that philandering dog. errr… frog

It was May 2010, and I had traveled to Sedona, AZ to celebrate my wedding anniversary.

I loved everything about this place, but most especially the orange- and crimson-hued rock formations; Cathedral Rock and Madonna and Child. I can close my eyes and still see them vividly. When I discovered some unexpected and whimsical art installations scattered throughout the town, that was the icing on the cake.

En route to dinner one evening I stumbled upon the sweetest thing, a charming little statue, titled “The Kiss”, by artist Kim Kori; I was enchanted!

So I stopped to steal un besito. Because, you’ve gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince, right?

You've gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince...

Little shit stole my heart.

Fast forward to present day.

Mr. Enthusiasm and I headed out to Boulder City on Sunday to enjoy the sunny day and shake the cobwebs from the previous night’s debauchery.

I was strolling along, enjoying the heat of the sun on my skin, not a care in the world, when I suddenly found myself looking into the bulging eyes of my long-lost love.

Wait a minute... you moved here and you didn't call???

Wait a minute… you moved here and you didn’t call???

That two-timing son of a bitch.

How many girls had he been offering those free kisses to?

I was fuming.

But, hey, with Valentine’s Day looming, I decided I couldn’t afford to hold a grudge. I offered the proverbial olive branch, leaning in for a kiss.


No tongue for you, you dirty dog.

Given my physical state [seriously hung-over, unwashed hair, no makeup], it’s no wonder he was playing all coy and pretending not to know me.

Bastard had the upper hand, knowing I was pining for some Valentine’s Day love.

Here’s to all the frogs and princes we get to kiss in the pursuit of love… the sweetest thing.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Keep moving,

xoxo nancy


25 thoughts on “that philandering dog. errr… frog

  1. I think Mr Enthusiasm should get a special nod here after sticking around to support you after the frogging went sideways… 😉
    Happy Valentines Day to you both!

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