s your May challenge?

Come one, come all! There’s room for everyone in this clown car. I want to read about your crazy-ass challenges. Hook me up in the comments and link back to your post!

May Challenges

Get moving!

xoxo nancy


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