week 46 workout summary

I will never regret my 5k Ugly Sweater Run a week ago Saturday, but as I noted in my race recap post and also in last week’s weekly update, running with a head cold wreaked havoc on my already weakened immune system.

This past week was spent paying for my good time Saturday. An incessant cough, accompanied with a lovely wheeze, made me forget all about the runny nose / congestion combo. Sort of.

Recognizing how very close I am to completely my 365 days of sweat challenge, I decided to be smart, listen to my body and give myself the time I needed to heal completely. Bypassing the gym all week, instead I got intimately reacquainted with my elliptical machine. As you can see, I used this machine every day except Friday, when I finally felt strong enough to head to the gym and my beloved BodyPump class. 🙂

*Side note: I find it mildly amusing that I now consider covering 54.8 kms/34 miles on an elliptical + climbing 95 flights of stairs + lifting weights for hundreds of repetitions in one 45 minute BodyPump class to be ‘giving myself the time I needed to heal completely’.

I’m finally back to normal, just in time to fly back to Vegas on Tuesday. With any luck, and weather permitting, there will be lots of hiking in my near future. Yay! I don’t want to even look at an elliptical for a long time.     

Workout Summary: Nov 17 – Nov 23, 2013: 

Sunday Nov 17 (Day 321):

Monday Nov 18 (Day 322):

  • Cardio:

    • Elliptical: 60 mins; 8.2 kms / 5.1 miles

Tues Nov 19 (Day 323):

  • Cardio:

    • Elliptical: 60 mins; 8.4 kms / 5.2 miles

Wed Nov 20 (Day 324):

  • Cardio:

    • Elliptical: 60 mins, 8.4 kms / 5.2 miles

Thurs Nov 21 (Day 325):

  • Cardio:

    • Elliptical: 60 mins; 8.5 kms / 5.25 miles

Fri Nov 22 (Day 326):

  • Cardio:

    • Stairmaster: 30 mins; 95 floors climbed

  • Strength:

    • BodyPump: 45 min class

Sat Nov 23 (Day 327):

  • Cardio:

    • Elliptical: Time 01:36:00; 13.1 kms / 8.15 miles

  • Strength:

    • Push-ups: 30 (10 reps X 3 sets)

    • Planks: 3 X 30 seconds


Get moving!

xoxo nancy

28 thoughts on “week 46 workout summary

      • Yeah, I had that same thought, so I added a small comment to the original post above. It is very, very cool that during a week I was sick I still did so much physical activity. I think back to a time in my life where I’d grab hold of any excuse (and what’s a better excuse than illness??) to avoid a workout. And think of how many people you know who would workout while sick…I’ll be it’s a pretty short list.
        So, yeah, I’m proud of myself for motoring through. It was 8 days of being under the weather and low on energy — but I workout out every day. 🙂

      • I completely agree 🙂 you should be proud!

        It is important to recognise that even with illness, you can still do something 🙂 and actually a lot of the time, it makes you feel better, and sleep better and therefore heal better!

        it is also important to recognise what sort of stuff you can and can’t do…it is great to do somethign but important not to do everything! so I think you should be doubly proud for working out every day and for finding the balance! 😀

      • Thanks Sam. I’m convinced that sweating speeds the healing process as it helps the toxins leave your body. So Elliptical is a great tool for that – low impact and high cardio. I find that if you get a good program on TV (or Netflix on a tablet) the time goes by quickly, even as your coughing and wheezing. 😉

  1. Yikes…..and I was using a lack of sunshine as an excuse LOL. The rain has stopped, sun is out, and after reading your post I’m off for a 5K in the White Tank Mountains in Phx. Hopefully I won’t get swept away by flood waters. If I do, it’s your fault….haha!

    • Stay safe Ingrid!! Flash flooding in the mountains is a scary thing! (Of course, I shouldn’t be preaching, as all my hikes in Vegas back in August ended with me at or near summit and the thunder starting to roll!). On the positive side, it’s great motivation to hustle your ass back down. 🙂
      No joke though – be smart, stay safe! I can’t deal with a ghost-Ingrid haunting me from the beyond. 😉

    • Ha! And this was my take-it-easy and rest /get over my cold week. 😉

      Then again, I remember how hard it was running after small children. You’re getting your share of physical activity in!

  2. I’ve had a cough and cold for weeks now. I’m very much of the belief that ‘these things go away by themselves’ – clearly not true! Off to the doctor with me tomorrow. 😦

    But instead of training, I’ve poured a glass of wine 😉 I figure that if I’m on antibiotics for the foreseeable, it might be the last one for a while!

    And then I’ll get back in training 😉

    • Wine never ever hurts. 🙂
      Wishing you a speedy recovery, Linda. Oh -and if training is out of the question, maybe try to hit a sauna if you have access to one? I’m convinced that sweating helps get rid of what ails you quicker. Good luck!

      • Have you heard about Latvian saunas? They go in, do the normal sauna bit – although sometimes slather themselves in honey (?) – then come out, jump into a freezing lake and beat each other with birch branches… I think that might just kill me altogether 😉

      • WTF???
        I made the mistake of going for a Turkish Steam Bath when we stopped over in Turkey during a Mediterranean cruise — holy mother of all things good… I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life. It was WAY more intimate than I bargained for. That said, there was no honey or beating-with-birch branches involved. Small mercies.

      • Yeah, there’s always something worse somewhere! My students are always trying to convince me of their merits… em, no thanks. 😉 My ex-boss almost punched someone when they tried to hit him with a stick – I don’t think anyone had warned him! 🙂

  3. Wow, that is a LOT of work, could you imagine yourself doing all that in the beginning? I haven’t been right back so I don’t know how fit you were when you started!

    • Hmm – well, I couldn’t run for longer than 2 minutes without stopping. I can now run 30 mins without a break. I also couldn’t do more than 12 mins on a Stairmaster. I now do one hour (climbing 200 floors in an hour session). So, yep, I’ve come a loooong way. 🙂

      Thanks for reminding me to take stock of just how far I’ve come Helen.

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