week 44 workout summary

Week 44, AKA a return to BodyPump

I’m so pumped (pun intended) to be back in Toronto and my BodyPump classes at the gym. 

Since we were still officially on the road Sunday (we flew from Vegas to Buffalo on Saturday, then stayed overnight for the Bills game on Sunday), it meant arriving home pretty late Sunday evening. Raring to go, I hit BodyPump on Monday at noon for the abbreviated 45 min class, thinking I’d ease my body back into it. Tuesday brought that good pain that reminded me what a fantastic full body workout this is. [Yes, I have officially become that asshole who refers to the pain of achy muscles after a hard workout as “good pain”. Deal with it.] 

I can’t speak highly enough about this class. It will improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, tone, and stability, all while challenging you from a cardiovascular perspective. With 70-100 reps per body part (for a total of 800 reps in a single one-hour workout), you can burn 700+ calories per session. Need I say more? Get to a class. Do it now! But remember to have your ibuprofen and some bath salts handy. The first class or two can be a bitch if you’re not accustomed to the ‘good pain’. 😉

Workout Summary: Nov 3 – Nov 9, 2013: 

Sunday Nov 3 (Day 307):

  • Strength:

      • Overhead Press
      • Bicep Curls
      • Overhead Tricep Extension Right
      • Overhead Tricep Extention Left
      • Bent Over Row
      • Front Raises
      • Reverse Bridge Dips
      • Half Push-ups
      • High Side Plank Right
      • High Side Plank Left

Monday Nov 4 (Day 308):

  • Strength:

    • BodyPump: 45 min Class

  • Cardio:

    • Stairmaster: 15 mins; 50 floors climbed

Tues Nov 5 (Day 309):

  • Cardio:

    • Elliptical: 60 mins; 8.47 kms / 5.25 miles

Wed Nov 6 (Day 310):

  • Cardio:

  • Strength:

    • BodyPump; 45 min class

Thurs Nov 7 (Day 311):

  • Cardio:

    • Elliptical: 75 mins; 9.6 kms / 5.95 miles

Fri Nov 8 (Day 312):

  • Cardio:

    • Stairmaster: 15 mins, 50 floors climbed

    • Walk: 1 hr, 3.5 miles / 5.6 kms

  • Strength:

    • BodyPump: 45 mins

Sat Nov 9 (Day 313):


Get Moving!

xoxo nancy

7 thoughts on “week 44 workout summary

  1. Well done on an awesome week!

    hehehe 🙂 I love the good pain!

    I annoy many people with that phrase, generally when they are complaining that they ache because I “made them do exercise” hehe:-D

  2. I’m jealous. I’m forcing myself to take at least 48 hours off. My knees have given me problems off and on for the past couple years. My left one has a little fluid right now, so I need to just suck it up and take a couple days off to let it heal. As you know, that’s very hard to do when you’re used to exercising every day. But other than light walking, I’m going to take it easy. At least I better if I want to keep these knees for a while…

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