on horses, good luck and new beginnings


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Chinese New Year arrives this coming Friday, January 31st: the Year of the Horse.

I was born in 1966, making me a horse, so this is to be my lucky year!

At the risk of sounding incredibly entitled, I’ve gotta say…I’ve earned it!

The outgoing year, the Snake, was a tough one for me.

Yes, I accomplished something very cool in completing my “Year of Sweat” goal, but other than that, 2013 delivered a lot of bad luck.

A. Lot. Of. Bad. Luck.

So, good riddance Snake. Don’t the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

And although the Horse has not yet even made its entrance, it has already delivered a huge gift. Effective today, Monday January 27th, I am officially rejoining the working world! And I couldn’t be more excited.

I love you, Horse. Stick around a while, won’t ‘ya? 🙂

Two years ago I knew I needed to take a whole bunch of time off. I needed to reconnect to everything that was important to me. Things I had been woefully neglecting. Chief among them, my health and my family.

The main problem with taking the time to fix everything that needed fixing is that I grew to realize that I didn’t want to go back to my previous life.

I was not prepared to go back to a work situation that would rob me of my health and my happiness, regardless the size of the paycheque, ever again.

I came to realize that everything comes at a price, and there are certain prices I’m no longer willing to pay.

And so the search for a job that would meet a giant list of “must-haves” proved to be a tall order. In fact it took me one year of serious searching to find the perfect fit. But I can assure you that I would have looked for another year still, rather than fall back into the comfortable/known evil again.

I need to keep this post short, because, well… I have a day job now, folks!

Know that I’m thrilled to be joining a quality group of people, in a company infused with entrepreneurial spirit, in an area where I feel I can deliver a lot of value by growing a new line of business.

And I can do all of this while maintaining the work-life balance I’ve come to prioritize so heavily.

I chose happiness. Or maybe happiness chose me. Either way, colour me happy!

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too.”  ~Anne Frank

Keep moving!

xoxo nancy

46 thoughts on “on horses, good luck and new beginnings

  1. Congratulations on the new job! I know you’ll be a huge asset to the company and a great role-model for others. I know this because after following your blog, I see how committed you are to the projects you take on, all while maintaining an upbeat outlook and a great sense of humor. Best of luck to you!

    • Thank you so much, Carrie. I am a throw-everything-I’ve-got-at-it kind of girl, and in the past that has bitten me in the ass, working for employers that will take and take and take.

      I’m super excited to be joining this group. They appear to be the real deal! (And they seem to dig my crazy sense of humour, too.) 🙂

    • Thanks Kerry! I’ll share more as I get more settled, but for now, the basics: I’ll be Director of Product Management for a line of business they see as strategic and a high-growth area. I get to take something in it’s embryonic stage and build it out, which has always been a passion for me!

  2. Congratulations! That is really inspiring. I think you’ve described a situation that many people feel and you broke away from what wasn’t working. Best wishes – I hope the Horse continues to be very good for you 🙂

    • Thanks Joanne. I’ve had enough bad luck for a long, long time. 🙂
      Really looking forward to this new challenge, and being surrounded by smart, fun and supportive people. Great combination!

  3. Hey Nancy! Good for you and your starting a new year with such great opportunities! This new company is so fortunate to have you with your incredible energy, commitment, enthusiasm, humor–and a whole host of talents you have that we have yet to witness! As you say, life is much too short to work at a job that feels joyless and to work for people who don’t appreciate you. I look forward to hearing where and how this new “year of sweat” unfolds 🙂 ~Kathy

    • Thank you for your kind words, Kathy. I feel pretty lucky to have them. They are very forward-thinking, with numerous remote/WFH employees. I’m only one day in so far, but feeling pretty great about the decision.

    • Luckily I didn’t have to kiss too many frogs. One of the only good things to come with age is knowing what you definitely don’t want. That saved me a bunch of unnecessary interviews. 🙂

      Hope your admin work is going well this week. Missed your posts the last couple of days.

  4. Fantastic!! And I’m so glad you put a priority on what makes you happy above all else.

    I ditched a biggish paycheck for a job that paid a lot less but where I can serve my community and still have plenty of free time for my health and family. Despite occasionally whining about not being able to spa and travel as much as I would like, I have not regretted that decision for one single second.

    • The truth is, I never expected (in a lifetime) to earn the obscene amounts of money I made with the previous company. And it was like crack, once I was pulling that in, I felt paralyzed to change the situation. Looking back now, I’m actually glad that my hand was forced through the re-org downsizing, because I’m not sure I ever would have had the fortitude to voluntarily walk away from stupid, stupid amounts of money like that.

      This new company is still paying what anyone would consider to be a great salary – just not the crazy amount that I previously made. The truth is, once you’re at a certain level, how much more do you really need, you know what I mean? After that it just starts to feel like golden handcuffs.

      I’m so glad to hear that you’re really happy with your decision. I hope to be able to say the same thing a year from now.

    • I feel really blessed, Rachael. I’ve found a strategic role, as part of the leadership team, where I can grow a new line of business, and make a great salary – all while working from home (whether than home is Toronto or Vegas). What more could I ask for? I almost want to pinch myself. Some things are worth waiting for, and I’m so glad I did. xoxo

  5. Great news! Congratulations! I jumped off my stressful career just over 3 years ago and started my own business. On my terms. Balanced. I couldn’t be happier. You will too 🙂

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