welcome home! (…to an empty fridge)

It looked iffy yesterday. Issues with my scheduled flights to Vegas meant a mad scramble at the airport to rebook. I was going to arrive last night come hell or high water. Even though several United gate agents, telephone-based staff and Air Canada customer service reps seemed determined to slow me down.

Mission accomplished. I arrived at the condo around 1:00 am local time, exhausted but delighted to be home.

This morning I woke up famished. Even though the clock said 6:30 am, my body knew it was really 9:30, and it demanded nourishment.

Optimistically, I approached the fridge.


And this is what I found inside.


Three different types of beer, half a bottle of Jack Daniels Honey, Premixed Margarita, 2 bottles of Clamato (for my Bloody Caesars), 1 mickey of Vodka, 5 mini bottles of flavoured vodka, a carton of low sodium vegetable stock and various condiments.



I moved on to one of the cupboards and found this.


Various hard liquor, cordials and more mixers.

This didn’t bode well for breakfast choices.

But then the real shock of shocks.


Whoa! There are way too many open spaces in my wine fridge. Especially when I see that 3 of those precious spots are occupied by whites (yawn) and 1 by a rosé (meh).

Forget breakfast. I have some restocking to do. And sadly, since that restocking includes food, this means a trip to the evil empire, Whole Foods. Why am I so excited?


Keep moving,

xoxo nancy

p.s. This little jewel just needed to be shared, following yesterday’s post on the sometimes ridiculousness of the yoga culture.

51 thoughts on “welcome home! (…to an empty fridge)

  1. Welcome back to the U.S. Nancy! Is there weather in Vegas as nice as here in the La Quinta? It’s amazing and supposed to be in the low 80s all week. Very nice….maybe with the weather nice you won’t be stuck inside digging up such funny and strange videos 🙂 Excuse me, I need to go balance my chakras right now! ~Kathy

  2. Here in Australia we call all those bottles breakfast. I do hope you’re well stocked now and thanks for the great video. Very funny.

  3. Not fun to wake up to only booze! Love the video, so funny! But, I am wondering self-consciously if you lump me into this culture and all of my crazy yoga posts over the last few months prompted your recent posts! 🙂 Yoga really is awesome in and of itself but I agree there definitely is some goobery-ness in the yoga culture.:)

    • Not at all Kerry! Much like my love – hate relationship with Whole Foods, so to is my relationship with yoga, meditation, etc. I struggle because I want to so bad, but also laugh at the sometimes ridiculousness if it. You’ll see, in a year I’ll be smelling of patchouli and chanting along to the music of the monks, while eating these words. Trust.

      • Remember that post I did about my husband hating that the yoga culture had to inherently be hippy? It may be, but don’t let that discourage you from digging deep into yourself.
        I think we sometimes look for all of the negatives in something new before we dive in because we’re looking to de-bunk the whole idea and save us the energy.
        I know you really want to do this and you will be so rewarded. I’ve never done a guided meditation class, I know there are some around here. For now, yoga works for me but I would love to get to sitting meditation in the future. In the crazy, non-stop, technological world we live in, it is almost a necessity to slow down our minds just to cope!
        Good luck Nancy, I can’t wait to hear all about next Wednesday…maybe you’ll do it conversation style? I am already giggling about the possibilities of that! 😀

  4. Well you did have broth, so vodka soup? That sounds nutritious and like a great way to kickstart your morning. It’s totally just like doing a cleanse.

    Or something.

    That video was hilarious! And very well timed. Tomorrow is the day that I go to my super crunchy chi filled yoga class — its a great work out so I keep going back, but if I actually listen to anything that the teacher or the other students are saying I want to start screaming because it is so ridiculous. Now, when they turn on the crazy, I’ll just start playing this song in my head to drown them out.

    • Hahaha! Judging by the comments I’m getting, I clearly need to rethink this whole need for food thing.

      ps I have since bought 4 more bottles of red and one bottle if tequila. My readers wield much influence on me!

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